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FAK188-Show notes

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Related, another “escape artist” associated with USS Cole and 9/11: “A man convicted of masterminding the attack on the American destroyer Cole in 2000 escaped a Yemeni jail through a tunnel with 22 other prisoners, the international police organization, Interpol, said today. The prisoner, Jamal Ahmed Badawi, was sentenced to death in 2004 by a court in Yemen for his role in the attack on the warship that killed 17 American sailors and provided an early glimpse of the workings of Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda global terror network. The Interpol statement said that 12 of the prisoners who escaped through the tunnel with Mr. Badawi were convicted members of Al Qaeda. The escape took place on Friday through a 460-foot tunnel that had been dug by the prisoners and allies outside the prison, officials said.” www.nytimes.com/2006/02/05/int…
The prisoner, Jamal Ahmed Badawi, escaped a Yemeni jail through a tunnel with 22 other prisoners, Interpol said today.

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Washington Post
While researching his new novel, Brad Meltzer discovered something stunning.

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FAK188-Fakeologist 55

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Attention! This audio is only 55 minutes – that’s 27.5 minutes for your morning commute and 27.5 for your afternoon commute! You won’t miss a thing – so download it today and listen in!

When? March 21, 2018 @ 2016h EDT

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on fakeologist.com

Listen live @ bit.ly/fakeradio2

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Ltv: recourse against YouTube

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Nathan does a good job breaking down the latest truther sweep from YouTube.

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