Getting the narrative from the media

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If this story is true then it fits my idea that even government officials don’t actually know the true phony story. They are just as in the dark as everyone else, meaning they are compartmentalised too. At most, government organizations would only need one person to do the bidding of those that create the folk stories.

The media never investigates stories, they are simply fed the stories from the hoax creators unfiltered.

During Hawaii’s mistaken missile alert, even 911 operators were checking CNN to see if attack was real…

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  1. xileffilex

    Hoax coding

    “Who in the world would do such a thing?” one 66-year-old man asked in somewhat of an existential conversation with one 911 operator. “I mean, who in the world would do that?”

    “I’m 66,” the man said. “I’m not going anywhere, if anything comes. Where would we go?


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