FAC445-Kelito Brigante

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Radio Rollo presents Kelly from Scotland, with a drop in from Ab.

Talking 9/11.

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  1. xileffilex

    The following 2016 [20th anniversary] news item has a familiar ring of hoax management to it.


    Dunblane massacre survivor who was shot twice and forced to hide in a cupboard reveals effects of the atrocity which has left her with a child’s right foot, needing regular operations and in fear of balloons bursting
    Aimie Adam was shot in the right buttock and right thigh on March 13, 1996

    “..I remember my sort of right leg trailing behind me… I obviously didn’t know I had been shot, when you’re five, you don’t know what that means..… …hit…in the thigh and the second one they didn’t realise I had been shot twice until I’d been in surgery until they found, it sort of went in, near my groin and they found a bullet in the bottom of my sp-, back…” [nearly said spine]

    surreal thing to have happened”
    ‘I have no movement in my right leg from the knee down or feeling. It damaged the sciatic nerve – the bullet in my spine did that.
    ‘I had nerve damage and my foot hasn’t really grown since the accident so it’s smaller that my other one”

    Familiar, totally unbelievable hoax narrative territory, plus dry-eye wiping and nose rubbing. Lucky she wasn’t paralysed….

    We don’t even get to see the foot. [she was 5 years old when she was shot twice….]

      1. xileffilex

        QoR – check this display of “grief” from Andy – it’s laughable. In fact, he’s even smiling about it himself! He needs better [non-tennis] coaching.

  2. kelaren

    What you have there is a span of time over which i have pondered , researched and developed my understanding of “fakeology”.
    To have an opinion that has remained in concrete for years – that is not good.
    I was about 16 at the time that happened. I have no idea what happened but as I said in the chat, my recent thoughts are – Why should this one be any different from the consecutive school shootings in the US? The template is stand out to me now.
    The past two years have been big time education and clarity and awareness of our situation. Took me ages to get there , and am never gonnae put anything in concrete.

      1. kelaren

        Due to the progressive outcome (handgun ban) and convenience of the event, plus the cookie cutter template formation I have been thinking for a while now that this event was fabricated. It would be the first of this kind. I will never know what happened. I had to understand how to identify such events to apply it to this one.

  3. xileffilex

    Here is the transcript of the relevant part of the photoviapop interview on Amaterasu Solar [on which show John Le Bon was a recent guest]
    From 4.23. See if you can detect any gatekeeping…..

    “I understand that you thnk that Dunblane actually had children that were killed. Is that correct?”
    “I knew one of the kids that died yeah. yeah”
    “OK. So you know that one was , if not a real event in the sense of some deranged shooter just coming in and shooting, it did, somebody was shooting real bullets and killing real people”
    “Sss, Dunblane to me is the definition of a false flag um major cover up went on there most people in the UK are aware that the official story is questionable….
    …the perpetrator was a paedophile, a known peaedophile, I knew him..he was banned from all the official boys groups….. so he started his own….
    …there are many questions about what really happened that day which I go into in my 9 part series.
    So that’s my humble opinion, I knew one of the kids and my father was a press photographer and he was on the scene and saw some of the kids, er injured and dead, so, not in the, not at the scene, sorry , at the local hospitals, you know. because I lived a few miles away that day. So, um and i get a lot of people saying that Dunblane was a hoax, you know you’re free to believe whatever you want , I don’t have an issue with that. um I can just tell you what I know that’s all, you know.”

    “From the sounds of things I’m beginning to think that Dunblane indeed was a false flag wheres er Sandy Hook they just took the script from that and put together a show, that would be my..”
    Yea, that was my, that was my SUGGESTION hahaha, in my 9 part series!…..
    ….Shortly after Dunblane, 6 weeks later, Australia had um their own false flag in my humble opinion um massacre in Port Arthur um that resulted in their gun laws being restricted, banning all hand guns once again…and here we fast forward to 2012…Sandy Hook…it didn’t work… but Sandy Hook and Dunblane are rabbit holes so deep….”

    The 2015 Max Resistance show is now uploaded here on her new channel

  4. gaia

    I don’t know, maybe Kelito changed her mind from 2 (!) years ago…?

    In part 2 of that video, watch this guy at 5:00 onwards… I have never seen such freaky eye movements…

    1. ab Post author

      She did say it’s difficult to speak against a hoax in your own neighborhood – I get that. It’s easy to cast judgement from afar, but when confronted by people in your area in can be a daunting task. That said, let’s wait for her response.

      1. xileffilex

        The relevant section is at 1.35.00 and again from 1.38.45 . My observation – our alleged Stirling resident struggles, and fails, to remember the year of the Dunblane incident, let alone the exact date. Like a New Yorker not knowing the year of 9/11. Her views on Dunblane are fairly non-committal and content-free.
        It’s yet another “black box” event.

        1. kelaren

          Yes but 9/11 was an event titled with the date it occurred. Therefore everyone knows what date 9/11 happened. The Dunblane thing did not really have such connotations.

          I hve no idea why you would expect me to have details date stamped to memory

              1. kelaren

                I remember the day it happened and how I heard about it and stuff. I was at high school and I am now 40.

      2. kelaren

        Absolutely Mr Irato. I don’t think it is unwarranted apprehension or not. Would be an exercise in social suicide for me to locally go there. Discussing alternative narratives or trying to wake folk up or enlighten rarely resulted in the positive way I wanted it to so av quit tryin.

  5. xileffilex

    Comments from beneath this video

    Kelito Brigante
    2 years ago
    I live in Stirling. Dunblane was very real.?

    Cornelius Paulson
    2 years ago
    +Kelito .Brigante 100% agree. My heart and condolences go to the community.?

    Kelito Brigante
    2 years ago
    I only started to look further into SHook and it was like an amateur dramatics society from another planet acting out the same scenario. Badly. ?

    duke of york
    11 months ago
    Kelito Brigante I must disagree with you. it was fake. the emotions were real but the incident was a false flag to usher in gun control. There are 3 ways to manipulate the mind: what you see, what you hear and what you read. Be ware.?

    jenny innes
    11 months ago
    So you’re suggesting that these children are not who we believe them to be? That these children did not die and they are still alive? Disgraceful. I live in Stirling also and there is no doubt on any Scottish mind of what happened that terrible day.?

    11 months ago (edited)
    York you’re not going deep enough. This was a huge pedophile ring, that Hamilton was the main guy, and he knew Lord Cullen, and they probably killed him to cover up the pedophile ring, and stop some children talking, and, and to stop the villagers being suspicious of the guy they could also push for new gun law?

    Tom Stamos
    2 months ago
    I live in CT sandy hook was very fake.?


    2 weeks ago
    How do you know that it was real vs a hoaxed production??

    duke of york
    11 months ago
    all hoaxes are made to appear real. that’s the purpose. just because you believe it to be real, does make it real. The space shuttle challenger explosions was around the same time as Dunblane and I know far a fact that the shuttle explosion was fake. The kid & family that she knew of could have easily have been gov’t plants to serve the purpose. These plants could be placed in a town 5 years before the false flag. As an outside researcher, I assure you all that Dunblane was as fake as Sandy Hook.?

    jenny innes
    11 months ago
    duke of york You are a joke. Central Scotland is my home and the Dunblane Massacre is felt everywhere. It happened. We are not the USA. We are not actors. This was real. The reactions were real. The devastation is real. And you are disgraceful. Are the parents of these poor children still lying? Because they’re real people with valid stories. Fact.?

    2 weeks ago
    +duke of york / I’m aware that every “mass shooting” that I’ve looked into has turned out to be fake so it’s difficult not to lump Dunblane in with the rest of them but, perhaps because of the distance of time, it is very hard indeed.?

    And bang on cue, we have this reheating of the original Max Resistance chat with photoviapops.[audio only] whose original videos have been removed but the Max Resistance chat remains thanks to Delcroix –

    March 23 2018
    Show #82: The Silencing of the Lambs – with photoviapops, Dunblane & SH

    What’s going on? An interesting coincidence, don’t you think?

    Tom’s take on the Max Resistance chat here

    1. Questioning Our Reality

      Wow, that’s quite a case Kelito Brigante/Kelly makes for Dunblane being a real event. If you live in or near said town of said Psyop event, therefore it’s real. Is she joking?

      I guess I’ll use that logic. Since I live near the 9/11 Psyop then 9/11 is very real, LOL!

      Thanks for posting this Xileffilex.

        1. Questioning Our Reality

          Here’s the comment you left on this video:

          I live in Stirling. Dunblane was very real.?

          [youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O2yeA…

          Explain why you left that comment then? It doesn’t even make sense to sprinkle a comment like that on a video. What is your incentive or motivation to leave that comment on that video? How do you know the event is real? Just because you live in the town or near the town of the Dunblane doesn’t make it real.

          Go ahead clarify. I can’t wait to see what you were “really” saying. Maybe there’s some esoteric meaning I was missing on that comment.

            1. Questioning Our Reality

              Twisted attitude?

              Seems like you’re trying to sidetrack from the comment I left for you. Going to answer my questions or not?

              How about you just delete that comment from the Sandy Hook was Based on The Dunblane Story Part 1 video? What’s taking you so long to do so? If I were you I would’ve deleted that comment ASAP. Instead it’s still there telling people Dublane was real.

              I live in Stirling. Dunblane was very real.

              from this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O2yeA…

              What about this artwork? Twisted possibly? kelaren.deviantart.com/

        2. xileffilex

          I searched the term “Dunblane was real”, and it brought me to predictable comments below two nodisinfo.com pieces
          The latter, for some bizarre reason, is archived into the wayback machine practically every day!

          The former2014 piece has also had a spike of comment activity just recently [for a 22nd annversary?]

          Under both articles we see the common refrain “Dunblane was real” and much more.
          How and why are these people alighting upon such obscure “conspiracy” pages? Are they searching for them? A big spike of comments on March 14 2018 [clearly not all independently found!]

          This comment stands out [another anniversary throw, 21st anniversary]

          Hibberd MARCH 12, 2017 AT 7:38 PM
          Dunblane isn’t in England, it’s in Scotland. Perthshire.
          Only a dumb American would refer to Scotland as England. Only a dumb Yank would call hoax on Dunblane. According to you, one can pay absolutely anyone to take part in a hoax, no matter how repugnant – and they keep to the deal for the rest of their lives. No drunken confession, no deathbed confessions.
          Hundreds of witnesses in Dunblane. School staff, fellow pupils, neighbours, parents,Ambulance crews and Police are all lying? Hospital staff at Stirling Royal infirmary and fellow patients are all in one it?
          Not one person in Dunblane has once said it was a hoax in 21 years.

          In Britain we have decorum and decency. We do not publish pictures of bloody scenes or dead bodies. Even the Monarchs and Prime Ministers do not have open caskets. It’s not the done thing with adults and it certainly isn’t the done thing with murdered children.
          Yanks cannot see any world beyond their own grisly culture.
          Sadly, Dunblane was real.. Keep your nose out of matters that don’t concern you. These family members have suffered enough without your added insults. Those campaign photos were taken a considerable time after the event.

          The following comment below a removed video has a familiar ring to it
          Billy Ray 8 months ago +1
          no one said dunblane was a hoax, dunblane was real, it was sandy hook that was the “movie” based on real events

          Contemporary news report from the same evening – with accurate timeline, the usual hugging and running “relatives” and even an interview with the alleged perpetrator’s mother!


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