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23 thoughts on “Dear Suspendtube

  1. Rollo

    Fuck the ADL and JDL Say one Joke “Gas the Jews” to get your girlfriends dog to raise its Paw this is what you get ——->… . Why doesn’t Speilberg get a years Jail for “Swindlers List’ or John Cleese a years Jail for the “Germans” episode of Fawlty Towers….. ….Free Speech again is not “Hate” Speech unless you upset those precious cunts from the ADL and JDL whose Jobs rely on this “Hate” Speech Bullshit mantra, The Whole “Swindlers List” movie to me is Hate Speech , John Cleese’s “German” episode of Fawlty Towers is to me and most people “Funny as Fuck” ….…

  2. gaia

    Harmful or dangerous content
    Don’t post videos that encourage others to do things that might cause them to get badly hurt, especially kids. Videos showing such harmful or dangerous acts may be age-restricted or removed depending on their severity.

    Great! No more school shootings on JewTube!

    Hateful content
    Our products are platforms for free expression. But we don’t support content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics. This can be a delicate balancing act, but if the primary purpose is to attack a protected group, the content crosses the line.

    Great, no more racial, religious or LGBT scare psyops on JewTube!

    Violent or graphic content
    It’s not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational or gratuitous. If posting graphic content in a news or documentary context, please be mindful to provide enough information to help people understand what’s going on in the video. Don’t encourage others to commit specific acts of violence.

    Great, no more “terrorism” and other violent content primarily intended to shock viewers on JewTube!

    Harassment and cyberbullying
    It’s not OK to post abusive videos and comments on YouTube. If harassment crosses the line into a malicious attack it can be reported and may be removed. In other cases, users may be mildly annoying or petty and should be ignored.

    Great, no more bullying against those who call the liars out for what they are on JewTube!

    Spam, misleading metadata and scams
    Everyone hates spam. Don’t create misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in order to increase views. It’s not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.

    Great, no more bombardments of shocking “news” about attacks, shootings, bombings and massacres on JewTube!

    Accounts that are established to impersonate another channel or individual may be removed under our impersonation policy.

    Great, no more crisis actors and other culture creation clowns on JewTube!

    Practice what you preach, Wojcicki.

    1. ab Post author

      Gaia your points are fine without you falling for the Jew baiting. Didn’t listening to Jesse’s interview about nuke lies forum convince you of that?

      1. gaia

        Here it is very appropriate, Ab. The CEOs of YouTube and Google are jewish (and family) and this hypocrisy of “we can do what we want, but we shut you up on unfair grounds” also sounds very familiar… *antisemitism* as a schtickle to weed out any founded criticism on Israel or jewish individuals.

        1. ab Post author

          Sorry I disagree and it weakens your argument. It makes no more sense than saying that since the hijackers were Muslim then it follows that we should assume that if a person isnear an event and is Muslim then they must be a terrorist. If you believe the Jews own the world then you are falling for a long con that makes you look silly. Even if you are right (in your own mind) stop painting a target on this site for those with the well known weapons to shoot at it.

          1. gaia

            If you believe this very topic is harmful for Fakeologist, fearing the schtickle analogy I used, then I won’t discuss it, it is your site.

            But I have to clarify in my last post about this topic what I do think, because you completely misrepresented what I said or think and use a crazy comparison with it.

            I never said or meant “Jews ‘own’ (or ‘run’) the world”. I think Gaia is the only owner of Earth, we are merely temporary tenants. And “the powers that be” have much more imaginary than real power, in my view. A lot of self-fulshilling prophecies going on.

            It is not “in my own mind” though that the main areas of “culture creation” or “society shap(eshift)ing” are dominated by jewish individuals, much much more than the portion of the general population that they form (a few percent). It is out in the open, they even boast about that fact (not ‘in my own mind’):

            – Hollywood – in majority jewish
            – mass media – idem, especially the owners/directors
            – banking – does that really need further elaboration?
            – “social” institutes as the Frankfurt School and other soft-psientific ideological clubs
            – asocial media – Google (Brin, Paige), YouTube (Wojcicki) and Facebook (Zuckerberg) and more
            – politics – not in large majority, but the key positions are filled in by jews with as notorious examples:
            * Marxism
            * Nazionism
            – even the so-called Catholic Church has been infiltraited by jews for centuries (Miles Mathis’ paper on the Popes is recommended reading)
            – this was the case already long in his-story, another recommended reading is Cherep Spiridovich – Secret World Government or The Hidden Hand (1926!)
            – etc. etc. etc.

            That there is a “con” going on that stops thinking and “blames everything on them jews” is true, but I am not part of that. On the other hand there is a cult going on “don’t blame anything on jews” or “don’t question jews”, which is an equally extreme and senseless position.

            A nuanced approach is best imho and just stating the facts that there are horrible jews in powerful positions, *cough* Henry Kissinger, *cough* George Soros (to name just two of the ugliest ones), but naturally that doesn’t mean that every jew is like those people, of course not.

            If those positions would be filled in by another minority, the same questions need to be asked; how come and why them?

            If you’re interested in my possible answers to those questions we can have a discussion offline.

            1. smj

              i’ll preface this statement by saying fuck the jews of course. but gaia it’s easier to name names in this instance than to get all jewwy, i’ve already taught you about luis fucking alvarez’ protege, stan wojcicki, and his gooogle monster garage owning and youtube ceo daughters…


                  1. smj

                    im sure there are plenty of fucking jews in the military but i aint letting the rest of the hustlers off either.

    2. UNreal


      Gaia makes a valid observation on pointing out the link between what is happening with censorship on Youtube and how the major part of the jewish community has been behaving over time.

      The Elites dependance on making a form of panopticon* work is of great importance considering the numbers of the masses versus our ‘betters’. Denying the importance of the jewish community in regards to censorship is therefore to partly accept a form of public self-policing that is quite damaging to independent, logical analysis.

      The trap within the jewish psyop is that we are led to mistake the mechanics at work with its actual effect and implications. This is pretty fine-tuned disinformation which accomplish the same result as when a panopticon inmate will actually believe he can locate the guard inside the central observation-tower with its tainted glass.

      The result of both positions – denying there is a jewish psyop & believing the jews are the main responsible – will thereby cause the same blindness and inability to analyse the actual power-structure. In short, you might both be wrong on the jewish question.

      Much alike a topic such as EGI where language has been artificially construed to be derogative and misleading (Why EGI)– so has the jewish debate. We do no longer speak intelligibly once we launch weaponised words and expressions such as “tranny”, “jew” or any wordplay thereof. Such an intellectual dead-end is of course a complicated trap to escape – despite the validity of both conspiracies. Language is in the end a necessary medium to convey thought and hold discussion & reflection and when the termes discussed are themselves weaponised there is little hope for clear vision, unbiased reflection or any form of ‘open’ debate. It is closed – short circuited.

      Going back to the jewish conspiracy it emerged quite early with religion and banking so in a way it is a very engrained and loaded side to the Elite that clearly is very hard to understand fully. If we speculate on why the Elite have seen it useful to have a recurring scapegoat such as the jewish community, we might need to investigate this historically – and not within the mainstream sense of history but with a revisionist mindset.

      The mere fact we rely on mostly genetics and family lineage to be able to differentiate jews from gentiles is in itself pretty telling of how this community in every way ressembles the general caucasian stock and hence have seemingly worked very hard to remain “different” despite their obvious similitude. It can appear as if being jewish is more about assuming an advantageous role in society moreso than being racially different from any spaniard, italian or even swede. And who would not pass on social and financial advantages to their children ?

      On a personal note and much like Narrator brought up in the EGI forum pages, i do find that there are links between jewry and EGI as many typically “jewish” anatomical traits seems more compatible with features derived from gender inversion than being caused by a possibly flawed concept of genetics – invented by religious scientist Gregor Johann Mendel*, the ‘father of modern genetics‘ and head of St Thomas’s Abbey in Brno whose name is unmistakably of jewish origin…

      * Panopticon (wiki)
      *Gregor Mendel (wiki)
      *Mendel is a Yiddish variant of the Hebrew name Menachem

      (depicted below is the Illinois State Penitentiary maximum security ‘F House’ built in 1922 according to Panopticon surveillance guidelines)

      1. due2romney

        Jewish Trannys have no Kidds whatsoever but they all adapt ie m2f ).(…(^)f2m (^)…)•(.!.

      2. Questioning Our Reality

        Judaism is a man-made religion. Where are you getting that we rely on mostly genetics and family lineage to be able to differentiate Jews from Gentiles? How does a man-made religion have anything to do with family lineage? Judaism was invented by man. It’s fictitious and only in the mind.

        1. UNreal

          Your point is shared by many – that being jewish equates with following judaic religion. I think it is a faulty assumption, disproven by jews themselves as they trace their jewishness back to their (maternal) family lineage above all .

          Many self-identifying “jews” today are also non-religious – which effectively illustrate that being jewish is more than just a question of religion and rather represent a social culture and possibly a favorable interest group to be part of (at least in some branches).

          (The notion of crypto-judaism is also interesting in this sense in so much as it emphasise the connection to jewishness while transcending religion)

          Israel considering jewishness DNA test

          1. Questioning Our Reality

            Jews trace their Jewishness back to their family lineage doesn’t make it truth. It’s just as much BS as the religion is. You’re really going to trust people who believe in a man-made religion? They are already falling for the religious scam and to trace their lineage based off of Judaism makes it more laughable. It’s a way of making themselves feel good about the religion being legit.

            How do we know DNA exists? Looks to me just like the virus hoax which Ab Irato has done a good job exposing on here.

            Also why would a Jew be non-religious Jew? What point would that serve? Judaism is a religion. The Jewish culture revolves around the religion. So how would a non-religious Jew be possible??

            Are you saying there are these Jew no Jews that don’t go through the rituals like Bar Mitzvahs, the Yamika wearing and going to temple?

            1. UNreal

              As mentioned in my first post in this thread – i do not hold DNA (phonetic anagram : deny) as being “true”. However i do believe in heredity of some sort as we do seem to transmit a type of heritage to our children and share more similarities within our own family than we see in even our closest neighbours.

              Regardless of how we might both might interpret what jewishness consist of – what surely defines the term ‘jew’ is how this group actually defines itself.

              Regarding both current jewish practice & according to the Bible, the word ‘jew’ describes descendants of Jacob-Israel’s son Judah – thus the ‘tribe of judah’. The Old Testament holds that the chosen jewish race remain ‘jews’ even when they stop worshipping the one and only true God – Yahweh.

              1. Questioning Our Reality

                You trust what the bible says? I’m really surprised at this. Aren’t you a little skeptical that the bible is a mind control tool with all it’s mythical stories? Just because the bible says something doesn’t make it a fact. How can we trust what’s in the bible? How can we verify anything in that book?

              2. UNreal

                @Questioning Our Reality

                Was referring to how the Jews define themselves – in which respect the Bible is relevant.

                I personally do not trust the bible (phonetic anagram : Bee Bell) as I see it as propaganda and a conscious (& initial) use of the printed press to subjugate the mind of entire populations – and it seemingly still works today.

                Still, the “hole lie book” remain a reference for how jews as a social group define themselves – regardless of my/our biblical distrust (God created EGI).

      3. Questioning Our Reality

        You bring up EGI with regards to this Jewish discussion and I am wondering why EGI even matters? Why should I care who has inverted their gender? Why speculate on gender inversion? Why pay attention to it? If someone is inverting their gender, now what???

        1. UNreal

          If you pay no attention to Elite gender Inversion, then EGI would be of little interest to you in this matter or in general. To be coherent you would thereby pay no attention to there being a large jewish contingent among the Elite either.

          Comprehensibly, i bring up Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) as i find it relevant both in general (pertaining to the Elite) and regarding the jewish community – especially the jewish Elite and leaders that apparently dominate many industries such as cinema, banking, media etc.

          (as a sidenote for those who have noted the presence of Elite Gender Inversion among the Elite – most of the celebrity ‘transvestigations’ online concerns Hollywood stars who are indeed in majority jewish)

          1. Questioning Our Reality

            I asked you why EGI matters. Sell it to me. Answer one of the questions I asked about why EGI is important.

            You bring up Hollywood stars being EGI and Jewish. Okay. Why are you watching Hollywood still? LOL! I stopped watching movies a long time ago not because of who was EGI but because movies from Hollywood films contain social engineering, propaganda, predictive programming, culture creation, debasing culture themes, selling hoax/fake events as real and I could go on and on.

            With that said I don’t understand why EGI would matter then.

          2. UNreal

            I mentioned EGI as a personal sidenote and i do not try to “sell” EGI to those who find no interest in the topic.

            My main point might have been lost by mentioning EGI which was not my intention. My opinion is that both those who avoid the topic of jews and those who see the jews as the main culprit might all be mistaken.

            Regarding the definition of jewishness we are very soon discussing heredity and appearence – questioning whether there is an ethnical/heriditary side to jewishness or not. It is in this sense that EGI (for those aware) might explain some of the apparent (to some) anatomical particularities observed of this hard-to-define racial/ethnical/social group.

            In order to understand the general (current) culture and public agendas it is very difficult to entirely “opt out” – and if you do – it becomes difficult to understand the general population who mostly do follow popular culture and all its various media. And even for those who just read books, it is also a medium subject to the very same contraptions as all other media – albeit in a more polished form – the original book being the bible (so much for trustworthiness, lol).

            I personally do consume some ‘popular culture’ in order to keep enough track of what is on the public agenda so that i can make up my own mind about current events and trends. I try to limit my media consumption however – and that goes for alternative media* as well (meet your new boss same as the old boss etc).

            *to me it is clear there is no control outside of complete control for the Elite which means that intelligence and freemasonry are behind close to all alternative truth outlets – just as no book on conspiracy so far has proved to be authentic to my knowledge


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