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FayeToday at 8:19 PM

BBC News
In posts he later deleted, Stuart Hughes called one Parkland student 0;the Awful Face Of Treason”.

2018 03/10 poisoning strategy of tension Sergey Skripal poisoning Unknown retired British spy Sergey Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, who were found slumped on a park bench in Salisbury on Sunday evening. Officers also sealed off the gravestone of Mr Skripal’s wife Liudmila, who was buried there in 2012.Salisbury.
2018 03/26 shoping mall fire terror attack suspected propaganda Kemerovo mall fire Unknown Kemerovo Russia shopping centre blaze leaves dozens of children among more than 60 dead Kemerovo, Russia. See: [ab 169]


FayeToday at 9:03 PM

John Maynard Keynes, 1st Baron Keynes ( KAYNZ; 5 June 1883 – 21 April 1946), was a British economist whose ideas fundamentally changed the theory and practice of macroeconomics and the economic policies of governments. He built on and greatly …

Parkland Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School / #NeverAgain movement / How call it: Controlled, Staged or better “directed opposition” ? lol Adults have failed to stop school shootings. Now it’s the kids’ turn to try time.com/magazine/ Tréves and Paris Hoax management 2018 03/23 hostage crisis terror attack lone gunman muslim scare Trèbes hostage crisis Redouane Lakdim Gunman, who is reported to have killed three people, now dead, believed to be Moroccan, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group. Trèbes, France. See: muslim scare www.theguardian.com/commentisf… Salah Abdeslam is becoming a figurehead for would-be terorrists across Europe, as the latest French atrocity shows Eagles of Death Metal shooting survivor: Parkland campaigners ‘vile’ Frontman Jesse Hughes, who survived the 2015 Paris attacks, has lashed out at survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school massacre. In a series of posts on Instagram, the singer labelled students who led the March for Our Lives protest on Saturday as “vile abusers of the dead”. www.bbc.com/news/world-us-cana… Skripal poisoning hoax and aftermath / Litvinieko hoax replay Fakeologist Forum / Fakeopedia Kemerovo shopping mall Fakeologist Forum / other psyops Malaysia /Fake news law The government-drafted bill defines fake news as “any news, information, data and reports which is, or are, wholly or partly false whether in the form of features, visuals or audio recordings or in any other form capable of suggesting words or ideas.” www.dw.com/en/malaysian-govern…
the Guardian
Salah Abdeslam is becoming a figurehead for would-be terorrists across Europe, as the latest French atrocity shows, says Guardian journalist Iman Amrani

BBC News
In posts he later deleted, Stuart Hughes called one Parkland student “the Awful Face Of Treason”.

The Malaysian government has proposed a law that would impose jail terms of up to 10 years for creators and publishers of “fake news.” Critics, however, accuse the government of ulterior motives.

smjYesterday at 9:20 PM

Keynes collected the wizard’s alchemical papers we’re told… www.wired.com/2014/05/newton-p… …his brother married Darwin’s granddaughter of course.
When Sir Isaac Newton died in 1727, he left behind no will and an enormous stack of papers. His surviving correspondences, notes, and manuscripts contain an estimated 10 million words, enough to fill up roughly 150 novel-length books. There are p…

Sir Geoffrey Langdon Keynes ( KAYNZ; 25 March 1887, Cambridge – 5 July 1982, Cambridge) was an English surgeon and author. He was the younger brother of the economist John Maynard Keynes.

Bunch of Cambridge fucks.

AbyzYesterday at 9:29 PM

they have your best interest at heart
dont worry

smjYesterday at 9:38 PM

Yep, they’re just making sure there ain’t too many of us.
Can’t have too many angry, bitter, temperamental, and thoughtless gullible apes about.
Or smarmy pricks from oz fer that matter I reckon.


March 29, 2018

English JamesToday at 3:40 AM

@Faye good show again. however Eagles Of Death Metal are a real band, I was listening to them for a few years before the Bataclan ‘event’, they formed in 1998, but it is a side project of the 2 frontmen so not a fulltime band. Obviously the Bataclan was a made for television ‘event’ and i followed it closely, but have not been able to come up with any conclusions as to why The Eagles were chosen or compromised to be involved. At the time singer Hughes claimed ” that some members of the Bataclan security staff were complicit in the attack” – On April 26, 2017, the Spanish police announced that one of the nine men arrested the previous day in connection with the March 2016 terrorist attacks in Brussels was spotted and questioned outside the band’s concert venue in Barcelona on September 10, 2016. According to the police source, he was subsequently put under surveillance, which eventually led to the arrest of the nine men on April 25, 2017, in and around Barcelona ( i haven’t verified this, sounds like storyline creation ) Less than one year after Bataclan, Eagles played a concert in Tel Aviv, Jeruselum Post headline “EAGLES OF DEATH METAL ROCK TEL AVIV, CURSE OUT BDS” quote from article ” I fking love you mother f*kers.” Hughes lavished on the crowd between tunes. “You have no idea how happy we are to be back here.” …. tbc(edited)

English JamesToday at 4:21 AM

info on BDS here…. bdsmovement.net/
BDS Movement

BDS Movement
Israel overtly uses culture as a form of propaganda to whitewash or justify its regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people. Just as South African anti-apartheid activists had called on international artist…

personally i feel that the BDS movement is a psyOp and was actually created in Isreal to ferment headlines and the appearence that Isreal is being socially attacked and cultural opressed etc, etc, ya di ya di dah…(edited)
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1 thought on “FAK189-Show notes

  1. ricky

    Great chat, I like this format, it flows quite well. Faye has a comfortable presence and has a good sense of timing that works well in this context. I’m listening to the last minutes of this audio as I’m typing, I wish to give “unreal” credit also for his perspective on how the elite may operate and how much divergence may have always existed between the aristocracy and the rest of us.


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