September Clues – a major motion picture

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is a great video, but I would never call it a major motion picture. September Clues Tour Guide

The Simon bashing continues over at with satellite hawk B. Muller – and for some reason Mark Tokarski seems to think Simon is following a as described my Miles Mathis.

Mark, I suggest you talk to Simon directly. He publishes all his contact info. He is a real person, as confirmed by a real person that I’ve met, Hoi Polloi. Both are brilliant thinkers.

Do I have an opinion on Tychos? Not really. It’s beyond my interest and scope, and does nothing to change my opinion on the raise d’etre of this blog, and its exposure by as the biggest military media hoax of our time.

B. Müller gave me permission to reprint his comment from a post down below regarding Simon Shack and his new book, The TYCHOS, The True Model of Our Solar System. I am curious the discussion this book will draw, and am keeping my distance, that is, I do not trust Simon Shack, but have never been vocal about it. It is my view that he has drawn interest from some of the very best thinkers in our community, but that his high-profile and the fact that he was able to make a major motion picture make him at least

Source: The Tychos … – Piece of Mindful

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13 thoughts on “September Clues – a major motion picture

  1. tokarski

    I Have evidence that the photo was a paste-up. We have dissected it in detail.

    Your assertions have appeal, as I am told that McGowan lived in the same neighborhood with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as they “wrote” Good Will Hunting, that is, it was a spook nest. But please offer evidence for your assertions. If the book was an Intel project (I suspect it was) and McGowan is a “Sim” (news to me), I’d like to see why you think this.

    1. Faye

      With pleasure, Mark. Does your proposal for our Waco talk on April 19 stand ? If so, we could treat this topic then.

      PS Why do you refer to McGowan in present tense?

      If the book was an Intel project (I suspect it was) and McGowan is a “Sim” (news to me), I’d like to see why you think this.

      1. tokarski

        I think his death (11/22/15) was fake, but that he was never a real person did not factor in. That seems to be your thrust. Whoever he was, that man who did the interviews I saw and listened to was a person.

        He made it a point to chain smoke in one interview I saw, which was rude at best. Then I learned he had lung cancer and put 2 and 2 together … the smoking was pre-programming us to accept his death by lung cancer. This is how they pre-programmed us to accept Janis Joplin’s death via drugs and booze even as I doubt she she Was a substance abuser. I doubt “McGowan” was a smoker.

        Whoecver he was, the actor who played Dave McGowan is still with us somewhere out there.

        1. Faye

          McGowan was the figure that implemented the first controlled opposition narrative concerning 9/11, written allegedly overnight and published September 12.


          He allegedly had a blog which seems to have been created when the actor/author appeared in public prior to the publication of the book.

          Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream Paperback – 4 Apr 2014

          The author figure disappeared 23 November 2015 (faked of course, agree with you totally) after having “produced” hundreds of conspiratorial rabbitholes, tons of counter-culture amusements, and one useful information, which we also agree, was not about 9/11.

          What was the McGowan intel project about? Was it finsihed with his DCP or not? If not, who took it to the next stage and what do we know about it? In which contextes does the useful information of the McGowan project appear and unfold after his “death”?

          I will explore these and other questions in an audio presentation soon.

          1. tokarski

            That’s called a “tease” where I live. Here in the US, where advertising rules all, radio programs always cut to commercials with something to entice the listener to stick around, something really interesting that is going to follow the annoying ads (that are the only reason they exist). We are enticed not to change the station. The tease always falls short, by the way, always disappoints.

            That in mind, just tell us what you know. Try to live up to your own hype. No teases please. If you’ve got something, give it to us, unless your commercial sponsor is telling you to hold it back.

          2. tokarski

            PS, I like the art, a nice exposition of use of negative space. Don’t know why that seems appropriate to mention.

  2. simonshack

    Dear all,
    In my introductory post of my Tychos model at Cluesforum, I offered all Cluesforum members the option to contact me via e-mail (simonshack[at] for a PDF copy of my book free of charge. I would now like to extend this offer to all Fakeologist and PoM members. I kindly suggest that anyone who wishes to comment on the Tychos model first read my book – in its entirety. And yes, I conducted the Tychos research and wrote the book in perfect solitude – with no outside help whatsoever. If you believe otherwise, I guess there is nothing I can do about it.

    To those who may not be much versed in astronomy and/or think that this stuff is ‘way above your head’, fear not : my Tychos book is quite unlike your classic astronomy treatise (which, more often than not, are quite dreary affairs – no doubt!). I hope and trust that you will find it a most digestible and interesting read – whether you ultimately agree with its logical conclusions or not. In any event, you should at least be able to appreciate why I dare call it “the true model of our solar system” – and why the currently-accepted Copernican / Keplerian model has to be discarded as a plausible geometric configuration of our nearby cosmos. After all, I think I’ve done a decent job in later years, demonstrating that the official fantasy-narratives of 9/11 and space travel had to be discarded – lock stock and barrel.

    In the meanwhile, please enjoy the Tychosium!…

  3. John le Bon

    Thanks to Ab for bringing this PoM post to my attention. Lately I have been checking out PoM on the daily, but somehow had missed this one.

    I have left my own comment on Mark’s post and it is presently awaiting moderation.

    Basically it boils down to this:

    Cavendish explained: make up your own mind.

    You either believe that man can weigh the moon with heavy balls in a shed, or you do not.

    I happen to fall into the latter camp, because I am neither a scientism believer, nor a moron.

    Now, once we have established that Cavendish is a joke, we must ask ourselves how it is possible that the leading lights of research in the Alternative / Conspiracy / Truth (ACT) realm could have failed so miserably in attempting to crack the Cavendish case.

    See Mathis’ Cavendish paper here: link
    See CluesForum’s ‘What is gravity’ thread here: link

    Those with eyes to see, those who laugh at the Cavendish clown-show, may find themselves all the more befuddled when they remember that the man who did crack the Caven-case, one John le Bon, is just some beanie-wearin’ dude from Brisbane, Australia. How could it be that a self-deprecating, regular guy ‘from the land down under’ could see what the brightest lights of the ACT realm so spectacularly FAILED to see?

    Just what is going on here?

    Well I don’t have the answers to those questions, although I have pondered them myself from time to time over the past few years. Like so much in the ACT realm, it simply does not make sense…


  4. tokarski

    You’re probably right that “major motion picture” is unwarranted, I was thinking in terms of films that I saw during my growing-up years coming to grips with 9/11. Most were controlled opposition-type stuff, creating false leads and rabbit holes, but I did not know it at the time. I did not grasp the concept of controlled opposition, which is just about everything we see, and for sure everything that is granted high profile. I slowly came to realize that the spooks who planned the event also planned the response to the event and got out in front of it to lead it.

    Jim Fetzer is a real person. I have exchanged emails with him. So what? I have tried to get on Clues Forum and it is just dead air, no response, and I have heard that same complaint from others. The entrance is guarded. I have seen him use his forum to attack MM without allowing a forum for defense, just as spook Mel Fabrigas did in allowing the (IMO) spook Mark Devlin a forum to attack MM with no opportunity for anyone to defend him. That is how spooks function.

    And that is why I said that I have distrusted Shack for a long time. But I do notice that he draws high quality minds to his forum, and that leads me to question why a film like SC, which indeed had good evidence, was his opening act. It was a magnet to draw those minds into a place where they could be monitored and controlled.

    So I’ve been waiting. When a guy without a telescope makes wild projections about the nature of our solar system, I think that might be the sound of a shoe dropping. Time to bring discredit on himself, perhaps too on all of the good people who have flocked around him. That’s my take.

    1. tokarski

      I have carried that suspicion with me for years now, given the good-cop-bad-cop routine with Shack and Hoi – Shack could easily rein him in if he so desired. Limited hangouts do not tell lies – Dave McGowan’s book, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, had only one lie in it (the fake photo of Jim Morrison and his dad), but was still designed to protect more than it revealed. That being the case, you might wonder, as I do, what information is Shack protecting? These questions can be answered, but it takes great effort and unrelenting suspicion.

      Anyway, as commenters have noted, CF has done Tychus on us, doing very little investigating work anymore, its best commenters long gone.

      1. Faye

        Wrong, Mark, Dave McGowan’s book had one lie in it (the fake photo of Jim Morrison) and the author was a Sim and the book was written by intelligence to reveal precisely what you described. Last but not least the debunkers of the McGowan “lie” were / are probaly also intelligence.


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