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Radio Rollo and JLB roll around about 1984, War is a hoax, Tesla myth

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  1. xileffilex

    Well, I listened to the ball tampering chat having already considered it yet new another news-generating sporting psy-op and the film footage which I subequently looked up hasn’t changed my mind on that.

    They’re all actors. It’s all staged, as was the pug dog nazi salute story of 2016 which was yet another excellent opportunity to remind us of the number 6 million
    May 9 2016

    1. ab Post author

      The case is most likely staged. They found the most offensive looking publicity seeking hound who needed a gig (tats, piercings, etc.) to say the most offensive things (yes, you have the right to say things, but it doesn’t make them right, etc.) The analogy I use is trying to get people to agree that you should be able to eat shit sandwiches. Almost no-one thinks this is a good idea, yet we’re sure people could do it if they wanted to, but why do it? There’s nothing funny about joking about killing people – any people. It’s in bad taste and clearly the quasi court system of “human rights” has been given domain over the area just outside criminal law.

    2. John le Bon

      Are you suggesting that this ball tampering scandal is/was a ‘psyop’? That the Australian Cricket Board (now known as Cricket Australia) deliberately planned to have their national captain and promotional talisman get caught ball tampering, and lie about how they tampered in the press conference, and get exposed as lying, and then get given a one-year suspension?

      If this is what you are suggesting, my question is: why? Why would they do that? What is the motivation?

      You use the word ‘actors’. Are you suggesting that the national cricketers are not actually the best cricketers in the country? If so, what is the basis for your claim?

      I have played a lot of cricket and it would be amusing to me to see somebody who has never played the game try to face a cricket ball at 140 km/h. You can’t pay actors to see (let alone hit) cricket balls at that speed. Most local cricketers who have played their whole lives would struggle to see the ball at that speed. It requires a certain talent and a lot of training to do what these guys do.

      My point being, as rigged as a lot of major sport is (and we all know it is), the suggestion that the national cricketers are ‘actors’ in a literal sense would be Dallas Goldbug-tier buffoonery.

      1. xileffilex

        Yes, they know their roles, just as highly skilled musicians, screen actors….do. It’s a big money circus. You know that.

      2. Questioning Our Reality

        This scandal could be a Psyop to bring interest into the sport that wasn’t there before. Bad publicity is good publicity. People love drama, especially sports fans. These type of scandals go on in American Professional Sports all the time. There has to be a purpose for this surge in sports scandals as of late. Sports have turned into soap operas in my lifetime.

        How about this being a warning to the profane that sports are rigged too? This way the controllers can say we told you so and they don’t have to feel bad about continuing to corrupt sports. It’s a form of revelation of the method.

        Let’s also keep in mind sports are a form of training people to follow rules and regulations like at their jobs or in school. Ever notice how sports terminology applies to or mimics real life? This is by design. I see and hear sports fans all the time become obsessed with sport rules like why a umpire or referee didn’t call a penalty when a player committed one.

        With that said, through sports, are we being taught to love laws, rules, regulations and forget freedom? Are we being trained through sports to be good obedient slaves?

      3. Tom Dalpra

        So what are we actually looking at with this this latest little media circus, this Aussie Ball Tampering Gate ?
        On this site we’re very used to talking about staged events, but how staged or not, was this one ?
        I certainly don’t think xillefilex was suggesting that this was a completely staged set-piece complete with bought-in actors, ha! But I too, did raise my eyebrows slightly with his words –
        ” I listened to the ball tampering chat having already considered it yet new another news-generating sporting psy-op and the film footage which I subsequently looked up hasn’t changed my mind on that.

        Either way, he made me look at it.

        Having looked, I think this is a good case study in what people look like when they’re genuinely upset.
        We’ve laughed so many times at fake grief looking at PsyOps, but I watch Warner and Smith breaking down and I’m not amused in that way, at all. It seems to me that their reactions are genuine.

        So could this have been a set-up ? Was it a plan to incriminate Smith and hang him out to dry ?
        Make a big example of him ? I
        Cricket is surely a powerful sport and this latest circus will reach many worldwide with the messages ”Cheats don’t prosper” ”The game is normally fair” and maybe ”Good guys make mistakes”. But this doesn’t mean it needed to be contrived.

        I don’t know. What I do think I know is that mainstream sport is controlled. Team Captains are naturally often key players in the fix of individual games and in meme promotion, but I wouldn’t say we should assume every captain is an ‘insider’, if you will. I think Smith perhaps thinks the game is straight. He’s always played hard but straight and at this point in his career, no one has yet (he’s only young) asked him to ‘take a dive in the fifth’ ( Which is how I see these things kinda working).

        Whatever, I think Smith’s reaction at this point is genuine.
        He’s being hung-out to dry. A year ban FFS ? Atherton rubbed dirt into the ball and got away with a fine.
        But oh they’ve really decided to make a song and dance about this one

        The question is still, I suppose –
        Was it a set up, or is this great example for not cheating (in a completely controlled sport anyway! Ha, the irony.) a reaction to natural events.

        The original incident was picked up on at least two cameras and then his reaction to seeing himself on the big screen was shown.
        The camera men and director were clearly on to it. They were aware and filming him do it and then put it on the big screen to film his reaction.
        This doesn’t mean it was an outright set-up, just that it certainly was a set-up, of sorts, at that point The whole circus hasn’t looked back.

        Did someone put Smith up to the tampering? I don’t know, but at this point I think the reactions of the guys are genuine.

        1. xileffilex

          Sorry, Tom, I’ve seen too many of those “breaks down” videos where there’s a lot of inhaling and puffing and pausing and eye rubbing and this one seems straight out of the packet.

          The only variant here is the absence of chemically induced tears.

          So what’s the evidence that anything’s been tampered with? A magic trick with the hands, followed by the very visible stuffing of a piece of yellow tape [prop], it’s first appearance, down the front of the trousers, ferret style. Is that it?

            1. Vespadouglas

              A great `baw chucker` perhaps , but a very bad actor for sure ….Someone coined the the term (SP)actor (sporting)actor a while back. Theres a candidate for the Faygaipedia huh?

          1. Tom Dalpra

            No need to be sorry xileffilex, I was just giving my take, as it stands. And I’m open to anything.
            I’ve been fooled before and I’ll be fooled again, no doubt.
            I maintain there is a place for genuine cases, as this is portrayed, to occur and be managed.
            Do I think, for example, that Eric Cantona’s kung fu kick was a staged event? No, it was something Cantona did impulsively on a sports field and then the media had a field day.

            Interesting that you and Vespa (welcome back) are happily mocking the percieved bad acting whilst I’m suggesting it might be real. I’m quite sceptical too and have watched many fake crying videos. One of us is ‘wrong’.

            It might well be me , I remain open minded but still not at all convinced that the break down videos are the guys acting.


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