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Abu NidalEver wonder who the super duper tewwowist was before Bin Laden? I present to you Abu Nidal.

Abu Nidal was one of the world’s most ruthless terrorist leaders through the late 1990s. Primarily active in the 1970s and 1980s on the ultra-hardline fringe of the Palestine Liberation Organization and later the rejectionist front, Abu Nidal targeted Arab politicians and activists who were 0;soft” on the Israeli issue. Jews of all nationalities as well as political representatives of Western nations were also targets, especially those involved in the peace process in the Middle East.

Source: Terrorist Attacks Attributed to Abu Nidal (1972-1997)

Looks like another rich kid gone bad narrative.

Abu Nidal was born in Jaffa, on the Mediterranean coast of what was then the British Mandate of Palestine. His father, Hajj Khalil al-Banna, owned 6,000 acres (24 km2) of orange groves situated between Jaffa and Majdal, today Ashkelon in Israel.[15] The family lived in luxury in a three-storey stone house near the beach, later used as an Israeli military court.[16] Muhammad Khalil al-Banna, Abu Nidal’s brother, told Yossi Melman:

For someone so notorious, there is the usual paucity of pictures. Don’t tewwowists have their own paparazzi?

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9 thoughts on “Before Bin Laden

  1. xileffilex

    Another pathetic Abu Nidal hoax, helped along by the Greeks [as in Khartoum] the pathetic, was the 1988 [also] smoke bombing of the cruise liner City of Poros at Piraeus, which was still giving [to the lawyers and news media] in 2012……
    Hoax calendar anniversary 7/11 [July 11]
    An event that sent inter alia, four French, one Swede, one Dane one Hungarian off to new life retirement.………

  2. Faye

    hoi.polloi on June 20th, 2010, 11:34 pm

    NIDAL ________________________________LADIN

    This really says it all. Father of nothing, son of nothing; out of nothing come the villains — and the fake drama.

    1. UNreal


      Very pertinent observation – linguistics seem fundamental to apprehend in relation to every type of contrived events and cultural memes. Moreso than numbers, (occult) linguistics work on a subconscious level on the masses and at the same time gives much meaning and might to the perpetrators.

      According to the citation from Hoi Polloi both Abu Nidal and Bin Laden comes from the same cookbook of fantasy terror. Should we then be surprised the names themselves also stem from a fantasy source – say directly from the fictional Aladdin’s cave with magic lamps and fabulous riches ?

      Nidal – L adin (phonetic anagram : Aladdin)
      Laden – L ade n (phonetic anagram : Aladdin)

      As pointed out on several occasions, the visceral relation between occult encoding and the stagemagic we seem to encounter at every level is a recurring tool used by the Elite. If we factor in that language as we know might not in any way be as ancient as it is claimed, we also have to suspect that many common terms and expressions come precoded with occult meaning.

      Just for illustration – the Elite do use many literally humorously descriptive puns (ie Pyramid – Army did) for those with eyes to see and ability to decode visual information. In the many contrivances of the geography of earth, it seems the North and South Poles have been filled with memes and lies. Not only admiral flying Bird has been largely invented but possibly also native tribes like Eskimos.

      Eskimo – I smoke (direct anagram)
      Igloo – I glow (phonetic anagram)

      1. Faye

        Thank you Unreal for the inspiring thoughts.
        We have now two arts of viewing the Nidal_Laden pair. Can we afford a third one? – I’d say yes, it is anyway implicit in the con-stellation, which was layed out by Hoi already.
        The first layer of the Nidal_Laden pair of Hoi refers to the symbolic topology of the figures: One is a son, the other a father, within their human language as it appear in life.
        In your observations human language – both names – gain their visibility on the backround of another historical layer: Nidal_Ladin are both NOT Alladin.
        What we get is again the trinity of christian mythology – or the hegelian one, does not matter.
        What matters is, I think, that the Alladin-layer took centuries to implement while the historical layer is a construction of a victorious “Elite”, a violent occupation of both human language and its histories.
        I don’t know if we can approch pre-language and pre-historical knowledge but I think that the chapters of Alladin and Nidal_Laden are running out sooner or later without a genuine, collective, human dream.

      2. UNreal


        Agree there might be many ways to interpret the origin and meaning of the names ‘Abu Nidal’ and ‘Bin Laden’.

        From the Cluesforum article (NIDAL vs LADIN by Simon Shack) there are many intricate hypothesis on how both individuals might be related metaphorically or literally as their narrative is very similar in many ways.

        I see both individuals as mere illusion and thus simulated personaes – and thereby see no meaning to the ficticious father/son ‘con-stellation’ as you humourosly describe it. Additionnally, both Nidal and Ladin were more or less contemporary figurines of terror.

        My point was more simple as in my view both Laden and Nidal are scripted from the source so to say – no further complexity needed. I find it probable that the Elite recycle their important memes and thus use the same mechanisms in more than one occasion. In the case Laden/Nidal are indeed named directly from Aladdin* things would be much more literal and less complicated :

        Aladdin makes any wish come true with his shiny little bottle (money)

        Just as witnesses are saved from terror bombs with mobile phones, so are super-vilains invented to perform impossible feats – like Aladdin. Or Nidal. Or Laden.

        *Aladdin is a folk tale and character from the book ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ where the story was added first in the 18th century

      3. Vespadouglas

        Is this picture evidence of MTF or FTM . Im hoping the latter. Not so many going around.

  3. xileffilex

    Haha,, quite comical in retrospect.
    “Nidal” even, immediately postumously reported, attaches himself to the Lockerbie fake plane crash in an alleged “pre-death bed confession”
    …giving that psy-op another burst of energy and change of direction.
    Tam Dalyell, Labour MP for Linlithgow, has long maintained that Nidal was to blame, and not Libyans.

    I hadn’t heard of another “black box” psy-op the “bombing” of the Sudan Club and the Greek owned Acropole Hotel in Khartoum, where an alleged British familhy of four, who had only been in town for two months [hmmmmmm] died in a “Nidal attack” in Lockerbie-year 1988. But nowhere can I find them named. An ideal hoax.…

    1. gaia

      Funny link; Osama bin Laden also lived and worked in Khartoum, Sudan. I’ve seen his mansion there, with huge “satellite” dishes in the garden.


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