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Toronto Van Hoax: Tribute to an urbanist?

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As I eluded to in a previous comment, I wonder IFF they are creating vicsims from whole cloth, that they model them after certain people that locals may be familiar with.

Geraldine Brady

Geraldine Brady used to pull out photographs of her great-grandson, dotingly telling visiting friends about the little boy, and rifle up newspaper clippings to show off articles about her daughter and the farm she ran.

Source: Geraldine Brady remembered as a ‘lifelong friend’ with a ‘positive attitude and smile’ | The Star

If so, this entity looks a great deal like the anti-car urbanist that came from NYC to Toronto in the 60s to give her vision of a livable city, Jane Jacobs.

Makes sense if the goal is transform this commuter route into a slow moving, downtown-like streetscape.

Jane Jacobs

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Why the smart are more deceived

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I’m going to have a stab at this one.

Smart people are enmeshed more than the average man with wild expectations foisted upon them from the cradle. To what financial or social benefit would be calling out lies and deceit serve? Adults already know in their deep subconscious that they are ruled by forces they cannot name or even point to. What parent would encourage their child to pursue truth over financial security, independence and acceptance?

THE LIVING ROOM • Re: Why are smart people fooled….

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Toronto Van Sidewalk hoax:Ryder trucks: psyOp agency of choice?

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The Toronto attack involved a RYDER TRUCK.Ryder Trucks have been used before in false flag attacks -1. “The 1,200-pound bomb was in a Ryder truck parked in a parking garage beneath the World Trade Center” in 1993. 2. In the Oklahoma City bombing, “McVeigh and Nichols removed the bomb supplies from their storage unit in Herington, Kansas, where Nichols lived, and loaded them into a Ryder rental truck”

Source: Aangirfan: TORONTO FALSE FLAG

h/t Virginia

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Toronto van sidewalk hoax:doesn’t rise to the terrorSIm threshold

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New terrorspeak language is getting invented every day.

Police also say the offences do not rise to the threshold of terrorism at this point.…

Did the sim photo creation team get lazy on the last two fictims? Usual unrealistic lack of resolution in this age of 4k video.

A distinct lack of males in this group. Were they just faster to jump out of the way?

I suppose we won’t hear the end of this Sim event until they widen the sidewalks and install the bike lanes.

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The Guantanamo psyop

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I must listen if you want to hear the comedy that is the Guantanamo psyop.

My guess is that this is a simulated prison. It probably has no prisoners but prisoner stories. Stories are easier to house and maintain. They can do whatever you want whenever you want to scare the general populace and enemy.
At Guantanamo Bay, our government initially claimed that prisoners should not be covered by habeas—or even by the Geneva Conventions—because they’re the most fearsome enemies we have. But is that true? Is it a camp full of terrorists, or a camp full of our mistakes?…

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How can so many people keep quiet?

Those at the bottom can’t do anything with their knowledge and those at the top can’t say anything with their knowledge.

Does one need think further about why these lies are easily kept?

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Toronto Van Sidewalk Hoax

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Whoops – looks like the van was being staged on the sideroad, and not on the main street [this may be an intentional red herring/confusion tactic].

The CPR they offer us isn’t convincing.


Here’s the timeline used to make all the video fit.

Nothing is left to question – all media released by the media is made to fit, if not confuse first.

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With guest host Velocet.

Thursday, April 26, 2018 before 9pm EDT

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Toronto van sidewalk hoax:this part may be true

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There’s very little truth in any of these fictional stories, but I believe this part:

An employee answering the door at the Korean consulate in Toronto said they weren’t confirming whether any Korean nationals were dead or injured in the van attack, leaving that up to either Canadian or Korean officials.

But South Korean news agency Yonhap cited a government agency as saying two Korean nationals were among those killed Monday.

It is true that the media is self referential in all its stories. One false story somewhere and they all refer to it is true, but then original story is false.

At least the consulate deflected instead of lying.

Yonge St. van attack victim remembered as ‘the best person’…

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