It’s difficult to be a dissenter

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Fakeologists take note.

It’s difficult to be a dissenter. We often feel the need to go along with what others in our group think, and neuroscience shows that this desire for conformity isn’t just the result of peer pressure. It is wired into our brains.

Source: How having power is like having brain damage: a new book explains why systems fail | Toronto Star

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7 thoughts on “It’s difficult to be a dissenter

  1. simonshack

    I wonder what would happen if, one bright day, some “Mr Nobody” with no academic credentials to his name would disprove beyond reasonable doubt some major, sacred cow of science such as, say, that Earth orbits around the Sun.

    Would Mr Nobody be swiftly contacted by academic circles and/or mainstream media outlets to put forth his case so as to assess and review his findings in earnest?

    More interestingly perhaps, would critical thinkers around the world, eager to challenge “established truths and science”, be all over Mr. Nobody’s findings – trying to verify to their best capacities whether there is any substance to the same?

    Oh wait… I think that I can answer these questions. Sorry for sharing these pointless musings of mine. 😛


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