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Is this event real?

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What a can of worms this opened up.

HoaxbusterYesterday at 11:31 PM

@everyone www.ocregister.com/2018/03/31/… A real death…..unfortunately someone I know. They got the age wrong and just reported the facts without any fanfare. This is what a real death looks like. Very Sad. Not looking for sympathy just a case study for real death.
Annette A. Carrion, 23, was going too fast to make a curve, the California Highway Patrol said.

GaiaYesterday at 11:36 PM

@JRAdams857 sorry to hear that John. Yes, real deaths happen for sure. Reported in low-profile local newspapers. I have 2 experiences like that too (one traffic accident and a 24 meter fall down a mountain to death)

delcroixYesterday at 11:39 PM

@JRAdams857 sorry to hear man ,

JRAdams857Yesterday at 11:44 PM

Thanks , I appreciate it. But just look at the article. Plain and to the point. There’s no Gofundme’s ( not yet at least and not started two days before) she was sort of known in a sub culture of motorcycle riding. No family on the news no news interest. Etc.




youtu.be/PQeWwqOZrc0 I don’t know who this Dude is but I guess he knew her.

GaiaYesterday at 11:50 PM

@JRAdams857 exactly, that’s the thing. All the usual hallmarks of hoaxes are “missing”. I really think that the more we dive into the world of Fakeology, the more important it becomes to know (how unfortunate and sad for you personally) what is REAL.

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It’s a movie now

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Following the idea that if they make it a movie, it must be fake, we have this latest piece involving the Ted Kennedy “scandal”.

Is there any fakery research out there on this one?

The lion of American liberalism Ted Kennedy went to Camelot in the sky in 2009.But he was unable to escape the stench of scandal that emanated from a car crash on Chappaquiddick Island on July 18, 1969.The tumultuous 1960s left the Kennedy family — and the nation — tattered.

Source: CHAPPAQUIDICK: An American tragedy | Toronto Sun

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