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  1. due2romney

    A motorcyclist was killed Today after a collision with a Truck the truck driver escaped unscathed !!!

  2. matti

    Controlled Demolition and Strategic Relocation – CDSR. Is that an agreeable term for the real destruction that we see… as opposed to the word ‘war’ which incorporates all the social engineering required to carry it out; all the ‘hoax’ aspects? Therefore we can say ‘War is a hoax’ but CDSR is real…?

  3. farcevalue

    This kerfuffle has served to conflate the death (or non-death depending on the version that resonates) of a more or less anonymous motorcyclist/blogger with all the major psyops of the last 50 plus years. I sincerely doubt that this person’s death would have come across the radar of anyone in this community had it not been posted here. I certainly am not a subscriber of the Orange County Register. Why does this even matter? Is there any pending legislation due to the ripple effects through society of this accident? What is the social engineering aspect of this event? Maybe I should just ask if anyone on this forum knows anyone that has died, period. Maybe my father is hiding around some corner somewhere waiting for the appropriate moment to hop out and say; “Gotcha! Really had you going didn’t I?” Please let me in on the secret to not dying, ever. Maybe that is Dave J’s wheelhouse, but I have the impression it’s more metaphysical than physical. Being concerned for my own mortality, please share if this whole death thing is just a big hoax, period. I have some friends and family members I’d like to have a few words with and maybe some news for friends and family that may have been grieving for years for no good reason.

    1. Vespadouglas

      are you not fully following the thread , farce?……..theres a fake dude accusing a fake dude of being a fake dude……its Fakeeeologist at its best…( bar nine one one of course ) ……much respect ab

    2. antipodean

      A few years ago on the Clues forum there was a similar situation to this.
      One of the leading posters was saying that 9/11 vicsim David Angel was one of the characters in Cheers. Which was hotly debated.

      Then the poster started to post stuff in a provocative way, about his own young attractive cousin who’d just been murdered. The forum nearly imploded.

      1. xileffilex

        Ah, the Ozzy bin Oswald business. Before my time, but the name still resounds
        This is a better summary

        Ah, the Ozzy bin Oswald business. Before my time, but the name still resounds
        This is a better summary

        So, this is the “grieving”? IT doesn’t pass the Carrion carry-on smell test either.

        That’s the big blind alley we travel down, that all fake events have to have some social driving force behind them. That’s palpable nonsense.

        Dave J is the business. I love hearing him speak, his last section with Ab in the chat was great. – he brings up he auto-hoax attack which was an intel creation. I researched its appearance and the first to use it was Jeff C . Jeff C who was called out on the obvious Transasia crash hoax. Who unmasked Jeff C? Dave J. Now, we see ‘auto-hoaxer’ being bandied about by the gatekeepers along with ‘flat earther’ to discredit anyone who can spot a staged event a mile away within minutes of it being reported. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck….

        1. antipodean

          I’m open minded about both the above cases being real or not.
          I remember at the time of the Ozzy case, a friend of ours had a 15 year old daughter with a similar bust to Ozzy’s alleged cousin. She couldn’t walk down the street without a car soon pulling up, & guys asking her if she’d like a lift.
          Also here’s a link to a high profile rape murder in NZ where I knew the victim. Who at the time had recently become a close friend to one of our friends.

            1. gaia

              Same problem here. It worked before, as I linked it in today’s Fakeologist 55 shownotes and saw UNreal’s post before, now “the page doesn’t work”.

            2. ab Post author

              Yes I can’t get it either. Maybe one of your links is sending it in circles. I’ll try and edit it.

              1. ab Post author

                @Faye your defence of me at 25:55 is absolutely lovely. Now I know what you were talking about. I see how it comes across as a veiled threat to you and really find your words heartfelt. Thank you.

              2. Terran Downvale

                LOL. That would be funny if one of my links caused an internal glitch since those links were possible examples of the circular, self-referencing, theme-reinforcing “meta” elements of the media mind-spell.

  4. xileffilex

    Faye, I think, was super in her handling of the discussion.
    A couple of points , [still listening], this 33yo biker was introduced as a friend of John Adams but when he comes to the chat, he has known [not carnally, see previous comments]] her for 12 years! I’m fascinated, especially since it wasn’t biker related.
    Her media presence is a bit of a red herring, although it makes it more spicy, the semi clad woman in leather with huge bust..there are plenty of low level fake deaths in local papers. How they’re recruited, I have no idea.
    But I got sick of the “everything is faaaaake” attacks on other sites from paid/unpaid shills defending fake deaths and offical government narratives. So when someone comes to a site like thiis/discord with a hey, this is real story, it’s like a red rag to a bull.
    Finally, I love digesting print media in the UK and they’re full of unverifiable stories of people being shot, stabbed, crashed, burnt …all unprovable, and many of them are easily recyclable anywhere in the world, with relatives in Asia, Africa, the West Indies… years ago, youngsters would be put into children’s homes or prisons/correction facilities if they’ve been caught doing something illegal. Now, they’re recycled. It’s cheaper. These fake events also produce fear, budgets for the police on their paper trails hospital and emergency service budges…
    Take home message – the acid test is the open casket funeral.
    Boston Mayor [from the marathon hoax period…] Menino. Open casket…


  5. John le Bon

    A sensational audiochat. Many thanks to Ab, Dave, and others.

    This podcast gave me a lot of laughs which made my day much brighter.

    One of the highlights (and I’m only paraphrasing rather than quoting):

    Ab: ‘Well she is rather attractive’
    Dave: ‘That is the carnal, rather than the spiritual. Know that if you go into the carnal circus then that is all it is, a circus’
    Ab: ‘I know, I’ve got a season pass’

    Another highlight:

    Ab: ‘If you want people to hear you speak the truth, you need to lay off the ‘spiritual murderer’ stuff’
    Dave: ‘I want people to hear me speak the truth which is why I call them ‘spiritual murderers”

    Again, only paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it. Gave me some genuinely good laughs, the back-and-forth between Ab and Dave.

    Excellent work.

    Personally I would prefer it if Dave did tone down his shtick, but I have known of his work for long enough to understand that this is how he rolls. Take him for what he is and listen to what he has to say, without taking any of it personally. If you can do that, you will get something out of the calls he participates in.

    I regret that Ab decided not to go down the path of accepting Litecoin donations because this call reminded me that I wanted to send him some money. These calls are golden and without Ab they simply do not happen. If paypal is the only option, Ab, okay, but I really do prefer Litecoin. For a guy who is so good with tech, Litecoin should be a piece of cake for you.

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks John. Levity is all I can add to some discussions. There are too many coins out there, so I prefer to stick with what I know. I tried bitcoin bit it clogged up my windows main drive and almost chocked it off. Donations are for those that can’t contribute otherwise, you have done much for the audiochat so I’m fine with that.

  6. UNreal

    The foremost reason anyone genuine would feel compelled to pursue alternative research despite the resentment of most (even close friends and family) is that we have retained enough humane authenticity to abhore lies and untruth.

    When we come to terms with the difficulty contained within the vasteness of topics that has been contrived by the Elite in order to create a system in which they are the sole beneficiary – we will unavoidably encounter fellow researchers that have already found answers to questions we have ourselves and even information we were unaware would be of help in our own quest.

    Being rational, it is only natural that we are inclined to accept and be thankful for new or better material that help us along with what can become a mission : finding reason and putting false ideas to rest.

    What we sacrifice in such situations is not apparent nor tangible at first. Still, what we might naively take as free offering from better educated and wiser men than ourselves is nevertheless a priceless merchandise to those who orchestrate the charade needed for the Elite to prevail.


    While Dave Johnson’s words reflect more hatred and emotion than any of the Elites emissaries and false prophets deserve – the action and existence of false alternative truth talking-heads is more despicable than any of the participants or lifetime actors involved in the multitude of construed realities that is proposed for the general public.

    The mass of people are often not aware or just half-aware of the deception they witness, despite they sometimes knowingly go along with events and realities they well understand do not compute. A genuine alternative researcher on the other hand has already the immense merit to resist and to actually stand up and reclaim to understand what is real and what is not.

    So if we as alternative researchers consider the worst possible behaviour and ethics any person can deceptively engage in – it is surely to wilfully deceive us who have explicitly asked for truth and engaged in the difficult task of accepting true treality despite the toll it take on our lives. In order to deceive us as alternative truth-seekers there are only so many ways to achieve such a goal.

    The only way the likes of John Adams, Jay Dyer, Jesse Waugh, John le Bon, AA Morris, Mark Tokarsky and Chris Kendall* can deceive us all and lead us astray is to earn our trust. And it seems they have earned the trust of many who thus close their eyes to these monstrous persons and false personalities – who are all part of a carefully orchestrated tactics (not necessarily centralised) to sideline anyone genuine who has got wise and courageous enough to seek truth outside of the Elite system we are born into.

    There is no control other than when in complete control

    The reason the Elite act and organise in order to dominate also the alternative truth community is just that simple. Control equate complete control. When you have the means, the manpower and will to control human society there is no good reason for the Elite to not control it all – except human decency.

    And the Elite do not appear to have an inkling of humane qualities left – just as John Adams clumsily* pay false witness to in his own outing that is so transparent it needs no further explanation – just for anyone to stop giving their trust away to such frauds and spend an hour* looking at the fake death of the umpteenth halfnaked Youtube marionette with fake tits and a fake life who will carry on beyond highway 74 and her fake accident.

    *the list of deceptive Elite minions and fremasons who are put in our path is too long to recite, but just by the look of the talking-heads and their many fake and vocal fans you might soon get the scope – and its over 50% of this website as well

    *i was personally not awaiting this ‘Athena Carry On’ event to see through John Adams false character and book preaching as i’ve done my own research some time ago already

    *As we already know John Adams knows this phony individual, we normally could have known right there if we just put our trust away – but many can’t and others are paid not to

    1. John le Bon

      Why are you including me among the people you accuse of being deceivers?

      What have I ever said that is factually untrue or logically fallacious?

      On the matter of A Net Carry On, I was one of the first to leave a comment on the previous thread on this site, and (in my humble opinion) did a fair job of citing the comical ‘hoax’ markers involved in the story.

      I’m not your enemy, and if you genuinely believe that you are so important that teh governments is sending boogeymen to spy on you, then I recommend you stay away from the herbs for a few weeks, freshen up your mind.

      1. gaia

        Ay John, sorry for your reading skills. UNreal said:

        “The only way the likes of John Adams, Jay Dyer, Jesse Waugh, John le Bon, AA Morris, Mark Tokarsky and Chris Kendall* can deceive us all and lead us astray is to earn our trust.”

        I disagree with him, but he did not “call you a deceiver”, he said you are one of the ones that can deceive. Which is pretty general, anyone can deceive and many people do day by day. Make-up and high heels is already deceiving people.

    2. tokarski

      Dear UNreal:

      For future attacks and defamation, please note the name is spelled “Tokarski.”

      1. UNreal


        It is amusing that you are fine with being called out yet unhappy to see you name spelled wrong. Maybe it is more a hint on how you actually chose your stage-name – taking away the “y” actually helps in how we really might read your name:

        tokarski – sik aktor (direct anagram)

        Just for info – anyone who like you serve to verify spooks like Miles Mathis (or MM/33) and pretend to attend black box obscure meetings just fail basic common sense – quite like Miss SH 74 Athena Carry On (see “Black Frosting“).

        1. gaia

          real UN (simple anagram)

          = royal United Nations
          = real United Nations

          Shill busted. By your own “weapons”.

  7. Dave J

    “John Adams” (bullshitter and Exposed troll fraud) you are LIAR full stop “a good case study” of “death” ” what kind of Ahole says that.. Someone he “knows” personally. LIAR!!!!!………. The fact is this THIS story is a HOAX nobody died and Nobody got hurt Period

      1. Dave J

        ab, A rethink of your opinion of the merits of “John Adams” may be in order. (again that is up to you) But if you listen the the Faye interview with him He is deceptive and shallow ( I can guess you sense it as well). He know’s that, I know and now you know HE is a fraud. What else no or before has be Mislead others on this page about. You may or may not see it the same as me but I do not allow those that deceive anywhere near those that have put trust in me. As I told you yesterday you have the ability to Learn the base code of this existance and I told you how to do it. As a bonus it comes with the ability to see through thease deceivers with in a few words out of thier mouths. (it is in the “tone”) recall i told you that it is all a wave, learn to ride the wave and you will never be pulled UNDER again. “fall for”.

        it is all up to you. In the end, This is not a group effort but our witness is our own and it is all we have as a record of our Existance.

        1. Vespadouglas

          ” don’t even worry about it “……” i will explain ” ….. ” do you understand “…..crazy dave , you are fucking hilarious


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