Is this event real?

like this

What a can of worms this opened up.

HoaxbusterYesterday at 11:31 PM

@everyone… A real death…..unfortunately someone I know. They got the age wrong and just reported the facts without any fanfare. This is what a real death looks like. Very Sad. Not looking for sympathy just a case study for real death.
Annette A. Carrion, 23, was going too fast to make a curve, the California Highway Patrol said.

GaiaYesterday at 11:36 PM

@JRAdams857 sorry to hear that John. Yes, real deaths happen for sure. Reported in low-profile local newspapers. I have 2 experiences like that too (one traffic accident and a 24 meter fall down a mountain to death)

delcroixYesterday at 11:39 PM

@JRAdams857 sorry to hear man ,

JRAdams857Yesterday at 11:44 PM

Thanks , I appreciate it. But just look at the article. Plain and to the point. There’s no Gofundme’s ( not yet at least and not started two days before) she was sort of known in a sub culture of motorcycle riding. No family on the news no news interest. Etc.




1 I don’t know who this Dude is but I guess he knew her.

GaiaYesterday at 11:50 PM

@JRAdams857 exactly, that’s the thing. All the usual hallmarks of hoaxes are “missing”. I really think that the more we dive into the world of Fakeology, the more important it becomes to know (how unfortunate and sad for you personally) what is REAL.

JRAdams857Yesterday at 11:54 PM

Maybe Miles Mathis can analyze the article and do a 5 minute genealogy search and tell me she’s really one of her sisters and she was secretly Jewish

GaiaYesterday at 11:56 PM

even jews die, not by the 6 millions, but they do…

JRAdams857Yesterday at 11:59 PM

Anyways….. Real Death. A big bummer and unsensational.







April 2, 2018

exoteric64Today at 2:15 AM

My daughters friend died two weeks ago in car / truck smash and the entire community has been affected weeks later she is badly affected still
50 in orlando nightclub shooting and it was off news within a week
3 weeks ago i should say

FakeologistToday at 7:34 AM

@JRAdams857 she certainly isn’t an anonymous person…
What’s up guys & gals?! Welcome to my channel where you can watch my moto-adventures with friends. I ride a 2015 Triumph Street Triple R all over California,…

farcevalueToday at 7:34 AM

@JRAdams857 Thanks for posting these. I am sorry for your loss. I hope I am fortunate enough eulogized in a similar way, sincerely and personally.

FakeologistToday at 7:34 AM

Would you say she’s “in the media” if she had 10,000 subscribers?
I’ll have to look into this one bud.
She’s talking about essential oils – is this how you knew her? How I Lost my Mom – YouTube…
She certainly knows how to market her top half.
@JRAdams857 the idea that the coroner thought she was 33 sounds ridiculous – do you think a known youtuber is going to ride around without a licence? How are you sure she died?
They know the exact model of the bike (from a registration I’d assume) yet they can’t get her age right?



xileffilexToday at 8:11 AM

A real person. That’s all we can say.…
141.1k Followers, 864 Following, 527 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Annette Carrion (@annettecarrion)

JRAdams857Today at 9:29 AM

@Fakeologist I don’t understand the correlation between the bike and her age? Is it easier for media to get an age right but not a bike make and model? She may have had a lot of subscribers but she didn’t have an agent or publicist so no she wasn’t in the media. The original article didn’t say she was 33 ( which she was) it said she was 23. The article has been changed.
But her age of 33 and being somewhat known in a small niche of a sub culture, and dying makes for another interesting study on how her death could be perceived to be fake by people who didn’t know her. She was unfortunately wrapped up in a cheesy, superficial worldly culture that myself and family did not identify with. She put herself out on the YouTubes so I don’t mind discussing that aspect. She was my wife’s friend….but not through motorcycle culture.(edited)

dave jToday at 10:36 AM

@JRAdams857 you are the text book definition of a SIck twisted piece of human trash , you are an example of the worst of the worst of mankind. you bring demons into others lives for no reason but your own selfish pleasure. You and things like you make me sick. and that goes for your BULLSHIT story as well(edited)





GaiaToday at 10:38 AM

ha, Crazy Dave confirms his name once again. Over a dead woman’s body, shame on you, sick fuck.



xileffilexToday at 10:46 AM

She looks like an ideal new-lifer to me from that story and all the photos. Who’s seen any dead body?

JRAdams857Today at 10:47 AM

@dave j Who is this person?
@xileffilex um no.

GaiaToday at 10:48 AM

@xileffilex real people do die. But maybe John is lying to us. Come on man, leave the suspicion for suspicious stuff.

JRAdams857Today at 10:49 AM

I don’t care. People can say what they want none of my business what they think or if they think I’m lying, I’ll just be analyzing the bizarre comments

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 10:50 AM

@dave j is a “spiritual murderer and deceiver”



JRAdams857Today at 10:52 AM

I’ve never spoken to DaveJ and I don’t know him. So for him to address me in that way without ever speaking to me is very rude.


It’s so funny to me that when someone has there entire life online….that means they faked their death, but if they very little information online that means they also faked their death.

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 10:57 AM

It’s funny to me that if you know someone who died that that makes you “human trash”

JRAdams857Today at 10:58 AM

I knew this would be fun
I know you know someone who died Mason….asshole

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 10:59 AM

This kind of behavior makes me question what I’m doing around here



JRAdams857Today at 10:59 AM

I love you

JRAdams857Today at 11:00 AM

Not in a gay way

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 11:01 AM


JRAdams857Today at 11:04 AM

Notice Davej is not responding.


Davej is fake

FayeToday at 11:05 AM

fake and loud



dave jToday at 11:14 AM

BY the way SCUMBAG you are the one that Decided your would bear your Bullshit “death” story to @everyone . WHAT kind of SCUMBAG does that ? @JRAdams857 is the type for sure(edited)

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 11:14 AM

@dave j you are falsely witnessing @JRAdams857 as a scumbag, you deceiver you, he is not a bag of any kind.

GaiaToday at 11:15 AM

Spitual murder, that’s quite unpleasant, to spit someone to death…

dave jToday at 11:17 AM

THe rest of you silly lapdancers no one and certainly not me was talking with you. SO bugger off

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 11:17 AM

I’ve heard this guy speak once and knew all of his cliches

dave jToday at 11:17 AM

Yet you will still talk

GaiaToday at 11:20 AM

is upset John addressed the news to everyone and then addresses his reaction to everyone, logic is not really your strong point, is it, Davy? Oh well, spelling and reason aren’t either, nor are social skills. But you may be a good husband, that could be.

JRAdams857Today at 11:22 AM

What a clown


Keep going , please.

dave jToday at 11:24 AM

@JRAdams857 you are the worst kind of human trash period Nothing you ever do nothing you ever say, think or feel will change that fact.

JRAdams857Today at 11:25 AM

Thank you. Please keep going
No I insist, ad hominem attacks are my favorite kind:sleeping:
Dave…you still there?

GaiaToday at 11:26 AM

coming from the best kind of human trash period, it’s a badge of honor

JRAdams857Today at 11:27 AM

Dave? I’m afraid Dave….

GaiaToday at 11:28 AM

@JRAdams857 “enjoy”:…
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, s…

dave jToday at 11:29 AM


NotSoFreeMasonToday at 11:30 AM

If you enjoyed Dave’s insights checkout his YouTube

GaiaToday at 11:32 AM

For a God-fearing citizen, he’s quite aggressive, but maybe he believes he does Jesus’ work on the Flat Earth… Happy Easter, Dave, your hero probably wasn’t rising from the dead today.(edited)

dave jToday at 11:38 AM

@JRAdams857 is a BULLSHIT artist and a LIAR as is his BULLSHIT story he is spreading it is a Obvious HOAX period. HE is a purveyor of the worste that human interaction has to offer. He and people like him are the dung,. His wifes “friend” yeah Bullcrap Nobdy died and nobody got hurt with regard to this BULLSHIT he is spreading. When will you Trolls ever learn(edited)
Dont you have Morning to do scumbag ??? should you be comforting your wife after her “loss” yet you troll here isnt edit neat scumbags(edited)

GaiaToday at 11:40 AM

isn’t it a bit early to be drunk, dave? What have you offered humanity apart from these silly “insults”? Oh yeah, “war is a hoax” and “the Moon is a hologram”. Really sharp insights, man, we owe you.



JRAdams857Today at 11:40 AM

Thanks to Gaia and Mason for being my paid shills to back up my fake story. I have to go to my fake job now to meet my CIA handler. I’m sure I’ll get reprimanded because I wasn’t able to thwart Davej’s attacks. Dave obviously is too good at logic and debate for me to handle….his way of greeting people he’s never spoken to is quite warm and fuzzy. Have a nice day everyone!:thumbsup:



GaiaToday at 11:40 AM

sumbag :smile:



FayeToday at 11:41 AM

strange agenda ..
discredits john adams, JLB (by trivializing his arguments), the notion of fakery, life and death, himself… – very strange agenda



GaiaToday at 11:44 AM

it shows; never have a lobotomy when on LSD…

FayeToday at 11:45 AM

strange answer gaia :smiley:
up for a chat ?

GaiaToday at 11:45 AM

it’s the agenda, the CIA handler just ordered me to write that. Sorry.


yeah, I can make some time :wink:

FakeologistToday at 11:48 AM

@dave j is harsh with his pronouncements but I’m sure @JRAdams857 can handle it. Nobody knows for sure what happened and I simply question whatever we see in the media. My friend whose body I did see has never been named in any media and his death was on a public road.



FayeToday at 11:49 AM

agree @Fakeologist and that is why i do not accept daveJ’s attitude: it discredits this discussion

FakeologistToday at 11:49 AM

That said @dave j please stop the ad hominems. We are civil here despite disagreements.

JRAdams857Today at 11:50 AM

Dave is awesome

FakeologistToday at 11:52 AM

I noticed there weren’t any rips on her YouTube when I perused this morning. @JRAdams857 how do you know this is real?

FayeToday at 11:53 AM

@Fakeologist join us in room 33 please to talk about it with @JRAdams857

dave jToday at 12:01 PM

Ban me Otherwise do not tell me what words to use that is the choice you can make

FayeToday at 12:01 PM

dave jToday at 12:01 PM

I will never have a civil chat with a LIAR and false witness of death period
i do plan a video on this BULLSHIT death hoax that @JRAdams857 is pushing it is nothing but bullshit and he knows it, SO instead of comforting his “wife” in this time he is one this chat? what kind of troll does that, wait troll thats right he being a troll is doing what he does best

GaiaToday at 12:03 PM

@dave j what is your evidence John is a LIAR?

dave jToday at 12:04 PM

the story is BUllshit that is the proof Of course you know No truth (by your own words)so this is not for you. You are just a lapdancer

GaiaToday at 12:05 PM

“the story is BUllshit that is the proof” circular reasoning much?

dave jToday at 12:05 PM

It is a 7 story and the 33 is the signature
SO BAN me if you want to but NEVER tell me what to say or how to say it. YOU can protect the liars because they are always plyable I am not
YOU wonder why you will never be truly free of the Lies, because you protect and promote the liars above the truth

GaiaToday at 12:08 PM

The Tennessean
The Titans honored longtime fan Heather Melton, wife of one of the Las Vegas shooting victims, prior to their game Sunday against the Houston Texans.

dave jToday at 12:11 PM

it is because of all the pussy footing around and “tolerance” of liars that has allowed the LIES to get so big as to become so called REALITY. it is those that COmfort the liars that are to blame as much as the Liars themselfs

napoleon wilsonToday at 12:11 PM

fuckin aye
put that in quotes

dave jToday at 12:13 PM

right on
this is the note I left on the Last video posted by the scumbag Liar Trollop known as Annette Carrion and I quote “Hi you silly Trollop, Nice death hoax story 7/33 aka HOAX BS. Nobody died and Nobody got hurt including you Dirtbag



JRAdams857Today at 12:35 PM

Good job Dave discredit Fakeologists and Hoaxbusting more….:thumbsup:(edited)

napoleon wilsonToday at 12:42 PM

i missed all this thought id add my views
be good to old people
that is all

dave jToday at 12:45 PM

@JRAdams857 your last comment proves me to be right about you. IT is for all to see who care too

JRAdams857Today at 12:53 PM

I think your Pizza Pie is ready in the microwave

EllisDee33Today at 12:57 PM




dave jToday at 1:00 PM

Video of this Lame hoax is uploading now
I will link it once it processes… here is the Video covering the HOAX of Annette A. Carrion, ANYONE claimng that She died is in fact a Spiritual Murderer and of course it goes without saying that in fact and in deed Nobody died and Nobody got hurt.(edited)

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 1:07 PM

I’m sure you put a lot of hard research into this video in the last half hour @dave j



dave jToday at 1:08 PM

@NotSoFreeMason IF you claim she died you are in fact a Liar a Spiritual Murder and a Piece of human Trash as well. You would do well to keep your mouth shut and do work yourself.

GaiaToday at 1:10 PM

“you are not even a man, you are a thing”, @JRAdams857 how does it feel to dehumanize people, @dave j ? Makes you feel superior?

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 1:11 PM

Everyone died
Is that what you consider work, @dave j ?
You live in a Nerf world @dave j

JRAdams857Today at 1:42 PM

Who’s Davej again?

napoleon wilsonToday at 1:43 PM

im ben hur

HoaxbusterToday at 1:47 PM

Is this a David Icke video?



dave jToday at 1:48 PM

no its my video

HoaxbusterToday at 1:49 PM

The Streamer Bot wants to debate the video



xileffilexToday at 2:42 PM

“This is what a real death looks like…a case study for real death” JFK and Diana deaths were more credible(edited)



NotSoFreeMasonToday at 2:57 PM

@xileffilex what do you find to not be credible about this death?

napoleon wilsonToday at 3:04 PM

you got to laugh though he called gaia a lapdancer

smjToday at 3:06 PM

Yep. The lapdancer thing is funny.

xileffilexToday at 3:35 PM

@NotSoFreeMason enjoy! [but not too much]… Fast and furious

FakeologistToday at 3:43 PM

I like @dave j calling out her “half-shirt”

napoleon wilsonToday at 3:44 PM

he should have carried on up
im out till i have a looked into it and im not gonna
too crazy now
personal attack or not im done with media sorry boys
fer now
ill adress anything before 94

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 3:56 PM

@xileffilex so her apparent attractiveness is what makes her death less credible than JFK and Diana? I agree that she was far more attractive than them but that doesn’t make it fake. Hot chicks die…ugly ones too.

xileffilexToday at 3:57 PM

No, it s the same old shit. You don’t even seem to have got onto the baby hoax stage of JLB’s pyramid.(edited)

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 3:58 PM


xileffilexToday at 3:58 PM

JLB’s so busy at the tope that he himself can’t see baby cricket hoaxes.



napoleon wilsonToday at 3:58 PM

pyramids the hoax

napoleon wilsonToday at 4:00 PM

sound l ron hubbard

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 4:00 PM

Jon le bon pyramid is your evidence?
Worse than @dave j at least he was throwing around numbers
Where’s unreal? I think we need to wrap this Fakeologist bunking up with some EGI to really seal the deal

napoleon wilsonToday at 4:03 PM

hahaha masons gone nuts .awesome
i do this
go on son
stand by your guns you have a voice and your a clever cunt

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 4:04 PM

I don’t give a fuk



napoleon wilsonToday at 4:05 PM

this makes alot more sense now
passion is good
what a day
think ill roll one

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 4:06 PM

I’m ahead of ya @napoleon wilson



mahatma coatToday at 4:16 PM

one of my younger sisters died in a traffic accident when she was a small child, was that a fucking hoax too? i’m cynical of things, but some idiots are cynical to the point of mental illness. People die. Get a fucking grip.

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 4:18 PM

People on the internet are invincible though @mahatma coat only sims die

mahatma coatToday at 4:19 PM

every fucker’s a sim, like i said, mentally ill



SilverbeamToday at 4:20 PM

A better analogy than the pyramid in regards to levels of knowledge is the circle with the centre point. The circle, and any given point along it, represents all possible realities and the centre point the observer. Varying points of view are represented by lines drawn from the centre to the edge of the circle. As long as one accepts as true any one point of view, one is limited by that point of view and its relationship to any other point of view you have attached yourself to. The sceptic doesn’t need to rest on or attach himself to any one point of view, thus ruling out certain others, he is able to look from his perspective in the centre down any number of points of view and see clearly where they lead and upon which assumptions they would need to be based. He is free to experiment with various points of view and their potential relationships. It is my view that the very centre point, even deeper than the reality of the self, is the reality of God’s existence and his creative power to manifest the whole thing. This is why atheism is such a lynchpin of scientism, once you eliminate that very centre point of Truth, the self is lost, searching within an insane matrix of possible viewpoints that are largely absurd.(edited)

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16 thoughts on “Is this event real?

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  2. Vespadouglas

    is mr adams going to the funeral?……when is it?…..there may be a spectacular 2 wheel cortege , or it may be private…..or a rapid (as per moslem tradition) service thats already happened

      1. Vespadouglas

        tbh ab ive never considered contacting HBCo in many years of listening……make way for k

    1. UNreal

      @Vespadouglas, @ab, @everyone

      As mentioned in the forum topic discussion (here), the funeral for Annette A Carrion is to be held tomorrow* the 7th mars.

      Also both of Annette Carrion’s parents passed away recently, her father no more than 2½ weeks ago. The curious part is that Fernando Carrion (AA Carrion’s father) will be buried first today*.

      *AA Carrion funeral services will be held tomorrow april 7th at Fairhaven Memorial Park Mortuary (1702 Fairhaven Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705)

      *Fernando Carrion’s funeral (AA Carrion’s father) is held today – april 6th 2018 – at Montecito Valley View Chapel (3520 E. Washington Street, Colton, California)

  3. gaia

    So, what do we have as criteria, what is the toolbox for the Fakeologists who went on the rabbit trail to question the validity of this particular story:

    – because other car crashes or downfalls from mountains were presented big time in big mass media outlets like FOX and CNN, that makes this story fake too
    – because this Annette Carrion has a funny sounding name, it means her death is fake
    – because this hot chick had a pretty successful (according to the views and subscriptions) channel at YouTube, her death is faked
    – because she died aged 33, her death is faked
    – because, well, you know, everything is faked, so this too, stop thinking, go full nihilistic autist attic mode and see if the mud sticks

    against the elementary logic of:
    – motorcycles are pretty dangerous machines if you do not handle them well
    – accidents on curvy roads can and will happen
    – someone having a presence (even not that big) on YouTube doesn’t say anything by itself
    – people die and people die at different ages, 33 not excluded
    – people can have funny sounding names, that happens in life
    – a case not propagandized by the big mass media, just a footnote in some local paper and that alone, no GoFundme shite, no tearless jerking videos, no big-time “we need to ban motorcycles” agenda

    What is worse, a “normie”, a Disneyland media believer, who is comfortable in his/her own armchair consuming all the stories as real, or the extreme “Fakeologist” who does the opposite but actually the same; just assuming that all the stories out there are fake, no matter what, no critical thinking, no reconsideration?

    I would say the second. Because “we” should know better.

  4. Terran Downvale

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet so sorry if these questions have already been addressed.

    @JRAdams857 Was this lady a friend of your wife’s in real life or just online? How did she meet her acquaintance? Also, you wrote:

    JRAdams857–Today at 9:29 AM [I’ll let that 9/11 go as a genuine coincidence, lol]

    She was unfortunately wrapped up in a cheesy, superficial worldly culture that myself and family did not identify with.

    Is it possible she was “wrapped up” in something else as well? She’d already licensed her image to Redline Ravens to be used as needed. Is it beyond the stretch of your skeptical imagination that your wife may have been befriended by a media pawn? And that her number was called up precisely because of her connection to you, a known figure in the fakeology community, in order to foment division?

  5. Terran Downvale

    Hmmm… so Carrion became roadkill? She certainly has the appearance of a fake “internet personality” character from her Instagram. And she’s got enough “hidden messages” there to give ol’ Russianvids a massive coding boner. The red & black Satan cycle, One-eyed helmet graphic, Orange County, Triple R (R=18=666 or 1+8=9, inverted 6). And the link to an ARKON mount which is rather suggestive, lol. As in empty Archon-hosting vessel?

    And take a look at this other California cliff-diving vehicle story from the same day:…

    Lemmings come to mind. That tragic car crash tale features the famous Hart family (Parkland Valentine’s massacre reinforcement programming?) with the missing and presumed dead including Dontae, the cop-hugging little crying boy whose photo went viral during the Ferguson protests in 2014:…

    With later accusations that it was staged:…

    1. Terran Downvale

      Correction: That’s Devonte, not Dontae. Adopted son of the two-mom Hart family. Reportedly, the crash is a suspected murder-suicide after investigations by Child Protective Services. Been seeing lots of abused and neglected kid stories recently, the most notable being that of the infamous Turpin family (the narrative of which included a hidden turnip theme). Can’t see any other immediate connections to the Carrion story, but two tragic tales of California folks’ vehicles running of the road appearing back-to-back like that does raise and eyebrow.

    2. Terran Downvale

      Another April 2 cliff-diving lemming story. This time from the Olomana Trail in Hawaii, which is surely picturesque and curvy (like Carrion and the Ortega highway):…

      This victim also has similar pinup model looks. Olomana translates to “divided hill.” Seems to be lots of division and sorting going on in the world today. And now in the “truth community!”

      EDIT: And it appears “Nathan Stow-ell” was a biker himself:…

      Last post before his death reads “TOUGH YEAR. THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE NOT ACTORS”:…

  6. Dave J

    This is a hoax story nobody died and nobody was hurt. So then the question is why and what is this “John Adams” role in the LIE. His False claims to KNOW this so called person and thus injecting himself into a Media HOAX can not be ignored. SO what sanction will follow. Does this person just go on as before ? What type of house cleaning needs to take place when deception of the most Permanent kind is revealed . This John Adams Char-actor Lied and bore False witness of death. I for one care not to hear of or from this Liar ever again. It really is about time you all clean house of the KNOWN liars this page attracts if you ask me.

    SO then you have this Fraud. And with all due respect to the collective intelligance of the room, should have known he was Deceiver from the get go. Anyway He comes on to this site to spread false witness of “DEATH” instead of comforting his “wife” after her so called friend dies in a Tragic Motorcycle accident.(of course keep in mind it went from Him knowing her to his wife knowing her….yada yada) Then when called out folds like a cheap suit. SO then LOOK at the actions of the Liars and ask yourself if thier actions are consistant with the words and witness they spread. IN this case “John Adams” so called is a Fraud a Liar and the lowest form of Human trash.

  7. John le Bon

    Annette Carrion.

    A Net Carry On

    A carry-on (commotion) on the net (internet).

    A truther war.

    2018’s answer to the TransAsia plane crash.

    This is just too good. Rolled gold comedy. Well done, whoever (or whatever) is behind this.


    And she was aged 33. On her way to ‘Orange’ County. Oh yes, of course. Conspiracy candy, like an Easter egg hunt, leading us down the rabbit hole. What time of the year do we await the Easter bunny?

    “Picturesque, curvy Ortega Highway is the site of many fatal crashes, often involving motorcycle riders.”…

    And right below that line in the article about the highway being ‘picturesque and curvy’, we see a photo of A Net Carry On looking seductively ‘picturesque and curvy’.


    Oh, do behave!

    A Net Carry On was one of the three girls involved in the Redline Ravens.

    “Our optimal goal is to encourage others to lead an active lifestyle, with an emphasis towards inspiring women, from all walks of life to gain confidence in male dominant industries and to promote a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect between all riders.”

    Make of that what you will. Note that there are only two comments on their ‘about’ page.

    Do I believe this event is ‘real’ or that it ‘actually happened’?

    I am open-minded. The kosmos can behave in very syncy ways. Real things can happen which might seem on the surface to be too ‘coincidental’ to be true.

    If we are to accept this story on face value, however, then it may finally be time to wash our hands of all Baby Hoaxes. The same sorts of markers which ‘truthers’ and other people would usually identify as evidence of hoaxery are littered throughout this story about A Net Carry On.

    Were it not the esteemed John Adams presenting this story to Fakeologist, would a single person here believe it? Let’s be honest: certainly not. It would be written off as yet another case of media fakery with blatant hoax markers.

    If we cannot be honest with ourselves, why even bother?

    One more thing. I am hereby tipping the Baltimore Ravens to win Superbowl LIII.………

    If you find this comment interesting, consider visiting — the best place on the internet for those with eyes to see.

    1. UNreal

      Oh, just saw i missed the first name pun.. Athena backwards – aneht A

      Annette A. Carrion – Athena Carry On (phonetic anagram)

      (Athena on the Great Seal of California)


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