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Following the idea that if they make it a movie, it must be fake, we have this latest piece involving the Ted Kennedy 0;scandal”.

Is there any research out there on this one?

The lion of American liberalism Ted Kennedy went to Camelot in the sky in 2009.But he was unable to escape the stench of scandal that emanated from a car crash on Chappaquiddick Island on July 18, 1969.The tumultuous 1960s left the Kennedy family — and the nation — tattered.

Source: CHAPPAQUIDICK: An American tragedy | Toronto Sun

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3 thoughts on “It’s a movie now

  1. gaia

    “Is there any fakery research out there on this one?”

    By the time Bobby died, Teddy was not interested in living underground. He wanted to live out his life in the Senate, doing nothing. But concerning Chappaquiddick, we have more clues. There, Teddy was the fall guy, covering for someone else. Remember that this was the summer of 1969, only a year after Bobby’s fake death. Mary Jo Kopechne had been a campaign worker for Bobby, and she was very attractive. Thin and blonde, just what Bobby liked. There is now a picture of her on the internet with Bobby and the “boiler room” girls. The other young women look uncomfortable, but she looks very comfortable, even wife-ish.
    What probably happened is that Mary Jo, after one too many gin and tonics at the party, threatened to tell the world the Kennedys were not dead, and that this was the one sin not pardoned. Bobby himself was present at the “reunion” party, since this was Kennedy territory, very remote and protected. None of the others at the party have ever said a word, and this is hardly surprising, since they didn’t want to end up like Mary Jo. Mary Jo was killed for the same reason Marilyn Monroe was: she couldn’t keep her mouth shut after the sex had ended and she was left to her pills and booze. Of course there is also the possibility they just relocated her. As JFK had wanted Mary Pinchot Meyer underground with him,
    maybe RFK wanted Mary Jo Kopechne underground with him.

    Miles Mathis – Hidden Kings (the Kennedies)

  2. Faye

    The film is scheduled to be released on April 6, 2018, by Entertainment Studios.…

    Also releated:
    Blow Out
    by Brian de Palma, 1981

    The film alludes to elements of the Watergate scandal and the JFK assassination.[9] The film also recalls elements of the Chappaquiddick incident,[7][9] although De Palma intentionally tried to downplay the similarities.


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