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  1. UNreal

    @Terran Downvale

    The most important point on Lesta/Tesla is that he’s part of the contrived truth-movement with the habitual load of ‘hamsterwheeling’ and polemics.

    Agree that Lesta is JLB in itself seem improbable as both entities would more probably be scripted effort in some form of think-tank where the individual roles are impossible to define. The fact remain that when half-notorious entities enflame each-other over time we are looking at a pattern – not a reaction.

    When it comes to actor doubles, it would be logical that such a thing is in use – these individuals are life-time actors and probably proud of their craft and some more skilled than others. The mere fact there is an entity like Dallas Goldbug to act as a red herring for any such logical conclusion is a good indicator we are being played in the interest of a valuable ploy for the script-writers.

    Regarding language it is used in the same manner as numbers – it is a recurring observable element in the majority of PsyOps. In itself language as numbers represent corroborating evidence but it does not constitute proof by itself. From our perspective as alternative researchers it is nevertheless valuable clues as we are left very few facts to work with.

    From what i observe, alternative media and its most productive elements are invariably part of networks and loops that make them all look the same as the general media and part of the same interest group that since long know they need to lead the opposition as well – and they do. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

    For this reason Fakeologist is a unique outlet where grassroots amateurs have the opportunity to make their voice heard – but even here there is more and more focus from the same same think-tanks that give us JLB, Lesta Nediam, Hoax Busters, Globe busters, David Weiss, Jay Dyer, Miles Mathis, Mark Tokarski, John Adams, Jan Irvin, AA Morris, Crrow 777 etc.

    A little bit like Marcus Allen proved on these pages early on, many of the entities that are striving to gain traction use third party make-believers in the form of double aliases or planted members/fans*. This is not new of course but it is becoming more more prevalent* with the seemingly automatic spook commenting on youtube and elsewhere.

    *I’m not sure how many aliases someone like JLB uses on his own site and YT channel – but he seems to have quite a few imo.

    *Adam Miller just recently comes across as a plant as an exemple – disgenuine voice, message and slightly ‘drunk’ or sketchy – clearly drafted in the interest of John Adams (lol – maybe even the name is a pun here with A dame / A dames)

    1. John le Bon

      ‘Think-tanks that give us JLB’

      In your mind, is it possible that I am a one-man operation?

      Is it possible that I am conducting research, producing content, and running a website, all by myself?

      Or would that amount of work necessarily require a team effort (or some kind of superhuman), in your eyes?

    2. Terran Downvale

      Ugh. I really don’t have the energy to go on too much about this but I just need to make a few things clear. First of all, I don’t know about any of those other entities, only Lesta Nediam who I corresponded with A LOT for a number of years. If Lesta had a “think tank” then I was part of it, LOL. We discussed many ideas at length on a daily basis and I saw first-hand how he developed his ideas over the years. From what I know of him, Lesta is vastly different from any other “truther” out there. He has VERY specific ideas of what he believes is going on in the grand scheme of things and has developed his own lexicon, rules and concepts to describe it. If you’ve never corresponded with him or looked deeply into his work (much of which he seems to have chosen to make private at this point), you really have no idea about him and how grouping him in with any other band of characters is completely wrong. His basic ideology about the “Lie System” and its method of systematically withholding “sufficient proof” in an effort to train its audience into forming “unjustified beliefs” based on TRUST and “belief bias” (both of which are also cultivated by the lie system) are ABSOLUTELY GROUNDBREAKING and like nothing else that has been presented in the truth community. The level and depth of which he has attempted to explain things makes most other “truther” activity seem embarrassingly thoughtless and unsophisticated. Again, if you were familiar with the actual content of his work (most of which is sadly unavailable at this point), you would know what I’m talking about. In spite of his presently limited internet presence, one good thing is that he’s ALWAYS open to questions and discussion from ANYONE, just as long as you’re seeking genuine answers from him and not just trolling/harassing. You can easily find him on G+ and he will gladly direct you to where you can learn more about his concepts and explain them to you if you don’t understand them (they can get a bit lengthy, but are still pretty simple in essence). So if you’re really wondering about the enigmatic Lesta Nediam, I suggest contacting him directly instead of throwing around your suspicions on this site.

      As for the apparent “hamster-wheeling,” it seems you’re implying that his public conflicts with other “truthers” were somehow staged? Well, once again, I personally know them to be genuine. I was there when most of them began and escalated into long, drawn-out arguments and debates. One thing you have to understand is that Lesta has (or at least had on the past) LOTS of energy for debating with individual people. This actually ended up wasting LOTS of his time, in hindsight. But it was something he felt was important and could not resist engaging in. For example, that video by “Surfpurzel,”* LOL. I remember when she suddenly showed up in the comments for his videos, attacking him (and ME when I engaged her). I dunno WTF is going on with her but it seems she had some professional assistance in her video production. I think Anthony B determined that she’d worked on some kid’s TV series.

      Anyway, this was around the time when Lesta was making lots of videos about the Nepal earthquake, which I found very compelling, but overall made him an easy target from troublemakers who pummeled him (and me, at times) with the “LOL, so you’re saying EARTHQUAKES are fake now?” attack. And the reason they used this excuse to attack him is because, as I mentioned before, his unique and groundbreaking OTHER work describing and explaining the “lie system” (a concept many have since attempted to adopt and distort). So I strongly believe he was a legitimate case of someone being singled out and attacked (I was there). The reasons are many. He was just simply talking about things in a way no one else was, and most likely a more accurate and effective way than the usual DITRH, Peekay, Russianvids method of presenting weak arguments that could easily be picked off by debunkers (something he also got into some public spats with those characters about). I could explain more but it gets very complicated. I’m just trying to tell you that Lesta is different. And if you want to find this out first-hand, head over to G+ and try talking to him for any length of time. You’ll quickly see what I mean. And as for his problem with JLB, I think he made it pretty clear what the issue was. I see his video is now gone, but I believe he still has a G+ post explaining the problem at the top of his feed.

      *That Surfpurzel character also made attack videos about Benjamin Donkey and Anthony B. The common link between all of them is that they had personally insulted her. It was really quite petty, although she does seem to have links to some kind of “network” IMHO.

      1. John le Bon

        And as for his problem with JLB, I think he made it pretty clear what the issue was. I see his video is now gone, but I believe he still has a G+ post explaining the problem at the top of his feed.

        1) Does it not bother you that Lesta makes these attack videos against people like myself, and then removes the videos within a day or two?

        2) Speaking of Lesta removing videos, does it not strike you as odd that Lesta has removed the vast, vast bulk of his/her comment from both the YouTube and G+ pages? Dozens of not hundreds of videos gone. Why?

        3) Lesta’ s ‘problem with JLB’ has apparently been going on for months, and predated his recent complaint about the fact that all comments on my YouTube channel are automatically held in moderation (which is and was a rather petty thing to complain about).

        You are under no obligation to defend Lesta, of course. It is a shame that Lesta will not simply release a video or something to verify once and for all that we are not the same person. It would not be enough to shut up the retarded nuffies who believe in ‘teh troof movement’ and ‘teh paid shills’, but it would at least help certain well-meaning people to see that they have misread the situation, and perhaps recalibrate their conceptions of identity and trust (among other things).

        As you rightly point out, Lesta did some brilliant work back in the day. It is truly a shame to see what has become of Lesta. Defending and promoting ‘outer space’ as a real place? Attacking JLB of all people? Sad stuff.

        1. Terran Downvale


          1) Well, he’s been removing most all of his videos lately as you mentioned. In the past, he’s kept videos directed at specific people up for a while. I dunno exactly why he removes videos, but it may have to do with the comments he’s getting. You could ask him why he removed that particular video, but I imagine that would open things up to why he made it in the first place!

          2) Again, I don’t know why he made all those videos unlisted. Another thing you can ask him about! I do miss his videos but I think it may be that he’s just moved on from certain things. The whole “real vs. fake” dichotomy and all that. Also, way back during the Peekay/Truth Virus “truth bomb” days, he did predict that “truth talk” was going to be labeled as hate speech and forbidden online. And now we see what has happened with channels getting entirely wiped out for containing three strike-able videos based on this new criteria. So maybe he made his videos unlisted in anticipation of this?

          3) When you saw his video about you, did you let him know that his final comment not showing up was not about censoring him? His problem with you seems to be about how he thinks you’re stifling conversation, partly by requiring him to sign up for your site in order to continue your discussions, which is clearly something he does not want to do. It is disappointing to see things come to a halt because of that.

          As for his other problems with you, it seems to come down to him wanting you to explain yourself about certain things that he sees as possibly pandering to a certain audience you hope to attract to your paid site. Maybe he thinks it’s possible you don’t actually believe these things and he’s trying to determine what you do and don’t believe. In this case, it seems to be about the whole “synchronicity” issue. This is something I have certain ideas about for which I, too, still owe Lesta an adequate explanation. My avoidance is due to the amount of thinking I would have to do to explain it while my mind is very preoccupied with other things. But then, unlike you, I’m not running a paid site discussing these topics.

          As for the “space is real” thing, I personally can’t say I know for sure one way or the other. I think Lesta’s criteria for determining its “realness” makes sense in a certain way. He is always consistent with what he requires to form a “justified belief” so you have to give that to him. I’m a lot more wishy-washy when it comes to these things. I’m coming more around to the idea that reality is a lot more subjective than I had previously thought and that not everyone is “the same” when it comes to perception and experience (something you seem to have been alluding to yourself recently). But when it comes to the physical world observable by the five senses, Lesta’s criteria makes perfect sense.

          That said, I have a personal story about observing the ISS at an astronomy demonstration that plays into both belief biases simultaneously, potentially causing my psyche to stretch infinitely in both directions like some Huxley meets Einstein fever dream! So this bizarre reality has me caught in the middle when it comes to the “realness” of “outer space.”

          1. John le Bon

            His problem with you seems to be about how he thinks you’re stifling conversation, partly by requiring him to sign up for your site in order to continue your discussions, which is clearly something he does not want to do.

            I have offered Lesta an Honorary Membership to my site. Full access for free. This is not an offer I make to many people. As I explained to Lesta, there are several members on my site who would love to interact with Lesta further, and to see myself and Lesta collaborate in a collegiate fashion — even if via civil disagreement. Lesta has declined this generous offer.

            So who is ‘stifling conversation’? Certainly not me.

            Maybe he thinks it’s possible you don’t actually believe these things and he’s trying to determine what you do and don’t believe.

            1) Why does it matter to Lesta whether or not I believe certain things?

            2) I can tell you right now that I do not believe in ‘outer space’ and will instantly lose intellectual respect for you and anybody else in this scene who still does. That said, I won’t make videos singling you out for criticism or opprobrium, the way Lesta has done to me. Do you understand the difference?

            3) You know full well that there is merit to the field known as ‘Sync’. We have even corresponded about the syncs involved in the car plough event of 2017.* Lesta’s dismissal of sync is almost as embarrassing as his/her promotion of ‘outer space’.

            But when it comes to the physical world observable by the five senses, Lesta’s criteria makes perfect sense.

            And which of your senses lead you to conclude or infer that there exists a place where things (even people) can just float around endlessly – not due to buoyancy in water, but due to a lack of matter; not due to anti-gravity, but due to a lack of the force we call gravity?

            None of them. Your senses do not support such an absurd notion.

            Lesta is trying to take on the world’s leading empiricist and skeptic on my own home turf. And for what? Look how Lesta has embarrassed him or herself, in a futile attempt to discredit me. Even if Lesta were to somehow succeed in discrediting me, what would be the ultimate outcome? Think through this for a moment: what good could possibly come from Lesta’s current behaviour?

            I appreciate that you are a fan of Lesta’s and feel grateful for the good work Lesta used to do, and the positive impact it had on your thinking. I too used to be a fan of Lesta, and to this day remain grateful for benefits I derived from Lesta’s work. I am also thankful for you taking the time to write such a detailed reply to me, here on Fakeologist.

            With all of that said, let’s be honest and serious for a moment: Lesta is currently blazing a Jeff C style trail of self-destruction. ‘Outer space’? Really? Picking a fight with JLB about ‘outer space’, and taking the position that ‘outer space’ is real? This is up there with Jeffrey deciding to pick a fight with me about the shape of the earth. Jeffrey never recovered from that, and I fear that Lesta will never recover from this.

            Difference is, Lesta used to do groundbreaking work. Jeffrey was always a clown, it just took some of us an embarrassing amount of time to realise it. The longer this goes on with Lesta, the more embarrassing it will be when even his/her staunchest fans admit that Lesta has lost the plot.

            *Speaking of which, I apologise sincerely for never getting back to you. I no longer have access to my JLBExtra YouTube account. I was locked out of it months ago and there is no way to log back in. The phone number I used to verify that account is gone. In other words, I cannot access those PMs any more. If you would like to discuss that matter or any other, please email me. I have some stuff I would be delighted to share with you, including a video which was partly based on some of your own findings.

  2. Vespadouglas

    i got to the part in the video when the narrator started quoting scripture and talking about spirits…..do people really buy that

  3. xileffilex

    Has John [le Bon] ever spoken with Lesta? Why does Lesta seem incapable of the spoken word? My working hypothesis is that they are one and the same, arguing with each other.

    Prove me wrong. I have no dog in the race.

          1. gaia

            True, there is no video (still) on xfiles… It was either him or Faye (also no video yet)…

            Great channel man. It’s good fun.

    1. UNreal


      As you point out in the exemple of JLB/Lesta Nediam – there is a lot of what can be called “hamsterwheeling” in the alternative truther scene. Just as in mainstream news, the many contrived entities in ‘alt-news’ are incessantly looking for more buzz and create multiple in-fights and stereotype false “fans” and polemic commenters in order to stir up attention with not much really being proposed in terms of valid research.

      Regarding Lesta Nediam and JLB there is an uncanny similitude in graphics and presentation that tend to support your humble suspicion. Also – both entities feed off each other. And if JLB is behind LN – they feed of us as well..lol

      It might not be evident at first sight, but the choice of the “Lesta Nediam” pseudonyme also point towards a cunning pun with an aftertaste of the superior intellect of Tesla and the researcher behind his unveiling as an invention (much like Lesta).

      Lesta Nediam – Tesla Maiden (direct anagram)

      Some might think of unveiling hidden encodings in names as just coincidences – but to insert such occult wordplay is in fact very essential to the group who lie and deceive us. It both gives their mission sense and reason, a feeling of purpose and it has a definite subliminal effect – even for those blind to occult language and double entendre.

      1. John le Bon

        Regarding Lesta Nediam and JLB there is an uncanny similitude in graphics and presentation…

        Indeed. This has already been explained, multiple times.

        I admire(d) Lesta’s style and adopted some of his/her video-making techniques, particularly with regards to the use of contrasting colours on black backgrounds for added emphasis of key points.

        It was also Lesta’s comments on YouTube which led me to learn how to use the embolden and italicise functions on that platform.

        Once upon a time it was the case that I was quite happy for people to believe that I am/was Lesta. I used to greatly respect Lesta’s work myself. Lately, though, Lesta seems to have fallen off an intellectual cliff, and is now arguing that ‘outer space’ is real.

        Sad to see.

    2. Terran Downvale

      I can assure you all that Lesta and JLB are most definitely NOT the same person. How do I know this? To begin with, that ridiculous accusation first started at a time when Lesta was putting out a MASSIVE amount of work in both videos and G+ posts. JLB was also quite busy at the time with his lengthy YouTube hangouts and other work. There is simply no possible way a single person was doing all of this!

      The fact that Lesta had the energy to do everything he did was an amazing feat in itself, let alone having the extra time and energy to maintain the “JLB persona” at the same time, LOL. Many of you may not be very familiar with Lesta, so what I’m saying won’t mean anything to you. But I followed his work very closely and was constantly amazed by the sheer volume and depth of it, so I KNOW the idea of him simultaneously playing an alternate personality is laughable.

      Secondly, I know through my online conversations with Lesta that he’s the last person to go around playing games like that. His whole ethos is based on a vehement opposition to such things. Hence his confrontations with shady, game-playing “truthers” like Jeff C, Peekay, Russianvids and DITRH. I know Dave J isn’t very popular around here. Well, it was Lesta who originally called him out on his “Tony Abbott is Tony Blair” nonsense, offering him a custom-made video clearly showing the two men meeting and shaking hands at a publicly televised event. Feel what you want about Lesta. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But the idea that he and JLB are the same person is as outrageous as Tony A = Tony B.

      And no, he doesn’t speak in his videos. Some people just don’t want to broadcast their physical voices to the world. Neither do I! And, of course, I’ve been accused of being Lesta’s alter-ego on many occasions myself, LOL. And UNreal, names with possible hidden meanings don’t necessarily equate malevolent shenanigans. I chose a stupid name based on a stupid word puzzle myself because I thought it was clever and wanted to make a statement with it. It seems silly and unnecessary now, but that’s where my mind was at the time I chose it. Anyway, just offering my perspective here as someone more familiar with Lesta than the rest of you, so take from it what you will.

      1. xileffilex

        The acid test would be to send them both up to the ISS to give Gino a break from space experiments. They don’t need to speak. Nationalparksign could lend them a guitar prop, I’m sure.

    3. John le Bon

      My working hypothesis is that they are one and the same, arguing with each other.

      And if you are ever proven wrong, will you own up to it, admit that you are not as smart as you thought you were, and apologise for your false accusations against an innocent person(s)?

      In other words, do you still understand the concept of honour?

      1. xileffilex

        Oh no, my “tampered” hypothesis knocked fort six out of the MCG. Back to the drawing board, then. When are you going to interview John Adams again, seeing that Lesta is incommunicado? He’d love to talk big bikes, rather than the usual logical fallacy stuff.


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