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GaiaYesterday at 7:51 PM

The French name Carrion first arose during the Medieval period in Normandy. It is derived from when the family having lived at Cairon in Calvados, which was in Normandy. Early Origins of the Carrion family The surname Carrion was first found in Normandy (French: Normandie), the former Duchy of Normandy, where they held a family seat in the seigneurie of Cairon in Calvados, in the arrondissement of Caen, in the canton of Creully. Guillaume de Caron is the first on record, living in 1086 and Eudo, his father, is mentioned as living in Cairon at some unknown time before him. Cairon is 15 km southeast of Ryes. www.houseofnames.com/carrion-f…
Learn about the Carrion Family Crest, its Origin and History. Where did the Carrion surname come from? Where did the family branches go?
Carrion refers to the carcass of a dead animal. Carion’, Carrion or Carrión may also refer to: Geography Carion, Madagascar, former name of Nandihizana Carrión (river), a river in Spain Carrión de Calatrava, a municipality in central Spain Carrión de los Céspedes, a municipality in southern Spain Carrión de los Condes, a municipality in northern Spain People Adolfo Carrión, Jr., a Bronx politician Alejandro Carrión, an Ecuadorian writer and journalist Benjamín Carrión, an Ecuadorian writer Clodoveo Carrión Mora, an Ecuadorian naturalist Daniel Alcides Carrión, a Peruvian doctor who described Oroya fever Enrique Carrión, a Cuban boxer Jerónimo Carrión, an Ecuadorian president Jerónimo de Carrión (1660-1721), Spanish composer Noemí Carrión, a Spanish singer and actress Pedro Carrión, a Cuban boxer Arts, entertainment, and media Fictional entities Carrion (comics), a villain in Spider-Man comics Carrion Road, a fictitious road associated with deaths connected to bullet smuggling, in The Hollow Point (2016) Carrion, former name of Poltergeist (band), a Swiss power thrash metal band 0;Carrion”, a from Fiona Apple’s Tidal (album) “Carrion” a song from Horizons (Parkway Drive album) “Carrion/Apologies to Insect Life”, a song by the band British Sea Power en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrion_…
Carrion refers to the carcass of a dead animal. Carion’, Carrion or Carrión may also refer to:

GaiaYesterday at 8:08 PM

“Jerry Springerologist”, thanks @delcroix

are constructs, they don’t exist in nature” @farcevalue :ok_hand:






smjYesterday at 8:49 PM

in murican carrion means… www.dictionary.com/browse/carr…

GaiaYesterday at 8:58 PM

In the 17th century, Lucas Fernández de Piedrahita wrote of the habit of the Laches in bringing up younger male children as culturally female. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lache_pe…
The Lache were an indigenous, agrarian people in the highlands of what is now central Colombia’s northern Boyacá and Santander departments, primarily in Gutiérrez Province and García Rovira Province. They were part of the Cocuy Confederation a…


GaiaYesterday at 10:20 PM

In February 1688, Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House in Tower Street was referred to for the very first time in the London Gazette. The article declared a reward for five stolen watches and encouraged anyone with information to contact Lloyd at his shop in the City. They were believed to have been taken by a rather insalubrious gent with ‘black curled Hair, Pockholes in his face, wearing an Old Brown Riding Coat, and a black Bever Hat’. It was an early sign of insurance, or at least reward. Nevertheless, what Lloyd’s coffee house specialised in was information about shipping. www.lloyds.com/about-lloyds/hi…

April 4, 2018

JRAdams857Today at 12:14 AM

Scientific American
A 150-year simulation of worldwide deforestation finds that tropical forests are carbon sinks and boreal forests contribute to warming



GaiaToday at 12:16 AM

In fact, according to this model, by the year 2100, if all the forests were cut and left to rot, the annual global mean temperature would decrease by more than 0.5 degree Fahrenheit.”

smjToday at 12:36 AM

Tree rings, nukes, Fermi, and c14 dating. Leona is the bitch standing next to leo szilard at the ci cago pile of shite of course… military.wikia.com/wiki/Leona_… .. Walk me thru this isotope shite one more time Gaia.(edited)
Military Wiki
Leona Woods (August 9, 1919 – November 10, 1986), later called Leona Woods Marshall and Leona Woods Marshall Libby, was an American physicist who helped build the first nuclear reactor and the…
Wild Bill was a Berkeley fuck when he invented c14 dating of course.

It’s getting late in murica. Maybe the world’s greatest sceptic can take over now?

GaiaToday at 1:08 AM


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