4 thoughts on “Vice on Hogg and “False Flag Hoaxers”

  1. xileffilex

    I was curious about the “Sandy Hook victim dies again” episode. How did it emerge?
    Seems like it was immediate, through this obscure 3 video channel at 0.44

    picked up quickly by Alex Jones, then David Icke, Cluesforum…. via [undated] Professor Doom1 channel [closed]

    quickly giving birth to this “hoax debunkers” channel within days….[dormant currently]

    It’s all looking very staged.
    Here’s the BBC footage from the same day, using UK=Pakistani boxing champion Amir Khan as the vehicle

    the original is here in better quality at 0.38, before it was blurred by the BBC, job having been done.

  2. UNreal

    @ricky – agree, this is a well planned set up.

    Predictably, the alternative media is represented by known agents and in this clip they have presented two different stereo-types* : Alex Jones the crazy, rich media mogul & Tony Mead, the level-headed grassroots Facebook fighter consumed by his online research.

    Not only does the set-up of the debate encourage online censorship, it also guides the attention of the public towards proprietary web-content on platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

    It is the open structure and searchable nature of the internet that has the potential to spread the access to knowledge on a wider scale, whereas proprietary content and applications does the contrary (FB, YT, Discord etc).

    A trend lately in alternative research seems to be the importance of video-material which i find most often lacking in documentation and as a research tool. In a way, a video represent the same closed loop as proprietary content on the internet as there most often are no links or documentation that address the material and research in the video*.

    The most overrated type of alternative research these days are surely the multitude of Youtube channels and associated personalities. Not only do many channels not have a basic website or even a Dropbox account – they don’t even save their work despite they upload it to a private company. Such poor logic indicates right out of the box one should not trust such content nor expect this type contribution to be any more sound than their online policy.

    *Side Thorn the journalist is also part of the all controlled “truther” & “hoaxer” movement – his acting is not very far from Alex Jones in credibility and the “documentary” footage is clearly not genuine nor the people in it

    *when a video do provide links and references or a text summary, it very seldomly adress all the talking points, names and events described

  3. ricky

    This smells like a setup towards another phase in the censorship process, we need to protect the “victims” of these “events” after all.


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