FAC450-Faye, Gaia, Dave J, Contrarious

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Faye and Gaia discuss pieceofmindful.com and its comments. An extensive conversation about the Simon Shack Tychos.info model of the cosmos.

Faye also has a fantastic conversation with Dave J.

Later Contrarious discusses Idiocracy and the curved Earth with Gaia and Exoteric64. Anounceofsalt also chimes in.

The social credit system in China is discussed.

War is with strategic relocation.

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31 thoughts on “FAC450-Faye, Gaia, Dave J, Contrarious

  1. John le Bon

    I listened to this entire audiochat.

    Regarding Faye and Gaia’s section

    Two hours dedicated to Faye diplomatically and unsuccessfully trying to explain to Gaia that his sudden jump to ‘maybe Simon is a shill after all’ is bizarre at best and outright moronic at worst. How can somebody go from promoting and defending Simon Shack’s new ‘model’ to implying that perhaps Shack is indeed a nefarious actor? One unsatisfactory email reply is all it takes? Yes, with people like Gaia, that is all it takes.

    The emotional maturity of pubescent children.

    Amazing that throughout this part of the call, no attention was paid to the ‘Tychos’ model itself, or the observations which supposedly underpin it. Typical ACT (alternative / conspiracy / truth) realm discussion: focus on the personalities and feelings, rather than the argument or concepts being put forward by the personality(s) in question.

    Let me repeat this one more time: you either believe that man can weigh the earth with heavy balls in a shed, or you do not. Period. The official cosmology rests on this simple question, and you either go with the herd, or you use your own mind and think for yourself. End of story.

    Regarding Mark Tokarski and Piece of Mindful

    Is it any wonder that so few people awake to media fakery dare to put their thoughts, voices and faces out there on the internet today? To do so is to invite the cretins of the ‘truther’ world to come out from the shadows and accuse one of all manner of nefarious deeds and/or intent. And for what? Not believing all of the same things as said cretins.

    Here’s the deal: there are sad, lonely people out there who get off on the idea that they are important enough for government shills to spy on and/or ‘disinform’. It validates their lifestyles and life choices. It justifies their abject failure in the system they resent for how it all turned out for them on a personal level.

    To Mark and others accused of all manner of things by said cretins, all I can say is this: if you want be involved in the ACT realm, this is par for the course.You will be accused by sad, lonely people of all manner of things. And your evidence will mean nothing to them, because these people have no honour, and cannot admit to themselves when they are wrong.

    They are like poorly-raised children in adult bodies.

    Regarding Faye and Dave J’s discussion

    This was enjoyable. Proof once again that Dave J is one of the soundest minds here at Fakeologist.com, and that he has insights to share with those who take the time to listen. Just refrain from bearing false witness to murder, and also refrain from claiming that things ‘cannot be known’, and you should be able to avoid causing Dave to ‘change his tone’. That way, good discussion can ensue. I hope to hear more chats like this in future.

    Regarding Contrarius

    Is this the same guy as ‘Cathexis’ from the YouTube ‘Flat Earth’ scene? Sounds just like him to me.

    Either way, it is a shame that a man as intelligent as this character, is so overwhelmed by egotistical insecurity. Constant self-contradictions: ‘You can’t prove anything’, shortly followed by, ‘and I can prove it’. At first it was puzzling, then comical, and by the end it was just plain sad.

    If you are going to pretend to have a consistent epistemological framework, and claim that others do not, then you would want to make sure you are well-versed in your own story. During this audiochat it became clear that Contrarius is either poorly-versed in his own story or — worse — simply making it up as he goes along, throwing big concepts out there to make himself feel/sound smart.

    It might work on the lemmings, but it won’t get past myself or those who have studied my series on logic.

    I selfishly hope that Contrarius can swallow his pride, admit to himself that he has yet much work to do in taming his ego (and overcoming his insecurities), and improve as a thinker and presenter. He touched on some important issues in this chat, and has (in my opinion) a likable speaking voice. I remain optimistic that this will be looked back upon as a learning experience for him.

    Thanks as always to Ab for facilitating this discussion.

      1. Dave J

        Rollo, I would love to get a dinner date set up for you, Tony A and Tony B, Then the two of you could have some nice drinks.

        1. Vespadouglas

          i suspect it would be more appreciated by rollo if you could arrange a candle lit liasion for him with mr bon

    1. gaia

      “I listened to this entire audiochat.”

      Apparently you listened, but not heard it. I didn’t call Simon “maybe a shill after all”.

      I share/promote his research and defend him doing it, that is not the same as defending the model per sé. That is a subtle difference. And like I said, I first want to understand the whole model and read the whole book to go into the content, which I touched upon in this chat.

      All in all, Simon has heard this audiochat and in the latest Clues Chronicle he covers some comments from our talk and the model itself and there is nobody who can explain it better than the author:

    2. simonshack

      John, your long post above is peppered with words like “moronic”, “pubescent / poorly-raised children” and “cretins”. I’d like to say that each one of those epithets can just as well be applicable to you and your antics. See, I had the misfortune to bump into your video (‘coincidentally’ published on March 21, i.e. the very same day as I published my Tychos website) moronically titled “SIMON SHACK’S TYCHOS MODEL – CROWLEY & SIRIUS”.

      As it is, when googling “Tychos Model Simon Shack”, your silly video – in fact, as many as 4 different links to it – now appear at the top of the search, while my Tychos website comes up as n° 5 in the search. Great “job”, John!

      I don’t think I need to explain to your (seemingly “well-schooled”) baby brain why this makes me think you are up to no good. Moreover, your claim that “Tycho Brahe never existed” ranks among the most cretinous things I’ve ever read / or heard on the internets. So, excuse my French, but from now on I will refer to you as John-le-Con.

      Sincerely yours


    1. John le Bon

      Do you expect the accusers to openly admit to being wrong, and apologise for their unfounded accusations? If so, you have high hopes for certain people who have displayed time and again that the concept of honour is foreign to them.

  2. tokarski

    Much said there that needs response, so I’ll give it a hack.

    One, I put up the blog post on Tychos to offer a discussion forum to those who follow our blog, wanting not to participate as I am not of a scientific bent. However, I did participate to this extent, that I had to defend myself against the true statement that I had not read the book. I still haven’t. I am waiting for a paper copy to come out. I cannot screen read, not because of bad eyes, but because doing so for some reason creates inner tension, as in “I want this to end!” For that reason I do not use Kindle, and when something long is posted that I want to read, I print it. I much prefer paper.

    Secondly, and I repeat, I do not trust Shack. Here’s a Tom Brown nursery rhyme that pretty well sums that up:

    I do not like thee, Doctor Fell,
    The reason why – I cannot tell;
    But this I know, and know full well,
    I do not like thee, Doctor Fell.

    Thirdly, as for similarities to flat earth, they exist: One, it’s a completely contrarian view of our solar system, and two, one of the objects of those who advance FE is simply to draw us into the discussion of something absurd, wasting our time. I simply avoid them as they will hit me with a long string of evidence for their case and ask me to refute it. That’s a strategy, nothing more.

    Fourthly, as to the value of five years labor, we have no idea how much time Dr. Fell spent or if he even wrote it. I do note that Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle lasted five years, and his conclusions turned out to be wrong. I don’t know what is right about origins of species, and am not a creationist, but know that Darwin was wrong. Five years schpive years.

    Fifthly, Faye, the fact that I was in Taos when I said ought to mean something. I had my camera with me and took a few photos, but the place was not too exciting. I decided after that I would not return to that town again, hot place, lots of bad food and touristy art and trinket places. I have asked one of the other participants for a photo of all of us at lunch. I have it somewhere, but cannot locate it. It may have come to me from somewhere else. I was going to show it to Alan Weisbecker (sp) to make the same case, and then did not as the guy was such an asshole that I felt no obligation to prove anything to him. You’re not in that category, but I have a feeling once you see the photo you will say that I cannot prove where it was taken.

    All of us attending paid $400. That was part of the deal. The guy seems to need the money, anyway, that was my take. His art, which was all about, is delightful, but not the kind of thing I can bring home, as it is usually of females in various states of dress, (mostly fully clothed) and not something a married man puts on his wall.

    By the way, I took heat for calling SC a “major motion picture,” quite rightly.

    Finally, MM and I had a brief email exchange earlier this week (that rarely happens), and I quote: “Shack contacted me this week, sending me his new book. I didn’t respond and sent it straight to trash. And you can quote me on that.”


    1. gaia

      Thirdly, as for similarities to flat earth, they exist: One, it’s a completely contrarian view of our solar system, and two, one of the objects of those who advance FE is simply to draw us into the discussion of something absurd, wasting our time. I simply avoid them as they will hit me with a long string of evidence for their case and ask me to refute it. That’s a strategy, nothing more.

      There are similarities between a banana and a fork, so that is not really an argument, Mark. And it is not the wording B. Müller used; (s)he said “it is flat earth in new clothes”.

      Flat Earth is not a model, it is not predictive, it simply cannot work, because the idea (or view as you call it) cannot explain observations everyone can make. To compare that to a model, a representation of reality, that TYCHOS intends to be, is not justified. And even less if by your own admission you “don’t read it”.

      Time can only be “wasted” by yourself, Mark, your own choice. I have spent a lot of time on Flat Earth, just to understand the madness, which I don’t see as time “wasted”, because I learned a lot from it.

      You call it “absurd”, which is quite interesting. Don’t you think that putting such a label on something you refuse to look into even for a little bit is a bit “absurd”?

      You say you “avoid” them, but actually not really, right? You dedicated a blog post on your own blog on the topic, you listened to an audio chat and now react here on the blog. I may miss out on the subtleties of the English language, but I wouldn’t really call that “avoiding something”, to be honest.

      1. tokarski

        I said “I am not of a scientific bent” and that I put up that post on the blog to allow a forum for our blog readers to discuss it, which they have. Is that direct enough for you?

        I know what wasting time is. When I am asked to spend my time in ways that I don’t want to spend my time, as in studying flat earth when I know it to be bullshit, I don’t do it. Same with Shack.

    2. Faye

      Mark, your text does not answer even one of the questions raised in my talk with Gaia, it only adds more irrelevant information and rabbit trails.
      I have no time for that booshit. 😉

      1. tokarski

        It answers in a direct manner what I heard. Are you referring to a different podcast?

        AB – would you be so kind as to delete that part of my comment referring to Phil P? It did not occur to me that I did not have permission to use his name as an attendee of the meeting. I am not in touch with him and have no such permission.

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  4. gaia

    Shownotes for those interested in following the chat with links:

    Faye – 16:32
    noun: model; plural noun: models

    a three-dimensional representation of a person or thing or of a proposed structure, typically on a smaller scale than the original.
    “a model of St Paul’s Cathedral”
    synonyms: replica, copy, representation, mock-up, dummy, imitation, double, duplicate, lookalike, reproduction;

    Dave McGowan:

    “Experience is the uniform and continuous
    multiplicity of knowledge.”
    Walter Benjamin

    Crash Carrion
    Contrarious Live:Out Of The Dark – Live & Recorded Episodes
    outsideradio.blogspot.ie/searc… oldies too
    Contrarious Live:Out Of The Dark 2 – Live & Recorded Episodes
    This Talkcast is an adjunct to the primary

    “B uy O ne G et O ne F ree”
    only it’s all free


  5. Vespadouglas

    how is it possible that so many people (particularly napoleon and franks mate, contrarious) can ramble on for so long without actually saying a fucking thing…..4chan and earth discussions type of shite

      1. Vespadouglas

        3 or 4 sessions and a little >>…….its all gone from weird to extremely weird weird here recently……fantastic entertainment from some extremely shite actors

    1. ab Post author

      Faye your style and content was most excellent this audio. Good job Gaia as well. Still listening…

  6. Dave J

    “I do not Promote myself expect when I do “dave” lives on a plane that means it has deviation called depth and or elevation. He does not know as much as he thinks he does. But if you speak without being questioned for hours at a time and have not really worked for 25 plus years what do you expect.

    1. Vespadouglas

      dude, youre on your eleventh yt channel and it never occured to you at ch10,9,8……that something was amiss…..what a pile of shite


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