Humboldt bus crash hoax: Bring on the tearjerkers

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A semi-trailer slammed into a bus carrying a youth hockey team in western Canada, killing 15 people and injuring 14 in a catastrophic collision that left a country and its national sport heartbroken. The crash sent shockwaves through the team’s small hometown.

Looking at the above picture makes any thinking person wonder how did two vehicles end up like this if it’s a T-bone crash? Do the skid marks match? Not at all. I’ve got plenty of tractor trailer crashes and none look like this.

Don’t bother looking at the details, we have the personal stories pouring out the media orifice now to take you off point.

Here’s Stephen “Wack”.

Brad McNamara, Wack’s strength and conditioning coach and friend, describes Wack as a “gentle giant” who had talent on and off the ice.

“He wasn’t just a hockey player, an amazing young man, but he was also very talented as well,” he said.

“He tried to evolve not just as an athlete, but he also evolved into an amazing videographer.”

Wack had an Instagram account devoted to his photography with 1,800 followers, one of whom is Riley Bagley, an amateur photographer from Missouri.

Source: Canada reels: 15 die when truck, hockey team bus collide – The Washington Post

Suspicious bus crashes thread

The Gofundme is going quite well. The team photo, as is normal for suspicious stories, is of a resolution I’d attribute to a Kodak disc camera (remember those? I do – I worked in a photo lab and the picture quality was awful).

Most camera phones have a resolution thousands of times better. Why can’t we have a detailed picture? The answer is because detailed faked composites can be blown up and picked apart by the fakeologist community.

I thought to myself today as I left the grocery store, being hit up for non-existent pocket change (I’m mostly digital money), how much money minor hockey costs – perhaps up to $5,000/year per player. Transportation costs must be heavy in the rural provinces. If they are raising real money, as in this gofundme, could this be one more possible reason to stage an event?

One of the first media sites to feature the story was the Washington Post, which references the Associated Press as a source. This coincides with the theory that most of these stories are American created psyOps, and are fed to their outlets.

At least 15 people are dead after a crash between a tractor-trailer and a bus carrying a Canadian junior hockey league team, a tragedy that struck at the heart of a tightknit city in rural Saskatchewan and immediately echoed through the hockey world and beyond.

At least one (real/unreal) commenter wondered why it was on the front 0;page” of an American outlet, and was quickly made the most lambasted comment.

This is a terrible tragedy. But this is front page on WaPo because…? I heard lot of young people died in Gaza, Syria and few other places. No coverage of that by Wang….but Canadian hockey players in Saskatchewan… there is front page news on WaPo. Mmmm,,,Do Americans know where Saskatchewan is? I do! Regina, Regina…

A young White kid with autism died in Tennessee at the hands of his own father. No analysis on that. Lot of autistic kids, and disabled kids, are getting murdered in the US, including by their adoptive parents, like the ones who drove their six kids over a cliff. No analysis on that.

So, WaPo does not work for Russia…but it now works for Canada? Lot of such news on Canada. I like Canadians…but lets not put Canadian White boys over other immigrants in the US Wang.
And any Canadian who responds to this write up with meanness…proves my point. Canada has racist White people too!

And any Canadian who responds to this write up with meanness…proves my point. Canada has racist White people too!

The fact that the Trump and Trudeau have elevated this story to the top of the media world is the reason I question the story.
Almost all major media stories are (somewhat, if not totally) fabricated. proved that the whole world can be fooled by an #HRDPAR, at the time and years later.

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  1. xileffilex

    Hoax management [or not] of the bus driver, Glen Doerksen.

    We have the usual celebration of his “passing” on and off during the present hockey season by his son and daughter, Cameron [who got married on Aug 25 2018] and Melissa, neither of whom responds to comments, e.g.
    18 September 2018
    James Pompu Melissa I’m James pompu you don’t me but I knew glen he was a man I grew up with glen in carrot river I’m so sorry for your loss so now me and a couple of my trucking buddies always have two honks for glen on every trip


    And Glen’s “widow” Karen has clammed up completely on her facebook account.…

    His sister-in-law Donna Ludwar seems to have been the most active around the time of the “crash”….…

    Donna Ludwar
    8 April ·

    Gone but never forgotten. Glen you have left us way to soon. Such a vibrant, energetic and happy man. Amazing father, husband, uncle, son, brother, brother-in-law and a great friend to so many. Glen loved the game and he loved those boys and being their bus driver meant the world to him, he was so proud to do what he was doing. Our family sends our thoughts and prayers to all the families involved but we also want everyone to know that Glen was a part of the great loss that happened yesterday. Glen Doerksen driver of the Humboldt Broncos bus. We love you Glen.

    Laura Holitski ** thank you june,its been a tough few days,but with family and friends we will try to get through it,and mom is doing well,and she is always with us,i’ll let her know we talked to you,take care baby sitter.
    Laura Holitski thank you so much alean,you know what we are going through because of your loss also ,our thought are with you also,take care.
    11 April 2018
    Karen Doerksen Well said Laura. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you

    ** another sister-in-law. Their father died in 2017…

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  3. xileffilex

    Strange thing is, the other team photos don’t show the players with the ridiculous golden yellow dyed hair

    But I missed one tearjerker from shortly after the event –
    Towards the end of this schmalzy video
    Edmonton memorial for 4 Humboldt Broncos
    Jaxon Joseph of Edmonton, Parker Tobin of Stony Plain, and Logan Hunter and Stephen Wack, both of St. Albert,
    April 17 2018

    From 2.26.35 onwards
    we are treated to the eulogies for Stephen Wack – wackerr who made some rather professional looking videos for youtube, including his blind younger brother, Justin, who makes an appearance with guide dog. “always a huge hit at every hockey game”
    Peter Chiarelli @FakeOilersGM
    3 May 2017
    the refs are Visually Impaired

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Replying to @FakeOilersGM
    i’m blind and I could see that.
    8:55 PM – 3 May 2017…
    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Stephen I love you.
    5:56 PM – 6 Apr 2018
    [Pacific Daylight Time – Saskatchewan remains on Central Daylight time all year round, i.e. 6.56 PM Saskatchewan time]
    News travels fast.…
    Justin Wack

    Follow Follow @J_wack
    @TheChainsmokers @AlexPallNY Hey guys. My brother Stephen Wack was in a bus crash with the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and didn’t make it. He was a Chainsmokers super fan. Could you please watch and share his video for him? It would be a dream come true.
    1:35 PM – 8 Apr 2018 PDT

    [Hmmmm very strange wording for a brother killed less than two days previously]

    THE CHAINSMOKERS Verified account @TheChainsmokers
    Apr 8
    Replying to @J_wack
    of course. We are sorry for your loss

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Apr 8 4:54 PM PDT
    Thank you guys so much! I’m literally in tears. The last thing he ever sent me was a documentary on you. You were a huge reason he made videos and why I produce music myself.

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Apr 8 1:16 PM PDT
    To the literally thousands of people who have showed support for my brother in some way shape or form, we really appre
    ciate it. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Apr 8 1:14 PM PDT
    To the media: I have received several requests for interviews today. I understand and hold no ill will for you trying to do your jobs. That said, we will not be doing interviews today as we need time to process what has happened. Thank you.

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Apr 7 7:20 PM PDT
    More Justin Wack Retweeted Trendsmap Canada
    Oh my Gosh! Thank you all for sharing Stephen’s video.…
    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Replying to @FriedgeHNIC @Sportsnet and 2 others
    Hi guys, I am the little brother of Stephen Wack, who didn’t make it last night in the accident. he was really talented at making videos. I was wondering if you could play this one on HNIC for him tonight? I know he’d really appreciate it.
    3:44 pm – 7 Apr 2018 [PDT]

    Since then, no further tweets from Stephen’s blind brother after that burst of activity.

    Justin’s entrance is at 3:01:00 with Duffy, the guide dog [he has a really good speaking voice] , – Stephen had a “really infectious sense of humour” “infectious personality”
    “This whole situation feels like a Slapshot to the face…life has just given us one big slapshot” and it’s been a great stinger”

    1. xileffilex

      Jaxon Joseph’s dad Chris is still doing the rounds…[as seen at 37.40 onwards in the above video with the ‘hilarious’ cucumber story….]
      “Everybody has been amazing [police, nurses, doctors funeral directors, coroners…”] Indeed.

      July 7 2018…
      Chris Joseph thanks hockey community for ‘picking us up’

      However, the best performace of the lot was on April 9, with copious use of tissues and sniffing techniques.…
      Joseph said he had been to the funeral home twice to see Jaxon’s body since the collision

  4. xileffilex

    Here’s the team chaplain video, a good performance from Sean Brandow

    although they cut out the jokey bits from the beginning, heard here…

    but still plenty of clips of smirking Trudeau in the background.

    although there is quite a bit of overacting.
    Humboldt pastor Sean Brandow was en route to the Broncos game when the crash happened Friday and arrived at the scene moments after the collision. Describes hearing weeping, holding the hand of a lifeless body.

    Well, fancy that.

    Everybody has to be part of it and sing from the same songsheet, doctors, politicians, pastors, coaches….…
    It was during his time in Rhineland that he met his wife Marsha (Cairns) was married (2004), and had two children there, Bo (born 2007) and Eli (born 2009); Quaid was born in Humboldt, May 2011. Their move to Humboldt opens a new chapter of ministry together as Pastor of the Humboldt Bible Church.
    Sean and his family have moved to Humboldt from Rhineland.

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  6. xileffilex

    PLEASE. PLEASE can we put this CGI distraction nonsense to bed? As well as there being numerous consistent still photos from several directions, here’s a one minute drone video of the site, two sections sliced together.…

    How it was staged I have no idea, or why there are no videos and images of the cleanup.

    Here’s another very high resolution image from a different direction…

    1. xileffilex

      and a photo which confirms the hoax….…
      A shattered DVD of the classic hockey film Slap Shot found near the Humboldt Broncos’ bus crash site is being recognized in a condolence message from the Hanson Brothers.

      Jonathan Hayward seems to be the invited photographer to this hoax, with a limited edition of images
      Another hoax clue- investigation could take “months”…

    2. davieb

      heres another one for you to explain…

      I believe they are so good at animation and computers these days.
      you don’t even need to have real buses and trucks
      just make a movie through pictures and video,, create a script, and your done

      1. xileffilex

        Don’t waste out time with this fotoforensics garbage. Here’s more live footage of the staged crash scene…

        Don’t tell me, the broken [lol!] Slap Shot CD was also photoshopped into the dirt.

        I guess with so few roads in the area and diversions which would take hours and hours, they couldn’t keep the area sealed off for long, hence the speedy clean up. Were there any unusual rail movements on the branch line to Carrot Lake, one wonders, around the time. These hoax locations are scouted just like those for a blockbuster movie [which is what this is in effect]

  7. Faye

    I happen to see an article on the swiss net provider much before in came into the attention of the local fakeologists in canada (unfortunately i did not make a screenshot and by the time in was published here on fakeologist the article was gone). This same happened once again with the story about the serial gay killer some time ago.
    Maybe I am now just more aware of such stories but could it be that there is some reasoning in the distribution of the info? Somewhere the story “gets out” and that is not nessecary the place where the event takes place as I at least thought till now..

  8. xileffilex

    Here’s the bus driver – looks nothing like the official picture released, but naturally disguised with shades

    Here’s his son’s pictures prepped for press release, 20 June 2016, perhaps indicating the planning timescale of these psy-ops…

    and in a different shirt at the same golf hole!

    Daughter Melissa

    Wife Karen
    [no posts or comments relating to the ‘crash’

    Age 59 years [ideal retirement age]
    Memorial service Friday the 13th April…
    note the use of the grey golfing image probably also from 2016

    1. ab Post author

      Here’s the incompetent coroner story, to further sew confusion.…

      Wilby said the mistake is unprecedented in Saskatchewan’s history and the families affected have been very understanding.

      They became aware of new information coming from the hospital late Sunday night that they had the two boys’ identities confused.

      1. xileffilex

        It’s nonsense, Ab. Were they all burnt to a cinder? Obviously not since their blond hair survived…. or was all their clothing ripped off their bodies, Boston style? Of course not. It’s just more hoax management to add the stamp of authenticity story that anyone died at the crossroads.

        The ministry says Labelle is injured but alive, though they would not provide information on his condition due to patient privacy concerns.

        nuff said. But if he’d broken his back Xavier would have given a blow by blow account of his aches and pains and hopes for the season. Perhaps he was so badly ‘injured’ that he couldn’t speak and give his name.

        dental records are the best way to identify deceased but those can take days to track down, especially given the hockey players were from all over western Canada.

        No, dental record identification is always a hoax giveaway.

        What an absolute farce.

        1. xileffilex

          Upodate on Xavier Labelle, May 7 2018, previously thought to be “Parker Tobin”
          Indeed, Xavier’s friend Dane Bumphrey found it “surreal” that he had got his friend “back” from the dead

          We are never told what his “injuries” are, except in this radio clip below –
          During a special radio talk show that aired on Rogers radio stations in Ottawa, Kitchener and Halifax, Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada talked about being in the hospital room with Don Cherry and the parents of Parker Tobin who thought the boy in the bed was their badly injured son, when in fact it was Xavier Labelle.
          “so severely cut and hurt” [audio] hence the mix up, lol!
          Xavier [ex Parker] had “in addition to those horrific cuts he had a a vertebra broken, he had a a rib broken he had a hip broken he had a lacerated liver…”
          [AUDIO] April 9 2018

          Here he is now.
          His family released an update Monday afternoon, saying the defenceman is working with a team of health-care professionals to continue his recovery.
          The release was accompanied by a photo of the young Saskatoon man, standing and smiling while wearing a green “Humboldt Strong” T-shirt.


          The family, which has kept a low profile following the collision, expressed gratitude for the privacy and compassion shown towards them “as we have been learning to navigate new horizons.
          I think we know why

          May 7 2018

      2. xileffilex

        More detail on this bizarre, unbelievable twist – was it deliberate?…

        On Saturday, Parker’s mother Rhonda Clarke Tobin tweeted, “This is one of the hardest posts I have ever had to make. Parker is stable at the moment and is being airlifted to Saskatoon hospital. Thank you for all your kind words and messages. Please continue to pray for his Humboldt family.”
        She has posted nothing since.

        In direct reply to a question about whether the Tobin family had been at the bedside of someone “they believed to be their son for a couple of days,” Wilby said only, “I can’t say, but Parker’s family has been in Saskatoon, yes.”

        So, his mum was at the bedside of someone unrelated to her? I guess the universal blond haircut had her fooled.

        It’s nonsense. The “makeshift morgue” is another hoax/drill giveaway.

        1. xileffilex

          from the above
          Unmentioned by either Justice or hospital officials is the fact, as the National Post has learned, that so great was the trauma inflicted to those who died and those who were most gravely injured that they were effectively rendered unrecognizable.

          [although their blond hair remained intact]
          It’s beyond ridiculous.

          Here’s the timed tweet of Mrs Tobin, ex Newfoundland, now Alberta

          Rhonda Clarke Tobinn@clarketobin
          This is one of the hardest posts I have ever had to make. Parker is stable at the moment and being airlifted to Saskatoon hospital. Thank you all for your kind words and messages. Please continue to pray for his Humboldt family.

          8:38 pm – 6 Apr 2018 ]10:38 PM local time]

          R J patter @rjpatter
          Apr 6 [11:21 pm local time]
          Replying to @clarketobin
          Hope to see you there. Derek is also stable and being airlifted to Saskatoon

          Rhonda Clarke Tobin @clarketobin
          Apr 6 [1:08 AM Apr 7 local time]
          Thanks for the update RJ see you there!

          very upbeat!
          Patter was responsible, allegedly, well it was on his twitter feed, of the hospital photo of the three beds pushed together
          timed at 3:38 AM April 7, as previously noted.

        2. ab Post author

          The silly stories are really to see if anyone is paying attention. I will post the picture of the spinal patient sitting sloped on the pillow speaking to PM Boflex two days after surgery. More insanity.

  9. ab Post author

    Ok so maybe there are a few trees – maybe it’s time for a – traffic light – or a round-a-bout?…

    CARROT RIVER, Sask.—A remote Saskatchewan intersection where a junior hockey team bus crashed on Friday was already a scene of tragedy for a family that lost six of its members in a collision two decades ago.

    Dylan Fiddler, who was just six at the time, lost his mother, aunt, uncle and three young cousins when the vehicle they were in collided with a semi on Highway 35 where it meets a secondary highway at a spot known as Armley Corner.

      1. ab Post author

        It’s one of the only pictures. Don’t forget, an entire generation is now holding a tv production studio in their hands. Where are all the videos? Instas? Snapchats? Still in production?

    1. Faye

      Now looking at it again, what is the perspective of the image? obviously superman did the shot..

      1. gaia

        You can buy a good (4K) video drone for less than 1000 bucks, that is not the problem here I think.

        1. Faye

          Sure, but it is a strange perspective even for a drone. I can not explain it, but it is wrong, artificial

            1. xileffilex

              It’s a grain elevator, and it’s connected with a railway, hence the placed, undamaged crossing sign
              I’d use the grain facility = Cargill Nicklen siding – as a prop/peat storage area Seal off the roads and hey presto, you’ve got an undisturbed psy-op/film set

              1. xileffilex

                Cargill has to be onside…
                and no doubt was

                CargillGrowingSeries @GrowingSeries
                As our team returns to work, at Nicklen Siding and across western Canada, our hearts and minds are with #HumboldtBroncos. Whether in buses, cars or farm equipment, be safe this spring.
                6:45 am – 9 Apr 2018 [Pacific summer time]

                big cranes….trucks…
                Some interesting details here

                Marc Beland, a spokesman with Premier Tech, confirmed on Sunday that the semi involved in the crash had been hauling a load from his company’s facility in nearby Carrot River. Premier Tech doesn’t have its own truck fleet, and Mr. Beland declined to identify the driver or contractor involved, but to say that Premier Tech is working with investigators and wants to support the community any way it can.
                Locals call the intersection the Armley Corner, and have been keenly aware of its danger since a couple, their three young daughters and a relative were killed at the same intersection in 1997. In that case, Roderick and Terri Fiddler, their daughters, Jocelyn, Jasmine and baby Kassandre, and Mr. Fiddler’s sister, Wendy, were killed after their truck went through the stop sign on Highway 335, and was hit by a semi travelling south from Nipawin.

                Wendy Fiddler’s son, Dylan Fiddler, was not travelling with his mother and relatives at the time. As a teenager raised by relatives in the area after her death, he passed through the intersection in a hockey bus two or three times a week with Carrot River’s Junior B team, the Tri-Town Thunder, now called the Carrot River Outback Thunder.

                That 1997 event looks suspicious.

                1. xileffilex

                  Sure enough, 1997 survivor and orphan Dylan Fiddler has been wheeled out in front of the cameras within 3 days

                  The news of the most recent crash that took so many lives left Fiddler in a panic.

                  “How could this happen to these young guys?” he asked.

                  It wasn’t until later that he heard of the location of the accident, and it brought back memories of devastation.

                  “There’s no words to describe what has happened,” Fiddler says. “I barely got any sleep last night.”

                  Fiddler moved to Kingston five years ago, and now works at Wesco.
                  Someone called Barb Hildbrandt [partner Neil Hildebrandt] remembers the 1997 crash
                  She and another female, perhaps her daughter, heard the bang = i.e. more on-side “witnesses” who live nearby, perhaps behind those protective trees at the farm at Armley Corner? They seem to be locals. Either they heard a bang [explosion] out of the loop, or they are in the know.

                  Local Connaught Councillor [including Armley] Dale Poggemiller seems very cheerful about the crash [video]

                  “The air smells of gasoline and peat moss”
                  Barb at 0.35 in this video

                  She thought it was “the trains, like the cars on the tracks bumping”


    2. davieb

      Ab, there are no trees, this is no barn and silos, there is no truck with peet moss
      all those items photoshopped in
      put the pic in fotoforensics to see for yourself

  10. ab Post author

    I wonder what the financial position was of the team and its constituents? The arena? The town? Do ICE Integrated capstone events happen in Canada?

    Also bizarre and over-the-top is the fact that HRH The Queen! and ill Phil weighed in. When’s the last time they did that about their colony? (her royalness still gives me chills – no sarcasm – it’s psychological I’m sure)…

    A message from The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh following the recent bus crash in Canada

    Published 8 April 2018

    “Prince Philip and I were saddened to hear word of the crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost so much, with their families and with all Canadians who grieve with them at this difficult time.

    Elizabeth R.”

      1. ab Post author

        Wow. So much for honoring the dead with a thorough investigation. These death worshippers are very two faced.

  11. xileffilex

    GoFundMe progress report 9.46 AM UTC 4/9/18 **
    The Humboldt Broncos say they’re still in the process of determining how the more than $4.68 ** million raised through GoFundMe will be used, but it’s primarily focused around supporting the victims’ and survivors’ families.…

    1. ab Post author

      At the rate they are going, the support could include some paid off mortgages and a new arena with zamboni.
      I am still awaiting the video of the crash rescue. Other first responders need to see how a farming community can muster such a team out of nowhere to take care of such a large event.
      Non-fakeologists need to realize that the pre-written sob stories of “he lit up a room” are pushed on top of the details IMMEDIATELY to obfuscate and flood the brain with emotions so as not to look at the most important part of the story – ie. the rescue and its impossible logistics, not to mention the actual wreck.

  12. davieb

    This is no doubt in my mind a hoax.
    question: what do they do? tell all the players and their friends and families to keep their mouths shut?
    what are the logistics of keeping those in the know quiet
    ie “the alive guys”

    i know don cherry and Mike Babcock can easily be told what to do and they will do it.
    ps really bad acting by mike babcock

    1. xileffilex

      We haven’t really moved on from the “too many people involved” and “how do they get everyone to keep secrets” conjectures, ignoring the ‘how do they sound out and select the victims for their psy-ops’ question. [or even the people at the top of the organisations involved, be they unions, hospitals, emergency services, sports federations and clubs, music venues, airlines, marathons…. I could go on. They just have to dance when told to and similarly stfu]
      Here’s the Babcock interview

      the following longer clip shows further questioning of a general nature to a very uncomfortable looking Babcock.…

      Ron and Don discuss, in a more composed fashion

      Mass grieve-in

      1. ab Post author

        Babcock must have watched the Robbie Parker interview from Sandy Hoax over and over to prepare.
        Regarding the intersection (which I haven’t looked up), one thing about the prairies: you can see cross road traffic from miles away since you’re on the desert essentially! Especially in the spring there are no crops and the ground is FLAT!

  13. catch22

    Alright look, attack me all you want on this but I think this is a real event mostly because the team photos, the hockey trends (blonde hair) and number of instagram followers the boys have are regular for a hockey kid.
    HOWEVER, I have found evidence that this may not be as real as they want us to believe. For all of those who do not go searching through instagram, as I suspect none of you do, I looked these boys up. Many of the recently ‘deceased’ players have private accounts but there are the odd ones who do not. The beloved Stephen Wack has a public account so I decided to take a gander. He has a similar account to a friend of mine (photojournalism) but what strikes me as odd is the fact that he is what seems to be an avid hockey player, yet has NO TEAM PHOTO. Most of you will not find that strange but if you follow teenage boys who play hockey, you will find at least one team photo somewhere on their feed. Every single white boy I follow who plays hockey has a team photo, be it from a rugby team, swimming or hockey it’s there somewhere. Yes these Humboldt boys do have individual action photos but to be honest that’s not normal for the average player.
    The other issue is the fact that the last post from each of these boys is between March 15 and 16. Is that not the strangest thing? Most guys post once a year and for all of their final pictures to be in such close proximity to their death date? Doesn’t strike me as your average male instagram.
    Do not even get me started on the “R.I.P” posts. 99% of them are from girls because they’re the ‘more emotional ones’. The over use of full names and “most brightest happiest person on this earth” makes me want to gag. I understand it is devastating to lose someone, especially someone you consider close so you want to write positively about them. I also get that we live in a generation of ‘now’ and ‘post everything that happens to us’, but if I got news my best friend just died I would not post about it the morning after or probably ever. Unless that just makes me abnormal in this world however, I’d like to believe I am pretty much like everyone else. The other odd thing about these death posts is that NONE of the boys’ past teammates posted anything about them. Nor did they even comment on the final post saying ‘rest easy buddy’. Usually hockey players are quite good friends seeing as they spend months together during a season.
    Overall, the story to me is not strange because this sort of thing can happen to anyone but what weirds me out is the lack of hockey posts.…

    1. xileffilex

      Good work on instagram, Catch 22 but this draws me ever further away from this being a real event.

      Furthermore, let’s remember this prequel in 1986

      Saskatewan – check…
      The Swift Current Broncos bus crash
      Passengers 28
      Deaths 4
      Injuries 24

      Memorial – check

      Four Broncos Memorial
      On the 30th anniversary of the crash, December 30, 2016, a memorial was unveiled near the site of the accident.

      Success following tragedy – check…

      Hoax management /developnment – check
      10 years later

      Graham James, coach of the Swift Current Broncos, was convicted of sexually assaulting Sheldon Kennedy and other teenage players.

      Nothing new under the sun, except there was no instagram in 1986.

  14. xileffilex

    The photos of the ‘deceased’ are prepped……

    Logan Hunter, from St. Albert, Alta., also died in the collision, loved ones have confirmed to Global News.

    The truck driver not injured, would you believe

    GoFundMes going well, Humboldt Strong, Hockey community coming together……. same old routine.

    Team photo for cross referencing ‘victims’…

    We need a hero in all this – seem like it’s here..…
    The family of a Humboldt Broncos player from Lethbridge who was injured in a tragic bus crash Friday night says Logan Boulet is on life support – and will donate his organs to six people in need.

    Doctors in on it? You bet…

    Miraculous recovery? You’ve guessed already:
    Centre Nick Shumlanski’s father, Myles, confirmed that his son was released from hospital in good condition after receiving treatment for broken bones, including injuries to his shoulder and a small crack in a vertabra.

    He first went to the Tisdale hospital and then to Saskatoon for further treatment. Myles said a doctor called his son a “miracle,” as he was one of the only Broncos players able to get up and walk immediately after the collision Friday.

    1. xileffilex

      Best grieving sighted so far, coach of rival team Nipawin Hawks, Doug Johnson……
      Two names on the team photo who leave no trace so far, Chris Beaudry, Assistant Coach and Blake Berschiminsky [who only left this season for the Delisle Chiefs – the “lucky escape”]….

      and assistant coach Chris Beaudry who ‘did not board the bus’…

      why so?

      Chris Beaudry rarely boarded the Humboldt Broncos bus for the shorter road trips around central Saskatchewan. The assistant coach would often drive alone in his truck.
      Friday was one of those days.


      “My mind is a blur. I’m just trying to focus on trying to stay strong for the families. They need support right now and then there’ll be a time.”
      He joins Broncos assistant general manager Jason Neville, who was also not on the bus, as team personnel going forward.
      “My mind is blank now, but the hockey community has been great,” said Beaudry.
      “Because of where I live, every game that we go north or east, I drove myself,” he explained. “It just didn’t make sense to drive to Humboldt to then go right past my home again.”

      Beaudry had nothing but good things to say about his mentor, Haugan.
      “He’s a salt-of-the-earth guy,” said Beaudry.

      1. xileffilex…
        Humboldt Broncos defenseman Ryan Straschnitzki suffered a broken back and is paralyzed from the chest down following the horrific bus crash that left 15 dead on Friday, but it hasn’t stopped him from wanting to get back out on the ice.

        The 18-year-old Straschnitzki underwent a successful seven-hour surgery, in which rods and pins were placed in his back, and fluids were removed from his lungs where there had been bleeding.

        It would be easy for Straschnitzki to dwell on the fact that he’ll likely never walk again, but instead, he’s apparently keeping a positive outlook on life. It’s one of the lone positive stories to come out of this tragedy.…

        At 11 a.m., the family was told Straschnitzki would be paralyzed from the chest down but able to move his arms and head.

        “He’s alive and breathing, so we really don’t care about that,” said Tom. “As long as he’s alive.”
        he said his son is already starting to set goals.

        “He keeps wanting to try and move his legs, of course, because he wants to go back skating,” said Tom. “He just looked at me and his mother and he goes, ‘well, I’m gonna get onto the Olympic sledge hockey team.’
        “He’s an amazing kid, that boy.”
        Hours after waking up from surgery, Straschnitzki asked his “billet dad” if he could scroll through his phone, according to Tom. The two then sat down for two hours discussing the magnitude of the collision and what’s happened since.

        “He went ‘wow, this is big. I didn’t think it was that big,’ ” Tom said, adding his son then wanted to see a photo of the team bus.

        “He said ‘that’s the window I flew out of and that’s where I landed on the pavement,’ ” said Tom. “And then he just stared at that for about five to 10 minutes.


        Cue the Boston style bedside visit from the president, Trudeau…

  15. Terran Downvale

    A tearjerker indeed. The first thing that stuck out for me was the visual scene of the accident with the Humboldt Broncos’ bus displaying the name “Charlie’s Charters” overturned amid a sea of what are reportedly sacks of peat moss:…

    The peat seemed like the key, so I did a news search for “Pete” to check for any current running stories. I immediately discovered the movie Lean on Pete which was released in the U.S. on April 6, just two days before this tragic accident:…

    According to the news stories, the movie is mega-tearjerker set to eclipse the Old Yeller standard for animal-themed cinematic emotional trauma. Two examples from the first page of results for “Pete” on Google News:

    Lean on Pete: A Deeply Sad Tale of a Boy and His Horse…

    Lean on Pete Is a Trojan Horse…

    Not everyone likes a movie that sneaks up on them, so be advised that Lean on Pete is the ugly-cry event of the spring. But it more than earns its emotional ravages.

    What’s the story? It’s about a boy named Charley, portrayed by actor Charlie Plummer, (Charlie’s Charters?) who goes on a epically sad road trip of sorts with a doomed former racehorse (Humboldt Broncos?) named Pete (peat moss?).

    As usual, I can’t say for sure any of this means anything but the connections are undeniably there for whatever reason. As for the Canadian connection, I’m wondering if the peat/Pete theme could have to do with steadily-rising cultural figure Canadian psychologist Jordon Pete-erson’s recent attacks on Trudeau. Apparently, he’s even considering running against him:…

    He even mocks the youthful Trudeau as a “Peter Pan” prime minster, LOL. I wonder if his campaign slogan will be “Lean on Pete(erson)”.

    Interesting also how gender plays into the Peterson-Trudeau controversy with pan-sexuality being a recently introduced cultural term. I discovered a Peter Pan theme with the Pulse nightclub shooting a couple years ago, so if peat/Pete really is a key concept, I have to wonder what it ultimately means.

    [SIDE NOTE: If you’re looking for an alternate to Dave J’s “JonBenet Ramsey is Katie Perry” theory, check out my own from that Peter Pan/alligator collection. Gender-bending comes into play! More details can be found in my POM comments here.]

    1. gaia

      This doesn’t look anything like a real crash between a truck and a bus:

      – the complete front of the bus and the top of it are gone. Like they used a diamond precision saw to cut off the windows of the bus separating it from the lower section.
      – the truck is destroyed almost beyond recognition.
      – where are all the passengers and their belongings from the bus? Bodies, bags, bottles, seats, etc.
      – all those packages that allegedly were transported by the truck are in the snow, without any sliding trail behind them in the snow, like they were carefully dropped by a drone.

      The photo of the cleaned up area shows the same snow, like there were no people (footsteps) or vehicles (tracks) to remove that whole mess.

      That to me says this whole scene is created as a paste-up, it is not even a staged scene with real objects; the scene simply didn’t exist, it’s all from the computer, nothing more.

      1. xileffilex

        Did you look at this high resolution image which I posted earlier, Gaia? You really think that’s computer generated? I have no idea how they staged it exactly, any more than all the other psy-op films which have been made at great expense.

        1. gaia

          I actually did, but reacted to the other one because it showed up.

          – there are some sports bags (dark green) allegedly coming from the luggage compartment spread around
          – there are some deformed seats

          1 – look at the front of the bus next to the truck on the left, that apparently somehow detached from the rest of the bus to the right
          1a – why is there nothing in between?
          1b – where is all the glass that should have come from all the windows, including the windshield

          2 – look at the light green-white packages in the top of the photo
          2a – if they ended up there by sliding, we should see a sliding trail next to them
          2b – if they ended up there by falling (being launched in the air from the truck), we should see “impact craters” in the snow

          neither of the two we see

          3 – the key for the “CGI” (I think they used real photos of objects but then made it into a paste-up) is that the whole mess allegedly removed leaves just a nice same snowy area next to the road
          3a – the huge cranes and trucks that are able to remove the wreckages should leave huge disturbances in the sand and snow, including tracks on the road
          3b – the people working to clean this mess up should leave hundreds of footprints in the snow, dirtying it with sandy prints, etc.
          3c – if you imagine this “crash site” as the typical crash sites we have seen, where props are placed making it look like a crash, you should see many more footsteps in the snow at the top of the photo. There are a few there, but not indicative of actual people walking around placing those green-white packages in the snow, they have to be gently dropped by drones to create this effect we observe.

          Usually I am not convinced of a “full CGI”, I think using actors and props in most cases is far easier. Here, in the middle of nowhere on a junction in Saskatchewan, “cleaned up” in a very short time, I actually go for CGI rather than an elaborate prop site. Easier, cheaper and based on the above even not likely because of the analysis of these images.

      2. Terran Downvale

        It certainly looks staged me, but I personally think picking apart visual details like this may be a way of putting us on our own hamster wheels. If someone is skeptical of the event, they’ll probably agree with your points. And if they trust the media like a normal person, they’ll disregard them as paranoid nitpicking. This is the basic problem with “proving” fakery to non-fakeologists I was alluding to in my response in the “More Carrion” thread. And the sort of thing Lesta Nediam has described at great length with his “lie system” concepts which I just alluded to on the “9/11 and the Apocalypse” post. We can sit around all day pointing out to each other how this all seems to be fake, but try pointing these things out to a normie.

        That said, I can’t help but point out my observations as well. What do you think about these apparent parallels with the movie Lean On Pete, an epic tearjerker (the “ugly cry” event of the spring, according to the press)? We have a three-pronged connection. Peat/Pete, Broncos/horse, Charlie/Charlie. Of all the cargo to show strew about the crash site, why peat moss? Just a random choice or could it have meaning? Could this be their sly little “tell?” I have my own ideas about why hints like this may be included in fake media events but that gets into some weird territory. Either way, I know that my pointing out these possible connections will likely change no one’s mind about the event. If you’re a skeptic who has lost trust in the media, you’ll find most everything suspicious. If you’re not, you’ll just see it as a sad “real life” story as opposed to a sad fictional story like Lean On Pete. What exactly makes the difference between those who “wake up” to media fakery and those who don’t is another issue as well. And I think it gets into some deep and strange territory, which JLB seems to be touching on lately. It’s certainly not a subject for everyone!

        1. ab Post author

          I like your movie parallels. It supports my idea that these psyops are made in America, with some Canadian input. I agree let’s not nitpick. The crash scene is absurd on the surface. The lack of rescue video. The quick washing of the scene. We can all stop there and wait until this is explained before carving up the sad stories from now until eternity.

  16. ab Post author

    Everyone being blond is some sort of hockey gimmick going on this (or recent) years. The gofundme blowup of this photo shows some odd digital artifacts of cut and paste.

  17. Dave J

    The real question with regard to this hoax is how many of the Vicsims does “John Adams” know?

  18. Faye

    Looks very suspect indeed. The picture of the group is also very strange, as if they are all relatives…

    1. ab Post author

      They say everyone in a small town is related… I look for evidence for Sims since they’re the most likely method used in Persona creation.

    2. xileffilex

      This team picture was published on December 5 2017 [perhaps with a view to the upcoming bus crash psy-op?] on a visit to a distinguised former player in a hursing home…

      relating to an event on November 29 2017


      Helpfully, the photo is reproduced on April 16
      with the names added
      Pictured (L to R) Back: Mark Cross, Logan Hunter, Jaxon Joseph, Bryce Fiske, Tyler Smith, Grayson Cameron, Logan Schatz, Brayden Camrud, Jacob Leicht, Jacob Wassermann, Evan Thomas, Stephen Wack, Connor Lukan, Matthew Moran, Matthieu Gomercic. Front: Xavier Labelle, Blake Berschiminsky, Derek Patter, Elgar Petersen, Darcy Haugan, Logan Boulet, Sam-Jaxon Visscher, Ryan Straschnitzki, Reagan Poncelet.

      1. xileffilex

        Poncelet and Berschiminsky
        were associate players (AP’s) with the Broncos this past season and when they weren’t playing with the [Delisle] Chiefs, they would be practicing and traveling with the team.
        Both players were on their way to Delisle for Game 4 last Friday when news broke about the crash

        “Lucky escapes”

        Visscher was the Broncos’ goalie until he was traded in January
        The Bronco’s former goalie, St. Albert’s Sam-Jaxon Visscher, is still trying to make sense of the tragedy.
        The goaltender had tended net for the Broncos for almost six months, until he’d been traded to the Olds Grizzleys in January.
        Like many elite youth players, Visscher has worn a lot of jerseys in his career — he’s played for five teams in two provinces in just the last three years —
        After the crash, he knew where he needed to be: on Sunday, he jumped in a car with his mom to make the 500 kilometre drive to rejoin his former teammates at the hospital in Saskatoon.
        “It’s one of the closest [teams] I’ve ever been on,”
        he said, speaking to StarMetro from the road, adding that team mates had “clicked instantly” over a shared work ethic and love of the game.
        His January trade had made sense professionally, but personally, it’d been tough.
        “You look away from hockey for a minute when you get traded, and you think about all these buddies you’re not going to be with anymore, and it sucks and that was disappointing,” he said.…
        Another “lucky escape”


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