Humboldt bus crash hoax: Bring on the tearjerkers

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A semi-trailer slammed into a bus carrying a youth hockey team in western Canada, killing 15 people and injuring 14 in a catastrophic collision that left a country and its national sport heartbroken. The crash sent shockwaves through the team’s small hometown.

Looking at the above picture makes any thinking person wonder how did two vehicles end up like this if it’s a T-bone crash? Do the skid marks match? Not at all. I’ve got plenty of tractor trailer crashes and none look like this.

Don’t bother looking at the details, we have the personal stories pouring out the media orifice now to take you off point.

Here’s Stephen “Wack”.

Brad McNamara, Wack’s strength and conditioning coach and friend, describes Wack as a “gentle giant” who had talent on and off the ice.

“He wasn’t just a hockey player, an amazing young man, but he was also very talented as well,” he said.

“He tried to evolve not just as an athlete, but he also evolved into an amazing videographer.”

Wack had an Instagram account devoted to his photography with 1,800 followers, one of whom is Riley Bagley, an amateur photographer from Missouri.

Source: Canada reels: 15 die when truck, hockey team bus collide – The Washington Post

Suspicious bus crashes thread

The Gofundme is going quite well. The team photo, as is normal for suspicious stories, is of a resolution I’d attribute to a Kodak disc camera (remember those? I do – I worked in a photo lab and the picture quality was awful).

Most camera phones have a resolution thousands of times better. Why can’t we have a detailed picture? The answer is because detailed faked composites can be blown up and picked apart by the fakeologist community.

I thought to myself today as I left the grocery store, being hit up for non-existent pocket change (I’m mostly digital money), how much money minor hockey costs – perhaps up to $5,000/year per player. Transportation costs must be heavy in the rural provinces. If they are raising real money, as in this gofundme, could this be one more possible reason to stage an event?

One of the first media sites to feature the story was the Washington Post, which references the Associated Press as a source. This coincides with the theory that most of these stories are American created , and are fed to their outlets.

At least 15 people are dead after a crash between a tractor-trailer and a bus carrying a Canadian junior hockey league team, a tragedy that struck at the heart of a tightknit city in rural Saskatchewan and immediately echoed through the hockey world and beyond.

At least one (real/) commenter wondered why it was on the front 0;page” of an American outlet, and was quickly made the most lambasted comment.

This is a terrible tragedy. But this is front page on WaPo because…? I heard lot of young people died in Gaza, Syria and few other places. No coverage of that by Wang….but Canadian hockey players in Saskatchewan… there is front page news on WaPo. Mmmm,,,Do Americans know where Saskatchewan is? I do! Regina, Regina…

A young White kid with autism died in Tennessee at the hands of his own father. No analysis on that. Lot of autistic kids, and disabled kids, are getting murdered in the US, including by their adoptive parents, like the ones who drove their six kids over a cliff. No analysis on that.

So, WaPo does not work for Russia…but it now works for Canada? Lot of such news on Canada. I like Canadians…but lets not put Canadian White boys over other immigrants in the US Wang.
And any Canadian who responds to this write up with meanness…proves my point. Canada has racist White people too!

And any Canadian who responds to this write up with meanness…proves my point. Canada has racist White people too!

The fact that the Trump and Trudeau have elevated this story to the top of the media world is the reason I question the story.
Almost all major media stories are (somewhat, if not totally) fabricated. proved that the whole world can be fooled by an , at the time and years later.

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  1. xileffilex

    Hoax management [or not] of the bus driver, Glen Doerksen.

    We have the usual celebration of his “passing” on and off during the present hockey season by his son and daughter, Cameron [who got married on Aug 25 2018] and Melissa, neither of whom responds to comments, e.g.
    18 September 2018
    James Pompu Melissa I’m James pompu you don’t me but I knew glen he was a man I grew up with glen in carrot river I’m so sorry for your loss so now me and a couple of my trucking buddies always have two honks for glen on every trip


    And Glen’s “widow” Karen has clammed up completely on her facebook account.…

    His sister-in-law Donna Ludwar seems to have been the most active around the time of the “crash”….…

    Donna Ludwar
    8 April ·

    Gone but never forgotten. Glen you have left us way to soon. Such a vibrant, energetic and happy man. Amazing father, husband, uncle, son, brother, brother-in-law and a great friend to so many. Glen loved the game and he loved those boys and being their bus driver meant the world to him, he was so proud to do what he was doing. Our family sends our thoughts and prayers to all the families involved but we also want everyone to know that Glen was a part of the great loss that happened yesterday. Glen Doerksen driver of the Humboldt Broncos bus. We love you Glen.

    Laura Holitski ** thank you june,its been a tough few days,but with family and friends we will try to get through it,and mom is doing well,and she is always with us,i’ll let her know we talked to you,take care baby sitter.
    Laura Holitski thank you so much alean,you know what we are going through because of your loss also ,our thought are with you also,take care.
    11 April 2018
    Karen Doerksen Well said Laura. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you

    ** another sister-in-law. Their father died in 2017…

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  3. xileffilex

    Strange thing is, the other team photos don’t show the players with the ridiculous golden yellow dyed hair

    But I missed one tearjerker from shortly after the event –
    Towards the end of this schmalzy video
    Edmonton memorial for 4 Humboldt Broncos
    Jaxon Joseph of Edmonton, Parker Tobin of Stony Plain, and Logan Hunter and Stephen Wack, both of St. Albert,
    April 17 2018

    From 2.26.35 onwards
    we are treated to the eulogies for Stephen Wack – wackerr who made some rather professional looking videos for youtube, including his blind younger brother, Justin, who makes an appearance with guide dog. “always a huge hit at every hockey game”
    Peter Chiarelli @FakeOilersGM
    3 May 2017
    the refs are Visually Impaired

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Replying to @FakeOilersGM
    i’m blind and I could see that.
    8:55 PM – 3 May 2017…
    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Stephen I love you.
    5:56 PM – 6 Apr 2018
    [Pacific Daylight Time – Saskatchewan remains on Central Daylight time all year round, i.e. 6.56 PM Saskatchewan time]
    News travels fast.…
    Justin Wack

    Follow Follow @J_wack
    @TheChainsmokers @AlexPallNY Hey guys. My brother Stephen Wack was in a bus crash with the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and didn’t make it. He was a Chainsmokers super fan. Could you please watch and share his video for him? It would be a dream come true.
    1:35 PM – 8 Apr 2018 PDT

    [Hmmmm very strange wording for a brother killed less than two days previously]

    THE CHAINSMOKERS Verified account @TheChainsmokers
    Apr 8
    Replying to @J_wack
    of course. We are sorry for your loss

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Apr 8 4:54 PM PDT
    Thank you guys so much! I’m literally in tears. The last thing he ever sent me was a documentary on you. You were a huge reason he made videos and why I produce music myself.

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Apr 8 1:16 PM PDT
    To the literally thousands of people who have showed support for my brother in some way shape or form, we really appre
    ciate it. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Apr 8 1:14 PM PDT
    To the media: I have received several requests for interviews today. I understand and hold no ill will for you trying to do your jobs. That said, we will not be doing interviews today as we need time to process what has happened. Thank you.

    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Apr 7 7:20 PM PDT
    More Justin Wack Retweeted Trendsmap Canada
    Oh my Gosh! Thank you all for sharing Stephen’s video.…
    Justin Wack @J_wack
    Replying to @FriedgeHNIC @Sportsnet and 2 others
    Hi guys, I am the little brother of Stephen Wack, who didn’t make it last night in the accident. he was really talented at making videos. I was wondering if you could play this one on HNIC for him tonight? I know he’d really appreciate it.
    3:44 pm – 7 Apr 2018 [PDT]

    Since then, no further tweets from Stephen’s blind brother after that burst of activity.

    Justin’s entrance is at 3:01:00 with Duffy, the guide dog [he has a really good speaking voice] , – Stephen had a “really infectious sense of humour” “infectious personality”
    “This whole situation feels like a Slapshot to the face…life has just given us one big slapshot” and it’s been a great stinger”

    1. xileffilex

      Jaxon Joseph’s dad Chris is still doing the rounds…[as seen at 37.40 onwards in the above video with the ‘hilarious’ cucumber story….]
      “Everybody has been amazing [police, nurses, doctors funeral directors, coroners…”] Indeed.

      July 7 2018…
      Chris Joseph thanks hockey community for ‘picking us up’

      However, the best performace of the lot was on April 9, with copious use of tissues and sniffing techniques.…
      Joseph said he had been to the funeral home twice to see Jaxon’s body since the collision


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