He’s just sick in the head

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Having unpopular views has never been so… unpopular,

The hockey bus crash is escalating in importance here. All our major media and leaders, up to Elizabeth R., are validating an event that doesn’t even pass the first test of a realistic crash scene.

Why are people so eager to embrace death and not hope and life?

DaveJ is correct in his harsh spiritual murderer assessment, but after time, harsh words are all I think people will notice to wake them from their slumber to see how far the deceivers are willing to go.

Start at 21:00.

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12 thoughts on “He’s just sick in the head

  1. ricky

    Those two sound like almost everyone I’ve tried to help escape from the media induced fog they operate in. They start to consider the information and it makes them uncomfortable because deep down they see some truth in it. Most will retreat to the comfort and social acceptance of the herd given the right excuse, you gave them their out Ab, if it wasn’t this story it would have been another.

      1. Dave J

        Yes indeed, once you have people , a Country, in a state of Mourning, you can then manipulate and control the mass responce. It trully is a group of SIck minded People that run this “show”. As you know well what I call them. Cheers FIght the powers that be and Having a GREAT day and spreading Joy and Life in your wake.

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