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Lovely conversation with Simon, Patrix, Hoi, Kham.

As previously stated I’m not really interested in any Solar System model, but Simon’s model explaining what we see in the sky every night is most fascinating and potentially revolutionary.

Could the propaganda be a cover for this potentially super disruptive astronomical model?

A must listen.

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  2. gaia

    It is good to see Simon Shack shaving on his (for now at least partly promising because working, but still not valid) “only scientific model of our solar system”.

    Abrasion gives luster

    For those not keeping up with the luckily more frequent posts over at Cluesforum: here

    In this quite strange post of his, in which the assumptions pile up higher than the fake skeletons in Charly Darwin’s closet, “researcher” Simon Shack just quotes a post from Quora (!) which is unreferenced (!!) in which some claims are made Mr. Shackel did not care to investigate further. I will do his job. Again.

    Let’s see if he starts calling the one “denying” space travel exists an “ESA shill”, that must have been the most twisted ad hominem I have had since coming on here…

    Simon Shack:

    “Emme Tolo” is the name given by the Dogon tribe [fait accompli?] to a third hypothetical body in the Sirius system (which other researchers refer to as “Sirius C”) – an elusive / invisible body that may nonetheless exist: in 1994, a French academic study concluded that “Sirius C” may, in fact, quite possibly exist.”


    Simon Shack:

    “Even more curious are the allegations [thank you Simon] that the Dogon tribe somehow knew about a small satellite revolving around Emme Ya Tolo (a.k.a. “Sirius C”) which they named Nyan Tolo”.

    Troy Jason:

    “According to modern astronomy, there are no known planets in the Sirius star system. However, according to the Dogon tribe in West Africa, the people that described the existence [“fact”?] of the star Sirius B; and the DNA pattern of the stars Sirius A and B through space, claims there is indeed an unknown planet in the Sirius system. They call it ‘Nyan tolo’. Furthermore, they claim that Nyan tolo is a ‘satellite’ of a hypothetical star called Sirius C.

    In addition to the Dogon’s claims the Mayan 260 day calendar may mark the orbital period of that same planet (satellite) around the theoretical star Sirius C.

    The Dogons claim that the Sirius system is not only a binary star system, they believe it’s a ‘Triple Star System’. They state there’s a ‘3rd Star’ that’s more voluminous (larger), and four times lighter (less dense) than Sirius B. But, that’s not all. They tell us that the Third Star has a satellite ( like Earth’s satellite – the Moon).”

    Simon’s conclusion based on the above claims.

    Simon Shack:
    “In other words, IF it turns out one fine day that Sirius C and its satellite “Nyan Tolo” truly exist (and exhibit the above proportions), we will have to conclude – beyond reasonable doubt [even getting a bigger caliber to shoot yourself in the foot?] – that the Sirius binary system is “the Twin Family” of our binary Solar System :

    Sirius A = the twin of our Sun
    Sirius B = the twin of Mars
    Sirius C = the twin of Earth
    Nyan Tolo = the twin of our Moon”

    A l’aveuglette, without thinking, or researching, he just dumps that on Cluesforum…

    No Simon, that is not what we can conclude, and I will explain why:

    Simon is careful in wording his assumptions about the premises/”facts”. But what he is not doing, and that is what a good researcher needs to do; is investigating if these so-called “facts” are really facts.

    Fakeology 1.0

    It cannot be I have to even make this remark to the author of September Clues. He should have standards for which claims he takes seriously.

    1 – it is claimed that the Dogon people of West Africa were advanced archaeoastronomers who observed the brightest star in the skies, Sirius and concluded it was a binary, no, now triple star. With even a moon around Sirius C, which was only seen by the Dogon in Mali. Without telescopes apparently.

    2 – it is claimed “according to Maya astronomy” “maybe” the 260 day cycle in their calendar has to do with the orbit of “this moon around Sirius C”.

    A – the whole basis of point 1 is a book published in 1976 called “The Sirius Mystery”, written by a certain Robert K.G. Temple. You can read the book for yourselves here.

    The next edition of his book (I hope we don’t have to also wait 22 years for a TYCHOS 2.0 version…) had the curious additional title “New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago”…

    Can we expect a similar title for TYCHOS 2.0? Because until now, Simon Shack takes this guy seriously. About Sirius. And Dogon.

    B – these two statements can never be logically true; If the Dogon people of Mali are the only ones in the world who recognized Sirius C (they called Emme Ya Tolo), then the Maya, who by definition did not recognize Sirius C can never have used their 260 days (referring to Venus, the most obvious candidate) for Sirius C or its moon.

    You cannot logically estimate the characteristics of something you don’t even recognize.

    C – Outside of this, I am also very skeptical that they even talk about Sirius. The Quora writer Troy Jason, studied at Experienced Structural /mechanical Designer – Futurist (apparently also a serious source for Simon) claims this 260 day period may have to do withSirius in Maya astronomy.

    Yet, five minutes of browsing and thus scratching just the surface gives:

    Historia de la astronomía – Maya – Venus

    Fue el objeto astronómico de mayor interés para los mayas.

    Es muy probable que lo hayan conocido mejor que nadie. Conocieron a la perfección el periodo Sinódico de Venus (el tiempo que queda para que la Tierra y Venus se alineen con respecto al Sol) : 583.92 días.

    También se dieron cuenta que toma 2922 días para que Saturno, Tierra y Venus se alineen con respecto a las estrellas. Para sus cálculos del calendario usaban los números enteros (584 para Venus).

    Notaron que el Sol deja de observarse 8 días alrededor de la conjunción inferior, cuando Venus aparece de nuevo en el cielo de la mañana, se le conoce como Salida Heliaca porque sale junto con el Sol, era la posición mas importante de Venus para los Mayas.

    Después de levantarse, [V]enus alcanzara su máximo brillo cuando se encuentre en su máxima Elongación Oeste.
    En este punto tiene un movimiento retrogrado alejándose del Sol.
    Después de permanecer brillando 260 días en el cielo matutino hasta alcanzar la Conjunción Superior. Pierde brillo y prácticamente no se ve durante 50 días, después de los cuales sale de nuevo para brillar 260 días.

    Pasa por su máxima Elongación Este. Los Mayas hicieron observaciones de Venus y Júpiter durante el día. Sacrificaban a sus victimas durante le primera aparición después de la conjunción superior cuando Venus se encontraba en su máximo brillo. Tenían la salida heliaca después de la conjunción inferior.”

    which I will not translate (Spanish is the easiest world language), but only refers to Venus. Not Sirius. Sirius (Sirio in Spanish) is not even mentioned on the Maya astronomy page.

    And on this page on Sirius, the Maya are not even named in relation.

    So where that Quora writer made that (maybe) link I don’t know, but taking such crap for granted by Simon I do know is an unhealthy example of conspie thinking which is not truth seeking.

    Now I might be mistaken and the Maya used both for Venus and Sirius a period of 260 days, but then still Simon needs to do the work to provide a source for that. So far, there is none.

    Back to Simon’s conclusion:

    Simon Shack:
    “In other words, IF it turns out one fine day that Sirius C and its satellite “Nyan Tolo” truly exist (and exhibit the above proportions), we will have to conclude – beyond reasonable doubt [even getting a bigger caliber to shoot yourself in the foot?] – that the Sirius binary system is “the Twin Family” of our binary Solar System :

    Sirius A = the twin of our Sun
    Sirius B = the twin of Mars
    Sirius C = the twin of Earth
    Nyan Tolo = the twin of our Moon”

    No Simon, what we have to conclude is:

    1 – you don’t research simple-to-verify-or-find-answers-to claims made on fucking (ask what they think about space travel!)

    2 – you assume the reported sizes of Sirius A, B and thus C are correct. Where is this assumption based on? Who decided for the diameters of stars? Is that based on ground-based observations that real telescopes can make or do we have to rely on your ESA friends you hosted in your house, but I am the ESA shill apparently, and their Hipparcos, Gaia and other “space telescopes” and their parallax data in categories you recently and quite silently had to just dump because the holes in your model were getting too big?

    3 – following from this; knowing about the importance of standards in truth seeking, verification of claims and statements; truth seeking, and that you are a healthy man living in Italy, you are not stupid. What is it now, Simon? Which ad hominem are you going to throw to me, or do you finally admit your cherry picking and unhealthily uncritical attitude is not bringing you closer to the Final Solution?

    I left the Fakeologist Discord because we have a clear disagreement in desired direction. The direction of Fakeologist Discord has been clearly stated by the moderator of it, Geris, and my own desired direction is; more standards, more critical review, a consistent way of thinking and approach, science as weapon against scientism, not taking every YT video for granted and parrot its contents without checking and more backing up arguments and providing sources. This set is not the same as Fakeologist Discord’s direction.

    That is perfectly fine, I can take my standards elsewhere and share them and work on them better. And I am working hard to make our Agenda 2020 Colombia conference into a success. Donate to Geris on Patreon! It is worth it.

    Flabbergasted, also on Cluesforum, you really need to look into the Piri Reis map. You cannot seriously take that out-of-place artifact, a unique map of Antarctica, allegedly laying 416 years undiscovered in the Topkape palace in Istanbul/Constantinople for granted. It is much more likely a 1920s fake, think about the time and the propaganda of Turkey (Atatürk)…

    Podcasts about this and other maps linked in this incomplete yet comprehensive list:…

    More historical forgeries on Fakeopedia:…

    With on-going research on a possible alternative historical chronology, with the ideas of Anatoly Fomenko at hand:…

  3. observer

    Hello all ? How are you fellow thinkers? Hopefully healthy & happy.

    I think you are intelligent enough to understand Simon’s Tychos model.
    Also I think you would honestly admit if a model-data conflict were found.
    And so, here I will endeavor to explain the Tychos-Parallax conflict I found:…

    I think you will enjoy pondering the existence of this Tychos-Parallax conflict.
    If you agree, feel free to share – since Simon banned me for discovering this.
    If you can find any illogic in my sentences or visuals, please do let me know.



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