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      1. mahatmacoat

        Contributions, thanks for the open admittance i am dismissed because i am not a shareholder in the shareholders list on the right.

        In general, what do empty vessels make?

        You denied being a fellow traveller of John which was disingenuous if not repugnant dishonesty. Bin the radio plug you had me record.

        President Ahmadinejad is the Fonz.


      2. mahatmacoat

        ‘People are ants’ and ‘human resources’.

        We hear and see that shit through the mainstream, lo and behold we find it here also..

        Egocentric sociopathic wanker fuck off.

        1. Vespadouglas

          “dismssed ?”……but youre still posting here……why are you not off skipping in line behind the pied piper of ramblin’ ? as lifetime actor john(ny rotten) lydon once said ,”never trust a hippy” …….maybe humble could interview adams and discuss fakeologist

          1. mahatmacoat

            Please repeat yourself a third time and give me a good belly laugh Digmore Lambretta, either that or quiet down, the grown ups are talking and waiting for Scabby Rahtoe to post his last 55 where he said there can be no friendship here as everyone is just an ant and human resource to him. It will make a choice YouTube.

            Lydon, who was a rent boy at the House of Commons never said anything of the sort, that came from manager/handler Malcolm McClaren who was out of King Mob, an offshoot of the Situationist International. A Situationist International slogan was ‘never trust a prankster’, McClaren just adapted it for the time to ‘never trust a hippy’.

            And you accuse me of being a blind follower. The irony.
            Do you homework next time, but please don’t stand as close when you report back, the overpowering stench of Scabby Rahtoe’s ejaculate is vomit inducing.

            Pot kettle.

    1. gaia

      Kudos on your to-the-point haiku, mahatma, you nailed it in just three phrases and it takes a silent yet sane observer to do that.

      Chi va piano va sano.

  1. smj

    are you sure you’re built for this shit gaia? i’m no psichologist of course; but you seem to me to be an emotional wreck. maybe you should find another hobby.

    1. gaia

      Right on the last part and using the vera in uno, vera in omnibus approach also on the first. So a good step to find a more stable emotional environment.

  2. Dave J

    This is once again the best resource to use when Debunking this latest HOAX, I am very happy to report that Nobody died and nobody got hurt. That makes me very happy indeed. I understand it goes against the Powers that be and thier desire to (steer) aka BS emotion in another direction. I however can not seem to get myself to care about their “feeling” and or desires in that matter. As a Matter of fact Congrats to all involved in uncovering the Hoax and the truth of this matter even if only those that trully “care”……… care to see the truth. again good work one and all.

    I used the word Care in the above to also illistrate a Use of the so called Image of “care” or Owl within some of the Fraternal orders that run the currant(back forth, up/down, wave etc) “shows” displays and Presentations we see and hear about. ONCE you OFFER yourself and or Sacrifice yourself aka YOUR MIND to CARE, YOU have given your Body as well because your actions will be dictated by the Emotion that caring promote. Once they have your mind the body follows. It is allows about the words they use and the meaning are sometimes best seen in the reflection of the Common meaning.

  3. davieb

    Loved Ab’s thoughts at the 30 minute mark

    Ab, when Howard said why would they do this? make up deaths of kid hockey players, I think I know why they do this.

    first the tv is dying if not dead, no young people watch tv, heck I dont watch tv, youtube, netflix are way better than tv
    second there are so many of these disaster stories now, bus crashes, mass shootings, police shootings etc. there never used to be this many stories like this before, this is a relatively new phenonemon

    the reason why: MONEY
    $6 million dollars was recieved in a few days MONEY
    people that dont normally watch tv are now watching the news to see the latest from Humboldt, MONEY
    money for the network in advertising revenue

    this is the way these dying dinosaurs are kept alive, by these fake disaster, tragedy stories.
    there is nothing satanic, or sinister about it.
    who got harmed? people were entertained by the tv from their everyday boring lives, sure they may have been upset for the victims for a few moments, but they then later quickly forget about it and do something else in theyre everyday boring lives
    gave away some money that they normally would have thrown away anyways,

    ps: add natural disasters like hurricanes and floods to the list

  4. John le Bon

    The last 30 or 40 minutes of the call were golden. Even Gaia’s contributions helped to add the discussion, in the sense that he played the role of the village idiot very well, and sometimes this role is required for contrast.

    I don’t personally know John Adams and, like most everybody else on this site, wish him no harm or disrespect when I share my honest opinion that this Annette Carrion story is choc-full of hoax markers. I also mean no disrespect to Ab et al when I say that I am not terribly concerned about Baby Hoaxes (as I call them), or media stories at Baby-tier level which may or may not be ‘real’ — partly because I accept that I have so little evidence to go by.

    As my old buddy Lesta would say, the MSM provide us with a lack of sufficient proof. We can make our inferences, sometimes strong inferences, but they are only inferences, based off of information which comes to us directly from known deceivers. Is it beyond the MSM to pull the old ‘Serbian-Jesuit Double Bluff‘?

    With all of that out of the way, I was impressed by what Ab had to say towards the end of the call:

    i) Let’s be logical, not emotional.
    ii) Nobody is ‘friends’ here.

    How amusing that this was challenged with, ‘but you two used to support each other, you should show more respect, people have feelings’. And who put forward this challenge? A man who has made a name for himself, accusing innocent people of being ‘psychopaths’ and even stalking them on different websites!

    Gaia, shame on you, you lovable fool. Like Gilligan but with a meaner heart and a more endearing accent.

    Shame shame shame. Take a look at yourself in a mirror. There is hope for you yet, Gaia, but first you must accept that there is a serious and ongoing contradiction between your professed values and your actions.

    Kudos to Faye for picking up on this contradiction.

    For selfish reasons I hope that John Adams does return to Fakeologist. I enjoyed my chats with him. It is nice to talk to a calm person who likes to read books and think about things. If, however, this is the last we have heard from John Adams on this platform, then I wish he and the rest of the HBC crew all the best for the future.

    The last thing I want to see anybody on FAK or HBC get involved in is a net carry-on.

      1. UNreal

        I’m sorry to say Ab – your decision to purge content from your website compromises the discussion of the Annette A. Carrion case of which both John Adams public contribution under @everyone as well as Dave J’s suppressed Youtube video are integral parts.

        Censorship is not gradual – once you start to censor – you cross onto the other side of free speech.

        Anyone who still can honestly say the Annette Carrion story holds up to scrutiny seeing all that is brought up in the Fakeologist forum thread – they are surely not worth to be called researchers of fakery and PsyOps.

        1. ab Post author

          Sorry I came to a classic Canadian compromise. I agree I don’t want to start censoring but made this hopefully one time exception. Your work and others has blown this case out of the water. John has not bothered to make a case for what he says are personal reasons. True or not, he probably knows his credibility here has been reduced or lost by presenting the story. Hopefully he will keep reading stories to us, and stay away from what we see as baby hoaxes.

        2. UNreal

          From the evidence and unfolding of the Annette Carrion case there are just no valid reasons to be apologetic towards John Adams behaviour who has demonstrated every habitual tactic of every crisis actor false witness that has been throughly investigated.

          On free speech the point i tried to make is very simple, free expression of opinion is no longer free when you intervene. Which you now assume and justify with no valid argument other than emotion procured by the pressure exhorted on you from a now unreliable source.

          And while it might appear i’m angry – i’m actually not. I’m just sorry you and other wishful thinkers still are hopefully entertaining the idea that the very person that brought on the problem of Annette Carrion to Fakeologist will ever solve the situation he sought out to create.

          So pity on you and others who sacrifice truth for confort.

          1. UNreal

            What is certain is that there is a number of members and now non-members that does not want the Annette Carrion case to be solved nor investigated.

            The fact someone new to the case might no longer be able to view the initial Dave J video might mislead them to think that need to see this material in order to understand the Carrion case.

            Dave J’s video and person is becoming all the more a red herring used to defer attention from the quantity of arguments put forth in the forum – which is far from being just numbers.

            Conveniently there is close to no discussion on air of the many tangible and new elements of this case presented in forum.

            1. UNreal

              Ha – i’m already talking about it..

              Suppose you allude to an audio discussion – but not sure if i’ll be as helpful as one might think. I’ve taken interest in the case out of the general interest of new or less seasoned researchers – but in my opinion there is no surprise or excuse about the likes of Adams and his minions – nor apologetic attitudes choosing trust over knowledge.

              And for reasons now easy to explain, the same club of culture creation analysts were among those who mindlessly but deceptively attacked EGI to the point where any form of intelligible discussion on this platform became nul and void.

  5. xileffilex

    Another excellent chat – wish I could have got in. Problem rectified I think
    ‘Where do they all go to?’ That’s the $64K question. Most sports people don’t make it to the top, so why not bale out early with a nice bonus and a new life in warmer climes? Dave J’s been saying it longest – ‘nobody died, nobody got hurt’ , a great mantra for Fakeologists

    It’s worth revisiting the early comments on the Carrion thread – all this could have been nipped in the bud if John Adams had answered some simple questions early on to a topic he introduced

    As UNreal said
    The fact we here now need to investigate the case is only because the best situated, directly concerned researcher sailed out the backdoor leaving a distasteful turd for all of us to deal with.

    Ab’s reply
    I hope John Adams comes back and tells us all how all of the above evidence is explained in the “this is real” context.

    Gaia please note

    – xile [nobody’s friend here]

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