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FayeYesterday at 5:52 PM

A message from The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh following the recent bus crash in Canada Published 8 April 2018 “Prince Philip and I were saddened to hear word of the crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost so much, with their families and with all Canadians who grieve with them at this difficult time. Elizabeth R.”
A semi-trailer slammed into a bus carrying a youth hockey team in western Canada, killing 15 people and injuring 14 in a catastrophic collision that left a country and its national sport heartbroke…

FayeYesterday at 6:04 PM

GaiaYesterday at 6:20 PM

0;Among the dead are Broncos head coach Darcy Haugan, team captain Logan Schatz, 20, Stephen Wack, 21, Jaxon Joseph, 20, Adam Herold, 16, Logan Hunter, 18, Logan Boulet, 21, and radio announcer Tyler Bieber.” www.thesun.co.uk/news/5994502/…(edited)
THE first pictures of  junior ice hockey players killed in a bus crash in Canada have emerged as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces the country is “in mourning”. Humboldt Broncos w…

The remote Saskatchewan intersection where the Humboldt Broncos bus crashed on Friday, killing 15, has seen tragedy before: a family from B.C. was killed in the same spot in 1997.

chris746Yesterday at 6:27 PM

majority of Saskatchewan upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia…


GaiaYesterday at 6:27 PM

i.cbc.ca/1.4610485.1523213226!… “On Sunday, two RCMP officers laid flowers at the crash site in memory of those killed. (CBC)” So that means it is already cleaned up on Sunday, 1.5 days after a major crime scene??

chris746Yesterday at 6:29 PM

lol i guess
good find

GaiaYesterday at 6:32 PM

Of 29 people aboard the bus, among the 15 who died: 10 players, two coaches, an intern, a play-by-play announcer and the driver. Others remain in hospital recovering from their injuries. One player was released on Saturday. The truck driver survived and was initially detained by RCMP. He has since been released and is receiving psychological support. Statistics: – 30 people – 15 died (50%) – 14 injured (47%) – 1 survived without a scratch (3.3%) – 1 released next day, so hardly injured = not injured + light injury (6.6%)


April 10, 2018

dave jToday at 2:20 AM

Humboldt Bus Hoax is a Humbug, Nobody died and Nobody got hurt . Great news indeed
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