14 thoughts on “Humboldt Broncos bus crash hoax: the media is central to the story

  1. xileffilex

    This is the key “witness” photo from the auto window into the sun – key journo Vanderbrekel again

    Chris Vandenbreekeln @Vandecision
    This picture was just sent to us by a witness at the Humboldt Broncos crash. STARS dispatched, RCMP on scene. #sask #SJHL
    6:03 pm – 6 Apr 2018 [8:03 PM local time, day of “crash”]

    Apr 7 [7.49 PM local time next day]
    No I didn’t. This was the only photo sent to me.

  2. xileffilex

    How did this solitary, well circulated photo of the “crash” emerge?

    A motorist who passed the scene sent a photo of the crash site to The StarPhoenix.

    Just like that!

    The supply of images from this psy-op was highly tightly controlled. Thanks to the compliant media. Always part and direct beneficiaries of any hoax.

  3. Johan Backes


    Taken today from York University arena (Canlan Ice Sports York) of Mark Cross Humboldt Broncos assistant coach when he was a player with the York Lions varsity team.

    Blatant 666 hand sign….

  4. xileffilex

    Here’s another journo, that night…
    Chris Vandenbreekel @Vandecision
    Apr 6 [11:02 PM]
    I approached the Humboldt Broncos crash site from Hwy 335 W. Police blockade is large, but I can see at least a dozen vehicles with lights flashing at the Hwy 35 junction where the crash happened. RCMP have confirmed there are fatalities. #sask

    Chris Vandenbreekel @Vandecision
    Apr 6 [11:06 PM local time]
    It’s actually firefighters from Nipawin guarding Highway 335 west of the collision site. Firefighters aren’t typically tasked with traffic control. Goes to show the scope of what the response at this scene is like. #sask

    Chris Vandenbreekel @Vandecision
    A father of one of the victims is about 30 ft from me. He is kneeling on the road and crying. Friends who drove him tell me “he lost his boy and doesn’t know what to do.” They were in Nipawin waiting for the game. #sask
    9:17 pm – 6 Apr 2018 [11:17 PM local time]

    So, the dead are identified and names handed out in the dark to passing drivers?
    Someone corrects the journo that those safe pairs of hands in any hoax, the fire brigade, often do traffic control in rural areas of Canada. I wouldn’t know myself.

  5. xileffilex

    The journos were kept away for nearly two days
    Here’s McIntosh’s twitpic, timed at 1:31 PM April 8th

    She’s just left the area 2 hours ago, April 10, job done.

    And another, 1.42 PM April 8th. [CBC]

    Scene set go!

    Journos were kept well back the previous day

    Adam MacVicar @AdamMacVicar [Global Saskatoon]

    We’re back at the barricade south Nipawin just west of the crash site. Fire officials from Nipawin tells me they’re flying a drone over the crash now as part of the investigation. #humboldt #HumboltBroncos @globalnews

    10:32 am – 7 Apr 2018 [12:32 PM local time]
    [and the drone footage is on social media [yes!] by 3pm local time…]

    Michael Price @ariieess
    19h19 hours ago
    Replying to @AdamMacVicar @globalnews
    look at the view going north on 35 to the intersection. there are trees lining 35 going south and east on 335 for a house on SE corner of highway. 6 crosses there from crash in 97. the trees create a blind spot so u can’t see vehicles approaching going west on 335.

    [so why not chop them down 20 years ago? Keep them for future psy-ops?]

  6. xileffilex

    I watched the follow on NP videos – not a very convincing performance by the President of the Broncos, Kevin Garinger, who just happened to be away in Edmonton, Alberta on a “family emergency basically”

    It’s not just the journos, you have to send in the doctors, as with all hoaxes, just one or two, as in this case
    We all trust doctors, don’t we? They don’t lie, they’re here to cure us and make us better, right, they’ve signed the Hippocratic oath right?
    Dr Hassan Masri in action here , Boston style, Pulse style…

    nicely teed up for the lead comment…from a YouTube account with no content [hmmm]
    M. Cross
    1 day ago
    As the brother of one of the deceased, a relative of one of the paramedics who work on and transported some of the players and a healthcare professional myself, I’d like to thank all who were involved in the process of taking care of the young men my brother (Assistant Coach Mark Cross) loved and cared about so much. In this whirl wind of devastation, I heard great things about all medical staff involved. I’m very proud of all of you. I’m very sorry you had to witness “our” worst nightmare, but am thankful for you all.?

    Go to 0.40 in the following video for a great Robbie Parker moment

    1. ab Post author

      I am wondering who is real and who isn’t on the team. Is it possible the dead are sims and the previously living are the “survivors”? Like a magic trick, I am curious how it’s done.

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  8. Faye

    We can view this as a special type of reporting which adresses directly the potentially raised questions of the public and answers them in an interview.

    “If this scenery does not convince you to be the scene of a tragic accident, you should know that you are right, it does really not look like that, but it is not because no accident happened, it is because the scene of such an accident always is cleaned after the accident.

    I cannot but think of Mike Walter of USA TODAY who witnessed the “plane that hit the Pentagon” on 9/11 2001.

    In that case the reporter reported the incident he witnessed, which resulted in such a confusing situation for the public (because it was too obvious that it was fake), that Mike Walter had to give two additional interviews to explain himself and the media presence at the Pentagon on that day.

    September Clues Full Version – (00:15:40)


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