Humboldt bus crash hoax: GoFundMe surging like oil isn’t

like this

Do I hear 9 million?

Oil isn’t surging, but this campaign sure is. Canada may be #1 soon?!…

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3 thoughts on “Humboldt bus crash hoax: GoFundMe surging like oil isn’t

  1. xileffilex…
    “I need to do something…..i wanted to do something… let’s do a gofundme,..sure,we can pay for parking or coffee for parents at the hospital..”
    Very noble
    [but only for parents with “surviving” players I guess]

    Total raised currently $8.625m

    1. ab Post author

      I was also reminded that GoFundMe takes 7%. That’s a very healthy payday. I am wonder how much they will be donating back to the shattered community. If the funds are distributed fairly to the participants then we need look no further past the primary motivation driving all humans:greed for why the psyops are perpetrated.


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