Humboldt Hockey Bus Crash hoax: compressed time for a compressed spine

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A couple of days later after breaking his (lumbar) spine for a total paralysis from the waist down injury, this guy is slumped in bed without any sign of a brace with PM Boflex?

This is an example of a made-for-tv-movie timeline, where the general TV educated public is conditioned to believe that dramatic, traumatic medical episodes that normally take weeks and even years to stabilize are solved in a 44 minute tell-a-lie-vision hour.

Completely ridiculous, of course, and more proof you are dealing with a fabricated event.

WATCH: The parents of Ryan Straschnitzki, one of the Humboldt Broncos players injured in Friday’s bus crash say their son is paralyzed from the waist down, but say he’s strong and a fighter.

Source: ‘This is a young man that is not going to quit’: Airdrie bus crash survivor recovers after surgery | Globalnews.caPrime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Humboldt Broncos crash survivor Ryan Straschnitzki in hospital on April 8, 2018.

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18 thoughts on “Humboldt Hockey Bus Crash hoax: compressed time for a compressed spine

  1. xileffilex

    Hoax management ctd.
    Strong Straz has now been moved to Philadelphia’s Shriners Hospital for “specialised spinal treatment” which obviously isn’t available in Canada….
    As some of the duped commenters correctly suggest, Ryan will indeed walk again. I’m sure of that.……
    Why isn’t he in a wheelchair for this press briefing, rather, for maximum effect, he’s strapped onto a gurney. Ridiculous.……

    1. ab Post author

      All part of the movie-of-the-week compressed time line. Time was compressed, not his spinal cord. My brother broke his lower (L3?) spine, and was rehabilitated here in Toronto at Lyndhurst. It’s been 30 years, but the timeline was much much longer and he had far less paralysis at the onset. Toronto has some of the best medical programs in the world, and it’s beyond rare for a taxpayer funded (Gofundme?) health system to go outside of Canada unless the therapy wasn’t available at all anywhere in Canada. He’s clearly a (bad) actor.

  2. xileffilex

    Checkup for Kaleb Dahlgren

    April 9 “Seriously injured”
    He’s also an insulin-dependant Type 1 diabetic, but has drawn on his illness to help others. He was the driving force behind a program he called “Dahlgren’s Diabeuties” which provided free tickets to diabetic kids.

    April 10
    “It has been a very stressful and emotional last few days,” Mark Dahlgren wrote on social media.
    His 21-year-old son, Kaleb, a forward from Saskatoon, was stable.
    “Despite the horrific nature of the crash, he is holding his own,” Dahlgren said. “He has lots of pain/swelling and some other injuries to overcome but we know he will prevail.”

    April 12 “recovering in hospital” [looking great]……

    April 14…
    I..have to follow strict guidelines from specialists regarding my recovery…guidelines include refraining from the use of my phone & restricting visitors… …if anyone feels the need to contact me, please contact Erykah Pool

    [who no doubt took the photos and sent the tweets, which seem to have dried up]

    April 22
    ..displays [Philadelphia] #Flyers paraphernalia sent from Bob Clarke……

    still no details of the injuries, which must be much more serious than those of media star Ryan Straschnitzki for the media to be kept away from the hospital….

    1. xileffilex

      Time to push Dahlgren into the media spotlight –
      he’s positively beaming, grinning from ear to ear [after all his friends have “died” in the “crash”]

      Kaleb doesn’t remember anything, he wakes up 4 days later. “this is not right” !”did we win the game?” suuuuure

      he looked into his phone and it’s “Humboldt Strong”everywhere…

      Dad Mark also seems pretty chipper. Why so happy?
      “It’s real” [big smile]
      “one of his room mates was one of the guys who ‘passed away'” [hence the big smiles, I suppose]
      Kaleb even tried to text him! But couldn’t, remembering that he’d died, exclaiming “He’s not there” [I bet he did though]

      Oh, Kaleb has a brain injury and wants to make sure his brain is ‘fully healed’ before he does anything else….that’s his biggest barrier to moving on. The “crash” was a “curveball”

      Here’s Kaleb in physiotherapy [May 4]

      Humboldt Broncos crash survivor Kaleb Dahlgren’s road to recovery
      Dahlgren ‘s injuries included multiple spinal franctures and a skull fracture
      “A fractured and punctured skull, some brain damage, two broken and three cracked vertebrae in his neck and four [vertebrae] broken in his back”
      “Two years for a completely full recovery”
      But he had to miss all the “funerals”, he was too sick.
      Dad has been rubbing the grief irritant into his eyes this time.

      The dad’s tale – back in smiling mode and greater detail…

      Father of Broncos bus crash survivor tells his story about that day

      Suuuuure, he was allowed into the “crash” site…. he “got within 20 feet of the bus….first responders pulling people out of the bus…we thought nobody made it,….lots of people but none of them alive…. We were there for a while before somebody shooed us out “[suuuuure]

      Just a convoluted story. They’ve had 5 weeks to learn it but it still still needs plenty of cuts.

      1. xileffilex

        And the compressed recovery time frame continues…Kaleb Dahlgren has signed to play for York University, Toronto this fall – the diabetic having

        sustained a brain injury, along with multiple broken and cracked bones in both his neck and back. He’s recovering nicely, though, and says he’s currently “six or seven” on a scale of one to 10.

        in the “crash”.

        Not bad going. Here he is getting into physical shape, having got right mentally already – [video]…

        Adam Herold’s mum doesn’t seem to want to be in the media spotlight, letting dad do the talking in a rather green-screeny looking environment

        1. ab Post author

          Yes her hair moved but the field was still. Great production values from Postmedia (which hasn’t made money its entire life of 20+ years).

  3. xileffilex

    Ryan’s the star of the show now
    IT’s got to be done, I guess, not sure where it’s all going…

    “feeling good, better, got lots of rest getting ready to do rehab tonight, so feeling goodit’s surreal” [being back in Alberta]
    “how long can you sit now?” about an hour, hour and a half , yeaterday I did two hours..getting to the point where I will be able to sit in it for possibly three hours so it’s getting better”

    But it’s always a good time to repeat the official narrative…

    but compare the above with this near tearful session from the same film set – Susan Ormiston does the staged empathy act for the CBC viewers with her one-to-one. note standard techniques used at 2:15…
    A strangely negative interview in contrast to the bubbly press conferene…
    “”Just maybe, you know, the possibility that things won’t get better,” he told the CBC’s Susan Ormiston.”

    “He’s also struggling to recover emotionally — especially after he was too injured to attend his friends’ funerals.
    “I’m doing this all for them,” he said, tearing up at the memory of his teammates. “That’s how I remember them, so they’re always there.”
    His parents said it was the first time he’s cried.”

    except the eye rubbing didn’t seem to do the Obama trick [at about 2:56 in the video] which ended in a cut scene.

    Meanwhile back in Saskatoon, 5, down from 6, of Ryan’s chums whom he’s chatting to on modern media are still in hospital [allegedly]…
    Wednesday, April 25, 2018 in News Release
    Saskatchewan Health Authority is providing an update on patients being cared for and their condition, working within privacy legislation, related to the tragic Humboldt Broncos accident.
    As of 10:30 a.m. today, 5 individuals remain in hospital in Saskatoon; currently, none are listed in critical condition.
    Media are being asked not come into hospital in order to respect the privacy of families and their loved ones. Families and friends require the ability to be in open, common spaces within our hospital to heal in private without being approached for interviews.

    as ever, when # NDNGH

    1. xileffilex

      However, no sign at the press conference of Graysen Cameron who’s lying in the same Foothills Hospital in Calgary. Even stranger, on April 7, he was said to be OK!

      On April 10, he had friends lolling on his bed [LOL!]

      And here he is [left hand photo, Ryan on the right] on April 24, injuries or condition still not clarified, or expanded upon from “OK”…
      Perhaps he’s not so good speaking in front of camera.

      1. ab Post author

        Do you realize you may be the only person in the whole wide world who has made the connection on this particular story? I also realized I might be the only one who actually is grateful for This research. You may be the only true investigative reporter that actually is assembling the puzzle pieces to show The hoax. It’s truly amazing how little the world cares about the details of anything.

  4. xileffilex

    Another remarkable healing injury, that of Matthieu Gomercic
    Gomercic suffered several lacerations, an injured jaw and broken shoulder, according to Donna Mikkola, who was the player’s billet family in Steinbach.

    Mikkola confirmed Gomercic’s condition Friday night via Matthieu’s parents, Joanne and Rob, who are in Saskatchewan with their son. They couldn’t be reached for comment on Saturday.
    source April 7 2018

    strangely, his uncle Hubert Girard has a different story
    Matthieu Gomercic was sitting in the back row of the Humboldt Broncos team bus when the crash occurred.
    His uncle said that because of the head injury Mr. Gomercic sustained, he doesn’t remember much of the destruction
    Doctors told Mr. Gomercic on Sunday that the hemorrhaging had stopped, prompting the left-winger to say goodbye to his fellow survivors at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon before making the hour-long trip back to Humboldt for a vigil where the country watched as a community knit together by the team attempted to reconcile its loss in real time.

    Mr. Gomercic and Nick Shumlanski are the only Broncos confirmed to have been discharged from the hospital.
    source April 9 2018

    On the other hand, we have a third story…
    Matthieu Gomercic’s survival was a “miracle” and his injuries were minor, the friend said.
    source also April 7

    However, we learn here that Mikkola spoke to Gomercic by phone, so that ought to be the true story, right?
    source April 9 2018
    but the same article quotes his mother…
    While Matthieu Gomercic’s mom told CBC News she isn’t ready to speak publicly just yet, she confirmed the 20-year-old, who escaped with minor injuries, headed straight to the Humboldt arena upon his release.

    Another remarkable recovery, allowing him to do the Jeff Bauman bit at the Winnipeg Jets game, April 21 2018…
    The crowd rose to their feet and cheered after the P.A. announcer asked the audience to “please give a warm welcome to Matthieu Gomercic and his family.”
    He looks a little uneasy in the photo. Perhaps he’s confused about the various reported injuries he is supposed to have suffered.

  5. xileffilex

    Recovery continues back home in Alberta, hear his mates…
    April 19 2018
    “I think he’s happy about being closer to home”

    Ryan, who turns 19 on Friday, flew home with his mother Thursday morning on a MedEvac plane.
    “The care we got here in Saskatchewan was phenomenal. Everyone was great. So, I think he’ll miss that part but he is closer to home and now all his buddies can come see him,” Tom said.

    “There’s going to be a tidal wave of friends coming so that should perk him up

    Rayn [sic] will continue his recovery at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary, his father said, adding that he’s still in a considerable amount of pain.
    “They figure about two, three months of rehab and trying to train him to be an individual and do it himself,” Tom said. “That’s just a ballpark figure.”

    “Six people remained in hospital as of 2:15 p.m. Thursday, two of them in critical condition, the Saskatchewan Health Authority said in an update on patient condition.”

    Strangely we never see these people, and they don’t seem to get bedside visits from Trudeau & Ceau

  6. xileffilex

    He’s actually sitting up in bed, so we’re told, on the 9th April, within 3 days.…

    Monday when therapists helped him sit up for the very first time. **

    He was also chatty in bed, laying out the official narrative of the ‘crash’
    “All of a sudden the bus driver screamed ‘whoa’ and I looked up and the semi driver was crossing our path,”
    True to the tight-knit nature of the Broncos bunch he was so proud to play for, Straschnitzki’s immediate thoughts turned to helping out.

    “I kept calling out guys’ names and asking if there was anything I could do,” said Straschnitzki from his bed at Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital Tuesday.

    “All I wanted to do was just help my teammates, but I just couldn’t move my legs.
    “I had a couple teammates lying in front of me. I was in shock and didn’t know what to think.
    “Nick Shumlanski had blood on his face and he was moaning in pain. Logan Boulet was next to him. Then I saw Bryce Fiske – his head was up and he had blood on his face but I wasn’t sure what was going on. I later found out in the hospital what had happened to him.”

    “We had people who had pulled over their cars who didn’t want to lift me because they didn’t know what was wrong – I said I couldn’t feel my legs so they didn’t move my neck and they waited for the ambulance,” he said.
    “I laid on the ground for at least 10 minutes, then they picked me up and rushed me to the Nipawin hospital and that’s all I remember.”

    ** But it’s not just his spine….
    A broken left clavicle, broken ribs, internal bleeding in the head all contribute to his daily pain, but it’s a spinal fracture that has doctors telling him the prognosis of him walking again is not good.

    He must be made of iron.

    More [posthumous] heroics reported in the same article –
    [Logan] Boulet was fatally wounded in the crash but was kept on life support long enough to have his organs donated to six patients in need, as per his instructions on the organ donor card he signed after his recent 21st birthday

    And in another bed, we have another hoax favorite, the induced coma…
    Dayna Brons, the female trainer, 25

    1. xileffilex

      oh no! Hoax narrative development –…
      Family and friends had been waiting anxiously, hoping the 24-year-old athletic therapist would pull through after she suffered serious head trauma. Her aunt, Audrey Hopfner, visited her niece yesterday and felt optimistic that she looked better and would recover.

      Instead, on Wednesday afternoon, Hopfner received word her niece had died, news that left her speechless.

      but how do you “look better” in an “induced coma” ? Aunt?

      “Joyful smile”
      The doggy photo should get donations over $10m now……

      According to a statement released by her family Wednesday, “Dayna passed away peacefully this afternoon as a result of her injuries. She was surrounded by those she loved and those who loved her.”

  7. xileffilex

    Dad “He’s paralysed from the ..”
    Mum [whispers] “Chest down”
    Dad “Chest down”
    [from 0.20 in the video]
    although it translates as “waist down in the video and article”. Hmmmm

    “He asked if he could hop in a wheelchair and boot around…they said not yet” LoL! Steady on, you’ve broken your back and are paralysed, lad.

    He “keeps looking at the picture of the bus…has survivor remorse…”
    Like you do, “can I see that picture of the wrecked bus again, nurse?”

    The phone call from the bus…
    “because of the carnage he couldn’t call anybody”
    “one of Ryans [indistinct] called us 3 hours later”

    He was “lying on the road and couldn’t move…wanted to help but he couldn’t move” “It’s Tom, I’m with Ryan, he’s alive”” Can I talk to him? ” “No there’s too much carnage here I’ll try and call you later”
    Three,Four hours later he’s in Nipawan hospital where he calls his dad “Hi dad, I’m alive”… [broken back, paralysed]

    The hospitals, who have to be part of the psy-op, are squirming
    The ‘patients’ need “time and space” i.e media keep away…

    and the hospitals won’t comment on the body mix-up…

    This is a Boston Marathon impact event [drill speak below]…

    A great media event which will run and run.

  8. xileffilex

    His mum wishes she had a “time machine” to go back.…

    i think they all need a Polygraph machine.

    More hoax management…. a [pregnant of course] hero emerges who was “driving past” and her car got hit by crash wreckage. Suuuuuure

    Celina Moostoos says her niece, Kelsey Fiddler, was driving from Melfort to Nipawin on Friday when debris from the fatal collision hit her vehicle. According to Moostoos, Kelsey managed to pull her car full of passengers to the side of the road and avoid the wreckage. The collision between the team bus and semi trailer-tractor unit took place Friday around 5 p.m. on Highway 35 about 30 kilometres north of Tisdale.
    Fiddler, who is 28 weeks pregnant, started to experience labour pains after calling 911 and snapping photos of the horrific scene.
    According to a widely-shared Facebook post, Fiddler initially refused to take space in an ambulance to make room for the Broncos hockey players and staff on the bus. She later confirmed through her aunt that she shared an ambulance ride from Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, where hospital staff monitored her through the weekend…
    No photos, no ambulances.

    Who was “first on the scene”? We always need first responders don’t we?…

    Jessica Brost, a paramedic from nearby Nipawin who was among the first on the scene, knew as soon as she got the call about the accident that it was the bus carrying the Broncos to their game in Nipawin that night.

    Strange that no exact times for calls have been published.

    Her colleague Lyle Moffatt, who had just retired after a long career as a paramedic, was called back into service Friday. He believes he will need counselling to recover from what he experienced Friday, but even knowing that, he said he would not have opted out of the call.

    It is estimated that hundreds of people, from emergency room nurses to passersby who came across the accident and stopped to help, came face-to-face with disaster that night.

    and not a single photo other than the few officially sanctioned ones.
    John McPhaden, a Tisdale crane operator, was called to the crash scene Friday to help with the “poor young fellows” who had not survived. He used his crane to hoist the bus’s roof, torn off on impact with the tractor-trailer, so that the first responders could reach the four or five bodies buried beneath the debris.

    The quickly removed truck – [no photos of its removal or the “big crane” lift image. No photos of it being transported to Saskatoon. Odd.]…

    And naturally the truck driver [alleged] had only just started working for Sukhmander Singh of Calgary.

    A fascinating psy-op.

    1. xileffilex

      The Kelsey Fiddler “witnessing” of the “crash”…
      She is one of the RCMP’s key witnesses to the crash, but can’t discuss details of the collision yet due to the ongoing investigation.

      They’re working really hard to put this hoax to bed.
      Fiddler is allegedly waiting at the stop sign, eastbound at the crossroads on 335. “It happened so fast there was this crash”
      “The bus and the semi were already in wreck” [sic]
      suuuuure she was there.


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