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While Clues is busy solving the solar system, we are still doing fakery.

Hoi gives one of the first directly quoted plugs for us at Cluesforum – ever. Hoi is also the only fakeologist I’ve met in person. Fantastic man.

As for the speed of the site, it is on a shared server. I don’t have that many doodads to slow it down but if you are concerned feel free to read the site off of the feed using a feed reader such as feedly.com. You’ll be able to whiz thru the comments, the forums and the posts in three different feeds at record speed.

Local psyops – and minor media scams • Canadian Hockey crash — April 2018 www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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4 thoughts on “Welcome Hoi plug

  1. tokarski

    I am curious why you felt the need to assert you’ve met him in person. Can you then offer a photo? It has not gone unnoticed that after I put up a photo of MM, the “he is not real” people seemed to blend into the corn field.

  2. xileffilex

    Good comment below it by Memory Hole

    It’s such an obvious staged event.

    A couple more tweets
    Anthony Parchoma @aparchoma
    Fingers crossed all the Humboldt players and coaches are ok 🙁
    5:24 pm – 6 Apr 2018 [7:24 PM local time]

    Anthony Parchoma @aparchoma
    Apr 6 [7:47 PM local time]
    Replying to @emohargeeayen [tweet private]
    Humbdolt Broncos bus got tboned by a semi. Heard at least 7 dead so far. They were on their way to Nipawin for playoffs

    Anthony Parchoma @aparchoma
    Apr 6 [7:54 pm local time]
    Replying to @emohargeeayen [tweets private]
    I wish I was 🙁 . Tragic. 5 mins away from my sister’s home.

    Wow, 5 mintues away in the middle of nowhere! Interesting.

    BNO News Verified account @BNONews
    BREAKING: At least 14 people confirmed dead after truck collides with bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos ice hockey team

    11:40 pm – 6 Apr 2018 [1:40 AM 7 April local time]

    The “at least” hoax marker, when it is close to the actual number. All those people declared dead in the middle of nowhere, in a sealed off area, in the dark and communicated to the MSM. You got to get the story out there for the morning news.

  3. Faye

    Hoi Polloi says:

    We all have to improve our ability to sniff out the difference between reality and fiction. As we’ve been warning for almost a decade, the lines are deliberately being blended, smudged, blurred, photoshopped, cropped in, transitioned, moved, shifted and erased. All with the power of two things: computers and liars working together.

    I just wanted to repeat this once more. Thank you Hoi.


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