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FAK192-Fakeologist Flack

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Faye and I go long form today, since there’s a dominant hoax that will take much time to breakdown.

When? Wed, April 11, 2018 20:30h

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Pioneer plaque: there’s a message in a bottle floating around in outer space

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Ieti.org – modern-day fantasy version

Sometimes you have to dig real deep to find the comedy gold that NASA has produced over the years that may have been forgotten.

I wonder what kind of bottle they’d send up today?


Via www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.m…

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Humboldt and Dread

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I had a private conversation with humble Howard today. He did not want want be recorded so I respected his wish. He still thinks I need help and is worried about me. He stuck to his guns and sees no reason to even look at the evidence that we have presented here of a hoax. He wished me well and said he will not be communicating with me again. This has been quite a week for breakups at fakeologist.com.

Nobody said giving people an alternate version of the media would be easy. This week is proof.

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FAC452-DaveJ, Rollo, John le Bon

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Dave J chats with Rollo about media fakery, transAsia, jon bennet ramsay (sp?) JLB joins, chat turns to the moon (which is just a light)
Anounceofsalt, Exoteric64 also join in.
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Humboldt Hockey Hoax:H3:This takes the cake, or, er, donut

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Forget the Queen, when your country’s very own restaurant monopoly gets in on it, you know it’s big. Sorry, but this isn’t a baby hoax any more.

A Halifax-area Tim Hortons selling doughnuts to honour the Humboldt Broncos will now be donating the $1 it charges for the treat to the hockey club.

Source: Tim Hortons says proceeds from Nova Scotia’s Humboldt doughnut will be donated to hockey team | The Star

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