FAK192-Fakeologist Flack

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Faye and I go long form today, since there’s a dominant hoax that will take much time to breakdown.

When? Wed, April 11, 2018 20:30h

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4 thoughts on “FAK192-Fakeologist Flack

  1. mahatmacoat

    I listened to this go out live.

    Why has it been edited?

    Ab remarked that as far as he was concerned, not only were there no friends here, but that to him everyone here are mere human resources and are nothing more than ants.

    Who is responsible for editing these chats before posting them?

    Who edited this audio?

    Exactly why was this audio edited?

    1. ab Post author

      I am responsible for creating, editing, publishing, distributing, disseminating – everything really. I can assure you I did not edit any audio. I do so many audios I couldn’t tell you which one has the offending material that has made you and other so butthurt over the lack of friendship that you crave at the site. So far your only contributions to the blog are to complain about it. Do you have any research pertaining to fakeology that you’d like to share? I’m instituting a new quota very shortly: five belly aches for everyone good research comment. I think you’re almost there.

    1. ab Post author

      We will have to see how the funerals and their comments go. Will they be loaded with tributes or sparsely attended to like the 9/11 online obits?


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