FAC453-Rollo,Red Lion, Original Simulant

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Rollo finds a new voice talking about masonry.

Thanks to Rollo for all his great work here at the audiochat.

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6 thoughts on “FAC453-Rollo,Red Lion, Original Simulant

  1. napoleon wilson

    napoleon 2 months ago
    Antarctica consists of two major regions: W Antarctica (c.2,500,000 sq mi/6,475,000 sq km), a mountainous archipelago that includes the Antarctic Peninsula, and E Antarctica (c.3,000,000 sq mi/7,770,000 sq km), geologically a continental shield. They are joined into a single continental mass by an ice sheet thousands of feet thick [3:06 PM] napoleon wilson: The vertebrate cerebrum (brain) is formed by two cerebral hemispheres that are separated by a groove, the longitudinal fissure. The brain can thus be described as being divided into left and right cerebral hemispheres. Each of these hemispheres has an outer layer of grey matter, its imaginary lads and lassies , fakeologist.com
    napoleon 2 months ago
    t was nice of Aristotle and Ptolemy to dream into existence antartica 1500 years before a hustler named Fabian laid eyes on the supposed land mass cause of above so below andwhatnot… Aristotle speculated, “Now since there must be a region bearing the same relation to the southern pole as the place we live in bears to our pole…”.[4] His ideas were later expanded by Ptolemy (2nd century AD), who believed that the Indian Ocean was enclosed on the south by land, and that the lands of the Northern Hemisphere should be balanced by land in the south.[1] Marcus Tullius Cicero used the term cingulus australis (“southern zone”) in referring to the Antipodes in Somnium Scipionis (“Dream of Scipio”).[5] The land (terra in Latin) in this zone was the Terra Australis.[6] the artistocrats are psi lly
    millenium 2 months ago
    antarctica is not an ice ring its an imaginary place invented by the masons whos big secret was the earth is flat ,hence on the level, and all the experiments done in the past years were already done prior braintarctica is an imaginary place thats why its brainshaped , and the firmament or project bluebeam, von brauns grave is all to perfect, fuck all masons in the ass.

    1. Vespadouglas

      ” fuck all masons in the ass ???” …….your gabber chum , russ/os/hbc/jlb may , or may not , take offence at that comment

  2. Dave J

    Chalk up 2 more Worthless “voices” not to care about on this audio chat channel at least they made sure to out themselves as useful idiots. I did not know this had turned into a freemason “encounter” group.

    1. ab Post author

      I agree this is totally off topic from fakeology. Please people share fakeologist topics in audiochat and keep the brotherhood talk private. Sometimes I err on the side of publishing audio too far away from the main purpose.


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