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Canadians have surpassed their American cousins in the ability to believe, pay for and mourn a phony event beyond the writers’ wildest dreams I’m sure.

Is it because we’re spared the weekly shooting that Americans are surely numb to?

Across the country Thursday, people showed up to work and school decked out in jerseys as part of Jersey Day, inspired by a group of British Columbia hockey moms to send a message of support for the families who lost loved ones in the Humboldt crash…

Meanwhile, GoFundMe says it will take time to divvy up the take (after their whopping 7% take). Perhaps a whole new outer layer of supporting cast will get paid now that the fraud has grown so large.

A spokesperson for GoFundMe declined to say whether the money would be dispersed only among the families of the 15 people killed when a bus carrying a junior hockey team collided with a truck last week, or if it would also go to the 14 others who were injured.

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16 thoughts on “Psy-ccess

  1. Faye

    Interesting Info about the Humboldt event tagged: hockey, crash, hoax, freemartin agenda, nhl low ratings

    I grew up watching the Detroit Redwings stanley cup hockey teams. A few months ago I found out how their players are Female to Male transgender freemartins from mostly canada, russia, and sweden. This bus crash was for ratings because their primetime slot is tanking in viewers. They needed something fast to get media attention.…

        1. xileffilex

          More nonsense concerning the truck driver [uninjured, windshield of his truck not ever cracked…]
          Sukhmander Singh, who owns the trucking company, said he travelled to Saskatoon to pick the driver up after the crash and return him to his home in Calgary.
          The driver — who Singh said is about 30 years old — was not injured in the crash, but Singh said it has taken a heavy emotional toll on him.
          “The guy is in counselling … not sleeping well, not eating well,” he said.


      1. davieb

        don’t give us your bullshit google images from 2013,
        it was a photoshopped pic, the whole thing, and you know it
        who’s gonna have trees like that blocking an intersection, theres no trees anywhere as far as the eye can see but yet there is a forest right beside the interseciotn
        use some common sense buddy

          1. davieb

            i have done research, i don’t post comments without doing research first, however i do not have the time to post an essay here ps: think the same about you, (disinformation agent)

            1. ab Post author

              Davieb, it’s quite common to build natural snow fences along highways and intersections. Nobody has done more than Xilefelix to blow this case wide open. What exactly are you quibbling about?

              1. davieb

                he’s been somewhat rude and condescending to me in previous comments I have made regarding this hoax.
                so i thought i would be rude in return to him, that’s all.

                i pointed out that pictures looked photoshopped. fotoforensics proved this to me and he said fotoforensics is garbage without offering any proof it is garbage, just appeal to authority fallacy.

                i do not mind being wrong, i dont know all the answers
                so a polite reply pointing out my errors would have been more appreciated.

                1. xileffilex

                  Your fotoforensics proved nothing. You ignore all the aerial video footage which is consistent with the staged ground images. I’m not sure where this blind photoshopping [alleged] alley is leading us. It’s an irrelevance.
                  cheers, xile – disinformation specialist

                  PS the ‘photoshopped’ trees can be seen at 0.43 in this aerial video

                  …the buildings and yard behind the trees are carefully not shown ever in the aerial views. You can imagine why.

                2. ab Post author

                  Don’t take things personally around here. We’ve already “lost” many lurkers here over “friendship”. I do not find fotoforensics reliable and it may even be put here for us to look silly.

                  1. xileffilex

                    The drive through past the trees, April 9 is here [@ 0:52 from the south and at 2:00 from the eastern direction ]

                    Here’s a good pic of the undamaged front of the truck!
          … and an ULTRA HIGH resolution image of the front –

                    Photos of the impossible ‘crash’ after the emergency services had been to work with their cutting tools

                    it’s a total joke.

    1. ab Post author

      Good catch. The declining ratings is the best part, the transgender is the sour part in the video even if it’s true. Babcock’s wife is more transpicious for sure!

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