Keeping Canada’s most famous serial killer in the news

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With a lame story.

All anonymous sources of course.

How does someone in solitary 23 hours a day get to making shanks?

As I told a new member here, I think most, if not all, serial killers are fabricated by the usual gang of idiots that supply the media with its fear porn.

Still don’t know if there’s a law banning visiting, photographing, or reporting on these super dangerous villains in Canada. We have no proof that there is anyone with this name (officially he changed it to Teale, somehow part of the /legality I surmise) is even in a prison without someone from the fourth estate reporting on him.

Schoolgirl killer and serial rapist Bernardo has been charged with one count of possession of a weapon, says a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Attorney General. The 53-year-old made a video appearance in a Napanee, Ont., courtroom Friday. He is serving a life sentence in Millhaven Penitentiary for the first-degree murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy. CTV News reports Bernardo was found with a homemade shank made from a screw and pen on Feb. 9. He has been designated a dangerous offe

Source: Convicted killer Paul Bernardo facing weapons possession charge | The Star

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Canada’s most famous serial killer in the news

  1. xileffilex

    Mahaffy crops up in this video by a Toronto based analyst i’d not come across Casper Reaves
    before. ..
    The Double Letter Hoax Code: The Double M’s
    In her case, MM Robinson High School, Macs Milk. [The MM symbolism also makes me think of Miles W Mathis….] And didn’t Rick bring up Madeleine McCann in FAC-465?…

    Reaves has made some a few excellent videos, including this one on controlled opposition Sibel Edmonds/James Corbett…

    He really gets media fakery. Shame he doesn’t make more.


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