H3: Even Feinberg says enough already

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Even chief fund disbursement fraudster and exlusive lawyer says it’s time to kill this golden goose and divvy up the loot.

Kenneth Feinberg, a U.S. lawyer who has advised organizers for large U.S. GoFundMe campaigns — including one for dozens of victims of the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando — said the Broncos should distribute the money as quickly as possible. 0;These programs are fashioned, and drafted and designed, and then within 60 to 90 days, get the money out, shut down the fund. Everybody try and move on as best you can after a tragedy,” Feinberg said in interview with Radio’s Calgary Eyeopener.

Feinberg said the campaign should stop raising money now that the campaign has far surpassed its original goal of $4 million.But Hatton disagrees.

Source: Where will the money go? Unprecedented donations keep pouring in for Humboldt Broncos | CBC News

Advice to Hatton: Listen to Kenny: he’s done this before. Get out while the gettin’s good. Let it get too high and people will start getting resentful. Imagine if they find out the truth to this Canadian hockey event.

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4 thoughts on “H3: Even Feinberg says enough already

  1. ricky

    @Xileffilex, thanks for the feedback. I was thinking it could be a blockbuster story to have a mole on the inside to secretly film some of these preparation discussions, but then who do you take it to? The police, FBI, You Tube, the press, wikileaks, Snowden, Assange, Alex Jones, your congressman?? It renders the info useless, it reinforces the notion by “Unreal,” “there’s no control without total control.”
    Who else but AIG would be the “insurance” company, one of the “to big to fail” institutions vital to hoax management. It makes for a more convincing story thinking an “independent firm” is on the hook for “losses” in these “tragedies” ala giving Larry Silverstein a massive “payout.”

  2. ricky

    I’d love to know the nuts and bolts details on how the money is dispersed. For example, do the vicsims “families” get paid scale or do they get a proportionate cut. If the pot gets too large it seems it could engender some dissension in the ranks, even professional liars are human after all.

    1. xileffilex

      This is an fascinating question, Ricky. The only thing I could think of is that when victims sign on for injury or “death ” [ i.e. new life] they have a personal fixed sum non-disclosure agreement and the government via insider insurers cough up the deficit or pocket the surplus. Another great question I have is how vicsims are sounded out and recruited for a psy-op.

      Here are some details about the nearly £27million raised for the Grenfell Tower fire psy-op in the UK, an alleged 71 deaths [see separate thread] Another empty tower job, NDNGH.

      It’s not apparent how the £6.16 Evening Standard fund has been spent, However these columns show about £12m allegedly being distributed to participants inthe hoax. If GoFundMe donations are slow to arrive or fail to meet expectation from the public, I’m sure large corporate donors could be rustled up…

      C) Payments of £100,000 available to the next of kin of each missing person who has died or is declared missing presumed dead in the fire. £6,343,333
      D) Initial payments of £3500 for those who spent between 6 hours and 4 days in hospital. £133,000
      E) Payment of £10,000 for those who spent between 4 days and 1 week in hospital £80,000
      F) Payments of £30,000 to each person seriously injured
      and requiring hospital treatment requiring a stay of over 7 days. £360,000
      G) £10,000 for every household from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk from the K&C Foundation and Karolina Hardy’s Just Giving appeal £2,095,500 *

      J) A grant of £15,000 will go to each of the 140 ** households from the Grenfell Tower and a grant of £8,000 will go to the 26 households in Grenfell Walk £2,293,000
      K) BRC grants of £5,000 to each of the Grenfell Towerhouseholds and £2,000 to each of the Grenfell Walk
      households £752,000

      all the above can be simulated.
      * 209.5 households??
      ** There were only 129 flats in total in the tower, 120 old ones and 9 new ones…..

      The £2m Art auction receipts also has no beneficiary stated.
      Other distributions – £1.046m

      The BBC asserts that £20.9m has been distributed to “survivors and relatives” but that assumes that the unattributed donations went into the same pool, although there is no detail about conditions for distribution of about £9m. from columns B and N and the other minor sums.

      A great money-go-round.

  3. xileffilex

    … crisis management staff from both Hockey Canada and insurance provider AIG were on-site in Humboldt ..

    I bet they were. Insurance is one big scam. Fake accidents are always good for business.


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