Humboldt Hockey Hoax: the videos

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The best takeaway from the videos is that the MSM is tanking – even with LIVE – its last money maker.

Young people are not buying what they’re selling – even live sports.

The most lucrative media season for hockey started this week – the playoffs.

This hoax was an 0;explosive” way to start the promotion. Consider it like the Olympic opening ceremony.

This video at 2:24 shows the coach/whoever sniffing his tissue for something strong (crushed onions?) to make him tear up. Great catch!


The media tells you why the images make no-sense – yet people are more likely to beLIEve the contradiction than their own (common) senses.



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32 thoughts on “Humboldt Hockey Hoax: the videos

  1. xileffilex

    Hoax management [video] continued….
    Humboldt Broncos travel to Las Vegas for NHL Awards
    June 19 2018…

    Seems like three of the team didn’t feel up to going…
    Nick Schlumanski, Morgan Gobeil and Layne Matechuk. I’m surprised at Nick, the first to be released from hospital.
    Nine “survivors” en route to Las Vegas!…

    However, allegedly
    Two teammates, Morgan Gobeil and Layne Matechuk, remain in hospital, the Saskatchewan Health Authority says.

    Christina, the wife of “the late” Darcy Haugan is seen receiving the community award on behalf of her “late” husband at 0.25 onwards here…

    This #NDNGH #HRDPAR isn’t going to go away any day soon.

  2. xileffilex

    A torrent of funeral orations and videos from Edmonton, AB
    Best of the crop –
    Jaxon Joseph’s sister Taylor reads a heartwarming speech to her big brother
    source –…

    not forgetting…
    Justin [Wack] said his brother [Stephen] had an infectious personality,

  3. Vespadouglas

    british members only…….im sure im not the only one who has noticed that Unreal appears to have recently morphed into Suzie Dent from dictionary corner

    1. UNreal

      You are right about the fact i see language as a subliminal cue in PsyOps – just like numbers encode esoteric messages in the very same way.

      One does not need to decode the hidden language in a PsyOp necessarily to be able to analyse the staged nature of any particular event.

      Nevertheless, linguistic patterns and numerical encodings are still used in the manufacture of fake events and have both subliminal effect on the public as well as hide messages in plain sight for those with eyes to see (the Elite).

      (regarding morphing – suppose you refer to this guy below : Susie Dent born 19/11)

  4. xileffilex

    Funeral videos will no doubt be dribbled out over the coming weeks. An early one, that of Dayna Brons

    continuing the earlier intel-penned “family announcements” and “family statements” there is once again no mention of any member of her family by name, not even a grandfather or great aunt.
    But she had a smile.…

    great sense of humour, her easy smile
    Her family said Brons will forever be remembered for her joyful smile,
    The family is asking that memorial donations be sent to the Royal University Hospital Foundation in Saskatoon or the “Dayna Brons Scholarship Fund” at Mount Royal.

    1. UNreal

      The phrases with “smile” might not only be repetitive and inexpressive – but also linguistically encoded. Language is of course not a be all end all – but the logos might still be as much valuable clues as numbers often are.

      easy smile – I see M lies (phonetic anagram)

  5. xileffilex

    A couple more – this dad of Adam Herold seems remarkably cool when his son’s allegedly died. The funeral has also taken place

    …and Straz is really strong to do this 13 min interview from his hospital bed [broken left clavicle and cervix [broken neck] “tried the wheelchair for the first time”… suuuure now in bed again. [yes, that’s a broken neck and back]

    1. ab Post author

      At the Hollywood compressed time line rate he’s progressing, he will be in a wheelchair hockey league scoring the winning goal by the of end of the summer!

  6. gaia

    The Star Phoenix (rising from the ashes) reports the archetypical empty emotionless repetitive “mournings”:

    The bus driver who died in the tragic collision involving the Humboldt Broncos team bus on a Saskatchewan highway is being remembered as a family man who was always quick to smile and tell a story during the drives across the province.

    Remembered for a joyful smile and her love of sport, Dayna Brons, the 24-year-old athletic therapist for the Humboldt Broncos, died in Saskatoon hospital five days after the team’s bus crash
    According to her family, “Dayna passed away peacefully this afternoon as a result of her injuries. She was surrounded by those she loved and those who loved her.”

    Brody Hinz, the team’s volunteer statistician, died in the crash.

    “He had an amazing mind for stats and he was a huge asset to the coaching staff,” Humboldt Broncos president Kevin Garinger said, noting that Hinz travelled with the Junior A hockey team “on a regular basis.”

    “That just speaks volumes to who this young man is. He will be sadly missed,” the club president added in an interview early Saturday afternoon.

    Also among the fatalities was Broncos assistant coach Mark Cross. Cross, a native of Strasbourg, Sask., was “passionate about the game” — and inspired that same passion in the kids he mentored.
    Lions head coach Scott Frizzell remembers him as a “great leader.”
    “He made an impression… that won’t soon be forgotten,” said Frizzell.

    Bolt FM personality and play-by-play broadcaster for the Humboldt Broncos Tyler Bieber was on the bus and died in the crash.

    In a post on Facebook, his brother Brandon said, “I don’t know what to do or say right now but I know one thing is you will always be true in my heart, RIP my sweet brother, I miss you and love you dearly.”

    defenceman Logan Boulet, 21, died in the crash. On Saturday, he was said to be on life support so his organs can be donated.

    “He was very caring, that’s the best way to describe him,” said Tyson Brouwer, who grew up with Boulet in Lethbridge. “He had a lot of friends. Nobody ever said anything bad about him — he was a really kind-hearted kid.”

    Parker Tobin, a goaltender for the Humboldt Broncos, was identified Monday morning by RCMP as one of the 15 killed in the crash. Tobin had been misidentified by the coroner’s office and was previously believed to have survived.

    No mourning?

    Humboldt Broncos’ left-winger Jacob Leicht is among those who did not survive Friday’s horrific crash.

    “My heart is broken. Your laughter was so contagious and you had a smile that lit up any room. I wish we had more time … it seems so unfair,” said Cassidy Tolley in a Facebook post made Saturday.

    Slave Lake native Conner Lukan was one of the 15 people killed, a person affiliated with the team confirmed Saturday afternoon.

    No mourning.
    And is it not a coroner who confirms these deaths? It took a full day?

    A former Surrey Eagles player from Edmonton, Jaxon Joseph, also died in the crash. Eagles general manager Blaine Neufeld, who was Joseph’s coach for the 2015-16 season, described him as “a glue guy” who got along with everyone and kept the team together.

    “What happened hasn’t sunk in. It’s so hard to wrap your head around an accident like that. It’s so hard to process. It’s nice to see how fast the support is coming from everyone, people trying to help in any which way they can.”

    Stephen Wack, a 21-year-old defenceman from St. Albert was killed.
    Raised in St. Albert, Wack began his career with the Broncos in 2016, after a season with the Whitecourt Wolverines. A family member said Saturday that Wack’s parents are in Saskatchewan.

    No mourning.

    Logan Hunter, an 18-year-old from St. Albert killed in the Humboldt bus tragedy, is being remembered for his on-ice professionalism and sunny nature.

    The right-winger had a “great sense of humour, always had a smile on his face,” wrote Kevin Porter, president of the St. Albert Raiders Hockey Club where Hunter used to play.

    In that order, business first.

    Right Winger Evan Thomas died in the crash. He is remembered as a boy who was “devoted” to hockey.

    Thomas comes from a hockey family. His father, Scott Thomas of Naicam, Sask., once played for the Moose Jaw Warriors. He is now the president of the Saskatoon Blazers. The team sent out an email saying they had “lost a loved one” in the crash.

    Adam Herold, who was to turn 17 on Thursday, was among those who died.

    He captained the Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League’s Regina Pat Canadians during the 2017-18 season. A defenceman from Montmartre, Herold was called up to the Broncos after the Pat Canadians were eliminated from the playoffs.

    No mourning

    Humboldt Broncos captain Logan Schatz, 20, of Allan, Sask., did not survive the crash.

    Kelly Schatz, Logan’s father, told The Canadian Press his son played for the Broncos for just over four years, and had served as team captain for the past two and a half years. He said his son’s death is hard and the family is seeking solace in one another.

    Schatz was one of the league’s “best-kept secrets in scouting circles” and a top-three pre-season favourite to win the league scoring title last season, according to a recent profile published by the SJHL. That plan was derailed by a “freak elbow injury” last year, but the left-shooting centre recovered and scored 18 goals in the first 48 games of the 2017-18 season, the league said in the profile.


    Humboldt Broncos forward Brayden Camrud, 19, was in hospital in Saskatoon and “doing OK,” according to his grandfather, Glenn Camrud of Saskatoon, on Sunday.

    He definitely has some issues, but he’s alive and that’s all that matters,” said Camrud, who declined to provide additional details.

    Humboldt Broncos defenceman Morgan Gobeil survived but was among those severely injured in the crash.

    Gobeil is a hometown product and one of four Humboldt players on the team’s playoff roster.

    “Product”, “asset”, sounds like “resource”, all so familiar at Fakeologist…

    Ryan Straschnitzki, an 18-year-old defenceman from Airdrie, Alta., is in hospital with a broken back after the crash.

    “I am grateful Ryan is alive and so heartbroken for the families of the lost,” Ryan’s mother Michelle said. “We don’t know much yet, but Ryan is going into surgery at some point.”

    Forward Kaleb Dahlgren, an assistant captain from Saskatoon, was also severely injured.

    An insulin-dependant Type 1 diabetic

    Derek Patter, a 19-year-old centre from Edmonton is among the 14 passengers to survive the collision, his father describing him in stable condition after being airlifted to Saskatoon.

    The lone Manitoban in Friday’s deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash managed to escape with relatively minor injuries.

    Matthieu Gomercic, a 20-year-old Winnipeg product

    Graysen Cameron, an 18-year-old right winger from Olds, Alta., is among the survivors recovering in hospital.

    The extent of his injuries are unknown. Cameron’s brother Bretton, who plays for the Greenville Swamp Rabbits in the East Coast Hockey League, took to Twitter to share an update saying his brother is “doing ok.”

    La Ronge native Bryce Fiske, 20, was among those who survived the crash.

    Humboldt Broncos defenceman Xavier Labelle, a hard-working hockey player who also excelled as a piano player and a student, was injured in the crash. He was initially incorrectly identified as another teammate by the coroner’s office. Labelle is not deceased.

    Goaltender (((Jacob Wasserman))) is among the survivors of the crash.

    He was in Saskatoon on Saturday, according to his great-aunt Phyllis Wasserman, who was reached in Humboldt. Not sure if he was in surgery already or not, she said he was supposed to have surgery on his back and might be paralyzed.

    “For us it’s like a dark cloud is hanging and I just can’t imagine what the immediate family is going through,” she said. “It’s hard enough for us.”

    Centre Nick Shumlanski’s father, Myles, confirmed that his son was released from hospital in good condition after receiving treatment for broken bones, including injuries to his shoulder and a small crack in a vertabra. [sic]

    He first went to the Tisdale hospital and then to Saskatoon for further treatment. Myles said a doctor called his son a “miracle,” as he was one of the only Broncos players able to get up and walk immediately after the collision Friday.

    With broken bones and a cracked vertebra, indeed a miracle!

    Humboldt Broncos defenceman Layne Matechuk, 18, was being treated at Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital on Saturday after he was severely injured in the collision.

    His grandfather, George Matechuk, said Layne, from Colonsay, Sask., was in a coma with severe head and upper body injuries. He described Layne’s condition as “very serious, but stable.”

    “Our son and his wife, they’re really taking it hard,” George said.

    A family member of forward Tyler Smith wrote in a Facebook post that Smith is doing well and his prognosis is good.

    Curtis Smith said he arrived at the hospital to “a sight you never want to see.”

    “We are one of the lucky ones,” he said in the post. ” My heart is not breaking, it is broken! My tears are not only for Tyler but for the other parents and wives, husbands and children. My family will be forever changed. Let’s not forget the billet parents, they are a huge part of the kids lives and they’re hurting as well.”

    Highway 35 (with 335) about 30 kilometres north of Tisdale, about halfway into the Broncos’ trip to Nipawin from Humboldt

    29.5 km / 22 min from Nipawin is “about halfway” of 200 km / 2 hours and 10 minutes according to StarPhoenix Saskatoon…

    The truck:
    Carrot River -> crash site = 48.7 km / 32 min
    Crash site -> Alberta = 500-530 km / 5-5.5 hours!

    The poor players were just 22 min short of arriving safely and the fortunate truck driver had just done 32 min of his 6 hour journey. Sure!

    1. xileffilex

      It really is turning into a Boston style waterfall of media stories, a psy-op worth much more than just the $11m and rising GoFundMe department
      The Thomas family are key participants 30-40-45 mintues behind the bus , “bus hit by a semi”…
      They get a call from Declan [son] when they are in Melford telling them about the “crash” .
      “one ambulance goes flying by …the second one..the third one… [where are these ambulances coming from?] ” the front part of the bus was obliterated, just gone”
      coroner tells us when we go across the street “some of them are going to be unrecognisable ” Evan – “he was recognisable” [due to the facial birth mark, allegedly] “at that point he was identified” always had a “huge smile on his face” [this is in a room]

      so, their vehicle was allowed past the site?

      Scott Thomas lives in Saskatoon
      big smiles.
      Evan loved KD Original [product placement]
      By the time we got there the fire trucks and the police… were there”

      “This is way too much of a production”
      Indeed it is.

      And here’s the responding paramedic “story” from Jessica Brost from Nipawin

      “already on scene was fires…” “on scene for two hours”
      [note sudden attack of the weepies at 1:20]
      “There were people that lived close on that corner that helped”
      Oh! Who are these unnamed heroic locals?
      ” Even by the time we got on scene, these kids were covered in blankets and comforters, who has blankets in their house, I don’t know..they saved lives, they were all hypothermic…phenominal job, unbelievable…”

      The heroic first responders in the middle of nowhere. “We couldn’t have done it without them”
      It’s an absurd story from Jessica. Allegedly 15 dead, unrecognisable, and “locals” are wandering over with blankets. Sure they were.

      Here’s dad Myles Schumlanski

      his son Nick was in one of the three beds pushed together. Since then, he seems to have vanished from view.
      Myles Shumlanski’s son Nick walked away with minor injuries
      So where is he? He’d surely have a lot to tell the MSM?

      1. xileffilex

        Strange behaviour from the aunt of Dayna Brons, Audrey Hopfner who was tasked with the media job.
        First reporting that she’s getting better and then,…death.
        Former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy said in an interview that he spent about half an hour with Brons and her family when he visited the victims of the bus crash last week.
        “We spent a lot of time in that room and it’s just sad, just sad,” said Kennedy, who has farmland in Saskatchewan.
        He said Dayna was asleep while he was there but he visited with her family.

        [2 videos]…
        The family requested privacy as it grieves.
        as always in these hoaxes.

      2. ab Post author

        The second video is a dupe – do you have the actual Brost video?
        The KD product placement is shameless and shameful – does anyone really believe a real parent would point this out? What parent would even half the piece of mind to conduct such a public memorial – without tears or choking up.

    2. xileffilex

      We are told that SIX people are alive today [as of April 14 2018] allegedly because of the donation of organs by Laurent Boulet at his rather strange “funeral” where his name was chanted.…
      The bringer of this news was Brian Friesen **

      That seems like remarkable efficient at matching donor organs to recipients.

      Brian Friesen, one of eight family friends or relatives who eulogized Boulet, said he was at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon last Saturday with Logan’s mother, Bernadine, and father, Toby.
      “Bernie got to feel Logan’s warm body and feel his heart beat,”
      said Friesen.
      “Logan is a hero. There are six people that have him still living in them. He’s a hero, and I know you’re proud of him and I’m proud of him, too.”

      Kevin Higo, Logan’s maternal uncle, told more than 3,000 mourners at Nicholas Sheran Arena that before his nephew’s organs were donated the day after the April 6 crash that killed 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and injured 13 others, an ultrasound technician visited his Saskatoon hospital room.
      She had arrived to examine organs that Boulet had registered to donate weeks earlier when he turned 21. Higo could see Logan’s heart beating on the screen and helped shift his beloved nephew’s body so clearer images of his valves were visible.
      “I got to sit there. I got to see his heart,” said a weeping Higo.
      “When (the technician) was all done, she looked me right in the eye and she said: ‘That’s the strongest heart that I’ve ever been a part of seeing for donation.’ That’s pretty cool to hear.”…

      That’s the strongest load of BS I’ve read for a while

      On Friday night, an almost two-hour lineup formed at Martin Brothers Funeral Chapel for a visitation. Logan’s open casket *** was wept over by a long procession of young and old as photos and video from his too-short but rich life flashed on the screens in the hushed room.“Logan’s organ and tissue donation was to bring positivity to people in the event that he passed. I think he had no intention of sparking an organ donor movement as he has done,” said Heidinger. “He just made a choice. Through his character, Logan was always inspiring to me in life and he will continue to inspire me in his passing.”

      Following the funeral, the family buried Logan, without his heart, kidneys or liver. Yet his heart beats on.

      *** oh, really? All the available photos show a closed casket.

      1. ab Post author

        Yes, I posted here about the organ donor push. The numbers are unbeLIEvable, I suspect organ donation is dropping and they use using this event for, among all the other things we’ve exposed, a push to get negative option organ donation support. With the ever rising Muslim population, I’d bet that most are against donating – unless it’s LIVE donations. Research that here.

      2. ab Post author

        Another characteristic of these hoaxes is that we have distant relatives, or non-relations as spokesmen or point men at funerals. Godfathers and family friends? Isn’t it more normal for parents at best and siblings at worst to speak? Who knows the child more intimately? Once more, psYOps defy logic but perhaps distant links make answers more difficult to obtain.

    3. xileffilex

      Further to the newsworthy “mis-identification” of Parker Tobin [deceased] by the coroner, we can note that the coroner wasn’t the only one to make the “mistake”.…

      Xavier’s Facebook page ** was closed to the public Monday since he was presumed dead and is now labelled “Remembering Xavier Labelle.” **
      Xavier’s father, Dr. Paul Labelle, spoke to The StarPhoenix Saturday night about his son, unaware Xavier was still alive. Labelle, an emergency room doctor, said Saturday he had identified his son’s body, actually Tobin, but the identification was “difficult.” ++

      Labelle said he and his wife, Tanya, and his daughter, Viviana, 9, had been following the bus on the trip to Nipawin when he came upon the accident.

      Labelle said he tried to rush to help, but was turned away by the police who were at the scene. ***

      Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean recounted in a radio interview visiting the intensive care unit (ICU) at RUH with Coach’s Corner star Don Cherry.

      MacLean recalled the parents of Tobin at the bedside of what is now known to be Labelle. ****
      Tobin’s mother said Labelle, who she thought was Tobin, had started to look like her son, MacLean said.

      MacLean went on to describe cuts on Labelle’s face and injuries, including a broken vertebrae, a broken hip, a broken rib and a lacerated liver. MacLean apologized on Twitter Monday for discussing the ICU visit.

      **”remembering Xavier Labelle” is still up, as noted at Cluesforum

      *** lol! The cops are allegedly turning away doctors from the scene, but allowing other parents to within 20 feet of the “crashed bus”, viz Mark Dahlgren. Suuuuuure.

      **** a double mix-up! [allegedly]…
      Dr. Paul Labelle, MD CCFP

      Emergency physician recently awarded the community faculty member of the year by our EM residents (2015), Paul is a tremendous bedside teacher ++ and instructor. He has taught with both the EDE and EDE2 courses as well as being a key instructor at SASKSONO. He brings with him years of EM experience and a passion for clinician performed ultrasound in emergency medicine.
      [but still turned away from the “crash scene”]

      ++ but not so good at identifying his offspring in, allegedly, a mortuary. The photo provided to the press by …..Dr Paul LaBelle ….might have been a good starting point for identification…

      1. ab Post author

        “Cutting” edge (like skates) research X. Sad we let such media frauds Don and Ron into our collective living rooms during hockey season each week. This is why Canadians and others trust media types. They are in our homes virtually and we therefore expect the best from them, as you would a real guest. This is the crux of the cognitive dissonance.

  7. davieb

    my question is where are all the “truthers” with their video’s exposing this hoax
    As far as I can tell Ab is the only one exposing this hoax

    this makes you question your youtube truther heroes doesn’t it?
    this is a $10 million hoax and no one is exposing it

    1. gaia

      nothing ontopic on YT (18 results) for humboldt hockey hoax
      nothing on YT (0 results) for “humboldt hockey hoax”
      nothing on BitChute (0 results) for “humboldt hockey hoax”
      nothing but Fakeologist and Niven1 on Google (21 results) for “humboldt hockey hoax”
      nothing but Niven1 and Fakeologist on Yahoo (8 results) for “humboldt hockey hoax”
      nothing but Niven1 and Fakeologist on Bing (4 results) for “humboldt hockey hoax”
      nothing but Niven1 and Fakeologist on DuckDuckGo (3 results) for “humboldt hockey hoax”

      Nothing anywhere for humboldt broncos “fake crash”

      Seems they censored the searches pretty “well” now…

      1. xileffilex

        Warning bells
        from a comment below this video
        Niven1 5 hours ago
        ….. And yes I have proven the entire coverage is photoshop fakery even the prime event, the crash itself…

        er, not, actually.

  8. davieb

    my question is: where are all the “truthers” with their video’s exposing this hoax?
    as far as I can tell there are none other than Ab

    what does this tell you? this is a $10 million hoax and nobody is talking about it.
    it makes you question your youtube and/or blog heroes doesn’t it?

    1. xileffilex

      A thread has just popped up at Letsroll, centred on the Niven1 videos [which I suspect have a DBF purpose, hence the focus on/slide to transgender players]…
      For some reason the poster, who is close to the sport, wants the event to be real – i.e. wants all those deaths and injuries, which we here know were staged]
      I don’t know if this is real or staged. LoopDloop, if you read this, help me prove it is real (I hope it is which sounds morbid, but…. ). I held off because this hits close to me. Hockey has been a big part of my life. I deal with our Ontario Hockey League Erie Otters during training camp….

      The poster ignores the mountain of incriminating photo and video imagery, not to mention all the absurd survivor stories and hagiographies of the alleged dead players. Poor show, because it’s got psy-op written large all over it.
      [Appeal to LoopDLoop is an appeal to the official narrative]

  9. robbieparkerlaughsatdeadkids

    Here’s an interview with a surgeon who claimed he didn’t know anything about the 5 PM crash until he showed up for his 8 oclock night shift. He goes on to say the hospital issued a “Code ORANGE”….orange is the only color that equals 33 in Pythagorean Numerology. Also you get 33 from the name of the bus which was “Charlie’s Charters”.

      1. xileffilex

        Dr Masri is the medial mouthpiece of this hoax…

        He’s got form
        Masri, whose parents are from Syria, volunteered with other doctors for two weeks in the war-torn country in 2011. That experience likely helped prepare him for the bus crash, he said.
        Ah yes, land of the White Helmet hoaxers, controlled demolition and staged videos. An ideal preparation for Humboldt.

        Radio clip of Masri here describinbg his “mass casualty ” drill. [NDNGH nobody died nobody got hurt] that night. And not a whisper about it in this connected era before 8pm. Suuuure.

        “about 5pm” Why is the exact time of the crash never told? Because it took time to stage the sealed scene

  10. xileffilex

    The onion sniffing coach – hilarious
    This was the user who did the good truck vids

    Footage from 1997 – never let a tried and tested hoax set go to waste…

    In fact this page…

    is an excellent directory of staged hoaxes and media events in Saskatchewan over the years.

    e.g. the 1986 hockey bus crash. There’s nothing new under the sun, except, perhaps, GoFundMe…

    or what about this Swft Current 1980 workers’ bus crash into an oil tanker!…

    they’ve been upto their tricks for years.

    1. xileffilex

      The onion sniffer is
      Bill Chow, Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League president, who
      says that the Humboldt Broncos’ tragedy has resonated with people, leading to an outpouring of support for the team and the league


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