Humboldt Hockey Hoax: the videos

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The best takeaway from the videos is that the MSM is tanking – even with LIVE – its last money maker.

Young people are not buying what they’re selling – even live sports.

The most lucrative media season for hockey started this week – the playoffs.

This hoax was an 0;explosive” way to start the promotion. Consider it like the Olympic opening ceremony.

This video at 2:24 shows the coach/whoever sniffing his tissue for something strong (crushed onions?) to make him tear up. Great catch!


The media tells you why the images make no-sense – yet people are more likely to beLIEve the contradiction than their own (common) senses.



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32 thoughts on “Humboldt Hockey Hoax: the videos

  1. xileffilex

    Hoax management [video] continued….
    Humboldt Broncos travel to Las Vegas for NHL Awards
    June 19 2018…

    Seems like three of the team didn’t feel up to going…
    Nick Schlumanski, Morgan Gobeil and Layne Matechuk. I’m surprised at Nick, the first to be released from hospital.
    Nine “survivors” en route to Las Vegas!…

    However, allegedly
    Two teammates, Morgan Gobeil and Layne Matechuk, remain in hospital, the Saskatchewan Health Authority says.

    Christina, the wife of “the late” Darcy Haugan is seen receiving the community award on behalf of her “late” husband at 0.25 onwards here…

    This #NDNGH #HRDPAR isn’t going to go away any day soon.

  2. xileffilex

    A torrent of funeral orations and videos from Edmonton, AB
    Best of the crop –
    Jaxon Joseph’s sister Taylor reads a heartwarming speech to her big brother
    source –…

    not forgetting…
    Justin [Wack] said his brother [Stephen] had an infectious personality,

  3. Vespadouglas

    british members only…….im sure im not the only one who has noticed that Unreal appears to have recently morphed into Suzie Dent from dictionary corner

    1. UNreal

      You are right about the fact i see language as a subliminal cue in PsyOps – just like numbers encode esoteric messages in the very same way.

      One does not need to decode the hidden language in a PsyOp necessarily to be able to analyse the staged nature of any particular event.

      Nevertheless, linguistic patterns and numerical encodings are still used in the manufacture of fake events and have both subliminal effect on the public as well as hide messages in plain sight for those with eyes to see (the Elite).

      (regarding morphing – suppose you refer to this guy below : Susie Dent born 19/11)

  4. xileffilex

    Funeral videos will no doubt be dribbled out over the coming weeks. An early one, that of Dayna Brons

    continuing the earlier intel-penned “family announcements” and “family statements” there is once again no mention of any member of her family by name, not even a grandfather or great aunt.
    But she had a smile.…

    great sense of humour, her easy smile
    Her family said Brons will forever be remembered for her joyful smile,
    The family is asking that memorial donations be sent to the Royal University Hospital Foundation in Saskatoon or the “Dayna Brons Scholarship Fund” at Mount Royal.

    1. UNreal

      The phrases with “smile” might not only be repetitive and inexpressive – but also linguistically encoded. Language is of course not a be all end all – but the logos might still be as much valuable clues as numbers often are.

      easy smile – I see M lies (phonetic anagram)

  5. xileffilex

    A couple more – this dad of Adam Herold seems remarkably cool when his son’s allegedly died. The funeral has also taken place

    …and Straz is really strong to do this 13 min interview from his hospital bed [broken left clavicle and cervix [broken neck] “tried the wheelchair for the first time”… suuuure now in bed again. [yes, that’s a broken neck and back]

    1. ab Post author

      At the Hollywood compressed time line rate he’s progressing, he will be in a wheelchair hockey league scoring the winning goal by the of end of the summer!


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