Boston Strong: Toronto Weak

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One of the most blatantly fixed games ever – all in support of the Boston Bruins all the way to the Stanley Cup win to pay tribute to the Boston Unbombing.

They call it a collapse – the only explanation if you don’t understand that pro sports, like news, is entertainment. The only way to fix fear or elation is to script the story.

I’ll never get excited for another game again.

Perhaps the brand new Golden Knights will take it all this year in the same way to pay tribute to the Las Vegas hoax shooting.

The Maple are back in the playoffs against the Boston Bruins, the team that broke the hearts of Leaf fans everywhere on May 13, 2013. For many fans, Game 7 of the first round of the 2013 playoffs is still fresh in their memories: The Leafs had a 4-1 lead with five minutes to go. After a nine-year post-season hiatus, it looked like Toronto was set for a playoff run. But then, an epic collapse.

Source: ‘They blew it’: A history of the Maple Leafs’ Game 7 loss to the Bruins in 2013 | The Star

Boston Un-Bombing:

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4 thoughts on “Boston Strong: Toronto Weak

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Fakeologist said – One of the most blatantly fixed games ever – all in support of the Boston Bruins running all the way to the Stanley Cup win to pay tribute to the Boston Unbombing.

    Ah, yes, I thought they were going to win it, too. They did, in fact, make the final and then lose dramatically to The Chicago Blackhawks with two late goals in Boston just when it looked like The Bruins were going to take the series to a final game in Chicago.
    Of course, in the end we see the final drama was always planned to happen in Boston with the two late goals only seconds apart echoing the marathon bombs, which, of course, went off at the end of a big sporting event there.
    Prior to the final I had said ‘watch out for two quick goals to give us a boom, boom’ . Oh, aren’t I clever ? So fucking clever am I, in fact, that I’d thought it would be Boston scoring the two quick goals to win and I’d had all my money on them to do so. Haha!!

    That was gambling lesson (about) no. 5865 for me, and a tough one at that. I can laugh now, but I’d ‘watched’ the game unfold ,only on a live score board, with my 17 year old step-son, he, on the fence, but aware of my investment and my reasoning. As the game was drawing to a close I was sitting back, relaxed, with the result I was predicting presumably safe, when the scoreboard, in an instant, went from 2-1 in the Bruins favour to 3-2 in Chicago’s favour.
    I was stunned. It was like the hidden hand had just reached into the room and robbed me.
    I had mixed emotions. Simultaneously , in that one moment, it was seemingly irrefutable evidence to my family that I was off-my-head, whilst absolute confirmation to me that major sports events could be, and were, controlled to that level of precision and run in harmony with Psychological Operations.

    Hey, it’s five years ago. You can learn a lot in that time, but that boom boom finish certainly blew me away back then !

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks for the correction. I won’t blame it on the silly Mandela talk. Tying goal was at 1:19. Either way, the NHL corporation won big that year.

  2. xileffilex

    Thanks for uploading the Plasma Burns video. Boston is my favourite HRDPAR with so much visual evidence in a very carefully planned and rehearsed event.
    for instance…. watch this in slow motion, paying attention to the yellow and cream dressed attendant above the clock on the right side–kz…

    His job is to rush out and protect the money shot with veteran runner/actor Bill Iffrig for the three photographers on set and three policeman gathering behind the cameras. It’s so obvious, but timed to perfection.

    Here’s the guy in yellow with Iffrig…

    The finished money shot…


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