Humboldt Hockey Hoax: the crisis actors

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Canadians have always loved American companies and products.

We’ve lost most of our Canadian only corporations due to globalism. Now we’re owned by Americans. That has its benefits, but its downsides too. We now have to submit to their military ways of dominating people, using and drills and hoaxes.

This is a new level of hoaxery in Canada imported from our American partners – crisis actors that speak. Their lack of emotion is so much easier to explain knowing they are just C level actors. Of course, you may think they are real… my math says there should be 16 victims x2=32 parents available to the media. Let’s see how many we can find on the youtubes.

These may be real parents –

This lady is smart – look down so we can’t see your lyin’ eyes.

The KD and Goldfish dad.

The lone surviving coach – not a crisis actor, but someone likely holding a secret.


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11 thoughts on “Humboldt Hockey Hoax: the crisis actors

  1. xileffilex

    A key “survivor” is Brayden Camrud who was very quickly released from hospital [if he ever was in one] later visiting “paralysed” Straz, Trudeau style, in hospital [possibly]…

    Broken neck, broken back, here’s the wheelchair image……
    12.52 PM local time, April 14

    Camrud, who has played for the Broncos for two seasons, was released Monday evening according to his grandmother, Glenda Camrud. [i.e. April 9]
    source after concussion, bruises and cuts, allegedly.

    Seems like Camrud and another “survivor” Wasserman were trying to raise £0.1m in a lottery just before the “crash”………

    1075BoltFM @1075BoltFM
    ONE HOUR TO GO! @HumboldtBroncos early bird deadline is quickly approaching. Mayor Rob Muench got his tickets, do you have yours? Broncos players Jacob Wassermann and Brayden Camrud standing by to help you out.
    4:56 pm – 29 Mar 2018 [PT]

    Looks like lotteries are common for the hockey team in Humboldt
    April 2 2018…
    The Easter Bunny brought some extra luck to a couple from Humboldt on Saturday.
    Tom and Simone Kiefer were drawn as the early bird winners for the $10,000 prize in the Humboldt Broncos Lottery of Cash.

    The draw was a one-off for those who purchased tickets prior to the deadline on Thursday.

    Tickets are still on sale until midnight on April 27, with the $100,000 grand prize draw taking place on April 29.
    A 50/50 add-on in the lottery sits at a total jackpot of $53,380 as of Monday morning.

    This pales into insignificance beneath the almost $12m “crash” donations.

    Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser is a central figure in this psy-op

    Camrud is a key pusher of the Evan Thomas death narrative
    Scott Thomas said that his son’s cellphone was recovered after the crash and there wasn’t a scratch on it. And his body, except for his head, was in near perfect condition.

    “My opinion is it was because Evan was standing — simply standing, putting his suit on. He was struck by the upper cabinets of the bus and killed instantly,” he said.

    Some said Thomas, also known as E.T., had a wicked sense of humour. He perfected making Kraft Dinner, which he usually ate out of a pot. And he was addicted to Tim Hortons iced cappuccinos.
    [commercial break over]
    April 16 2018
    There’s a picture of ET’s mum, Laurie Thomas there but she lets dad do the talking.

    According to Camrud…
    “it still isn’t [sic] seem real”

    Well, it wasn’t real. Spot on.
    ” I kinda forgot about it” [like one does] “just trying to spend as much time with my family as possible” [yes, keep out of the limelight as much as you can apart from contractual narrative appearances]

    em>”he [Thomas] was changing into his dress clothes …”
    i.e that’s why he was standing for the narrative

    commercial break
    The day to that point had been routine: Froot Loops for breakfast,

    Funeral attendees in wheelchairs….…

    Thomas died instantly from multiple skull fractures — caused, his father theorized, by being struck by the upper cabinets of the bus while standing to take care of shirt and hair.

    Sure, nicely following on from the Camrud “theorizing” in the video.

    A 2 hour Evan Thomas memorial video [!]

    It’s beyond crazy in Canada.

    1. ab Post author

      I wonder what the reasoning is for having distant relatives releasing critical information. Grandmothers, great aunts – is the plausible reason that they are less connected/emotional to the horrific event?

      1. gaia

        When I went over the empty emotionless “mournings” I saw it too.

        I think it is to maximize the “connection” the audience receives with this hoax. Even if great auntie Victoria isn’t into hockey, now she reads the story and thinks “I am a great auntie too” *click* triggered. And so for all the other “grandfathers”, “co-workers”, “brothers”, “sisters”, former coaches etc.

  2. xileffilex

    Another interview with KD Goldfish dad. He’s learnt his script well.

    [commercial break for KD and Goldfish at 13:00]

    1. ab Post author

      Any thoughts on whether we’re looking at a Sim? Do you think they may have just morphed a younger Dad into the picture and added the birthmark (he tried to lick it off) as a red herring?

      1. xileffilex

        No – oddly he seems to have signed to a club in BC not 7 months ago…
        Kootenay ICE Verified account @WHLKootenayICE
        ICE sign forward Evan Thomas to a WHL contract. #ICEcountry
        8:03 am – 7 Sep 2017 [PT]
        Evan Thomas and Logan Schatz, two young players who had been drafted by the Kootenay Ice.…
        What’s the “drafting” Ab? Does that mean they were loaned to Humboldt for the HRDpaR>

          1. xileffilex

            I’m not getting this at all, sorry!
            Logan Schatz [allegedly died in the bus crash]

            Schatz was playing his fourth season with the Broncos and was the team’s captain for two and a half of them….[he] was also drafted 186th overall by the Kootenay Ice in the 2012 Western Hockey League bantam draft.

            Kootenay Ice is a club, as I understand it, so I don’t get Thomas signing for Kootenay in Sept 2017 and playing for Humboldt in Spring 2018

            Sept 7 2017
            Cranbrook, B.C. – The Kootenay ICE Hockey Club is excited to announce the signing of 1999-born forward Evan Thomas.
            The Saskatoon native registered 11 goals and 21 points in 22 regular season games with the Moose Jaw Generals of the Saskatchewan Midget Hockey League during the 2016-17 season. Thomas also collected three points in five playoff games.
            “Work ethic, heart and persistence are words I would use to describe Evan Thomas,” said Matt Cockell, President and General Manager. “He has earned an opportunity and we will see what it leads too, Evan has held up his end of the bargain thus far.”
            Thomas – listed at 5’11 and 172 – was drafted in the 10th round by the ICE in 2014.

            I don’t get Ice Hockey at all, sorry or the Kootenay – Humboldt connection. Here’s more –

            Two victims of Friday’s tragic bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos were drafted by the Kootenay ICE, a tragedy that claimed the lives of 15 people.

            Evan Thomas and Broncos captain Logan Schatz were among those killed in the horrific crash north of Tisdale, Saskatchewan where the Junior A hockey team’s bus was involved in a crash with a semi-truck.

            Thomas was selected in the 10th round (209th overall) by the Kootenay ICE back in 2014 and was playing his first full season with the Humboldt Broncos at the time of the crash.

            Schatz was the captain of the Broncos and was drafted 186th overall, in the 9th round of the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft by the Kootenay ICE where he wore the “C” for two seasons, playing for the Junior A team his entire four-year junior career.

            Thomas and Schatz never played a WHL game as a member of the ICE, but their loss has been felt through the organization.

    1. xileffilex

      …but a sudden burst of activity on his instagram feed with a duplicated prepared statement. Is this supposed to be the injury which kept him off the bus “passenger list”?
      [click through]…

      Mitchell was a best mate of Evan Thomas [lover of KD Kraft Dinners] who had @4.12 an infectious smile according to his billet family. You don’t say.

      nothing of note on Mitchell’s girlfriend’s instagram or facebook…

  3. xileffilex

    Beaudry is tied into it from the off,with his story about driving alone behind the bus – allegedly 20 mins – and allegedly coming upon the “devastation”. [His rationale is that he lives in Saint Front, way south of Tisdale] The place would have been sealed off, real or fake, so anyone wouldn’t have got near it.…
    Ryan Rishaug Verified account @TSNRyanRishaug
    The Nipawin Hawks have asked Chris Beaudry to come out and help coach for their upcoming playoff series. Beaudry has accepted and hopes to be there consulting for games 1 and 5. Incredible gesture by both sides, heart warming.
    11:27 am – 12 Apr 2018 [1:27 PM local time]

    While we’re here, here’s the bus wrecked in the “crash” [image 5]…
    and a little about the proprietors, Charlie Mussellman and Ron Edmunds –…

    Another lucky “survivor” – Mitchell Girolami who who stayed back home due to illness, one of four Humboldt players on the team’s playoff roster, along with Jacob Leicht, [funeral April 13] Jacob Wassermann and Morgan Gobeil [both “severely injured”]…
    When contacted Sunday, Girolami was not ready to talk. His family expressed their condolences and shared a written statement.
    “Darcy wanted him to practice and get some experience in the league,” mother Kim wrote. “The players welcomed him with open arms. They treated him like a teammate. He was invited to team functions and they even made him dye his hair. Know that these were amazing young men.
    “As parents, our only focus is for our children and the people affected by this horrific event. No words can describe how thankful we are that Mitch is here safe with us, yet how devastated we are for the players, people and families of people on the bus.”

    Jacob Wasserman among the survivors
    Goaltender Jacob Wasserman is currently in Saskatoon, according to his great-aunt Phyllis Wasserman, who was reached in Humboldt on Saturday. Not sure if he was in surgery already or not, she said he was supposed to have surgery on his back and might be paralyzed.
    “For us it’s like a dark cloud is hanging and I just can’t imagine what the immediate family is going through,” she said. “It’s hard enough for us.”
    Happy to hear he was alive after realizing the severity of the crash, she said it’s still a battle for him.
    “We’re just keeping our fingers crossed and praying,” she said

    Great aunt! They really struggle to find close relatives!

    As always, only a small number of insiders are allowed near TV cameras, and will be called upon in the future, while other relatives and “survivors” ease off into the background. Michelle is a good performer [top video] and has learnt the script well.

    Jacob Leicht story, whose girlfriend was ‘travelling in Thailand” at the time…

    Kurt and Celeste [Leicht] decided to drive themselves to the game instead of taking the fan bus and, in fact, passed the accident without even knowing their son’s team bus was involved. Emergency personnel were already on the scene. “We just thought it was a semi,” Kurt said. “We didn’t notice the bus in behind the semi. So we just kind of thought, ‘Let’s keep going, get our tickets, get a bite to eat.’ ”
    As they made their way to the game, they received a phone call telling them the Broncos bus had been involved and were told to go to Nipawin. Kurt decided to go back to the accident scene. He saw the condition of the bus and was thankful there were any survivors.


    And here are some friends of Wasserman, Leicht and Gobeil – they seem very very cheerful, the guy on the left can’t stop laughing, like you do when one of your friends has “passed away” [Leicht] and two are “seriously injured” in hospital.…
    “Thank you so much” friends Tom Bollefer and Tanner Gerwing

    Mitchell Girolami has gone to ground…


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