JFK:NDNGH:It’s a dummy

like this

No one died, no one got hurt.

DaveJ’s original work on Faketube.

Standing in line at the supermarket, I see this magazine. This will never end.

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11 thoughts on “JFK:NDNGH:It’s a dummy

  1. Vespadouglas

    but the big question remains unreal……..is jackie mtf…..or was jfk ftm…..nap wilson is big on jfk , was he a bird napoleon ?

    1. UNreal


      There is an entire sub-blog dealing with EGI and what we have seen so far is that a large fraction of Elite characters are suspect of twisting gender – much like in the Shakespeare’ean theatre back in the 1600’s.

      There are video’s on the suspicions one might have about Jackie Kennedy that might be worthwhile to study* when one tries to assess to what point lifetime actors such as the Kennedy’s could be part of the Elite in-club that practice gender inversion or not.

      Regardless of the Kennedy’s being involved in multi-generational Elite Gender Inversion or not, we can safely consider Politicians -and here in particular the Kennedy’s- to be skilled life-time actors. The fact that the Zapruder film (possibly including a dummy) was comprised of scenes shot and staged after the official November 22nd parade in 1963 clearly indicate these individuals know how to stay in character and fake emotions consistently.

      FK – Fake (phonetic anagram*)

      *the ‘fake’ FK pun would be why we have so many acronyms that play on that anagram : MFK, RFK & JFK

      *All First Ladies Have Been Trannies. Michelle is Not the First. Or Last.
      MrE – 29 Oct 2016 – 23:27 (mm:ss) – 271 941 views


  2. Blue Moon

    There appears to be another splice around frame 331-333 (!) but only involving the layer with the limo. The limo moves higher in the frame and turns a darker blue. Jackie also seems to be out of sync in her movements.
    I don’t know if it was a dummy, but the film is a composite of multiple takes assembled on an optical printer, clearly. Likely, the film was assembled here: www.texasarchive.org/library/i…

  3. UNreal

    Great job by Dave J to have correctly detected where the film was spliced for the doctored footage.

    The allusion to a dummy might nevertheless be somewhat reductive of what clearly is stagecraft that was conducted with great skill and attention to detail.

    In all likelihood, the location of the JFK shooting was carefully selected and the act rehearsed and planned. The main stunt performed on November 22nd 1963 did not involve a dummy, but was a coverup for the coming image manipulation for which the scene was chosen. The most important script in the movie is all the action in and on the car that served to hide Kennedy the day of the shooting.

    As we can see from the images, the actual shooting occurred once the car made a 90° turn and was directly in position to drive off. The public on the grassy knoll and on the opposite lawn was limited and the onle people able to see JFK at the moment of the attack and from the side and front. All this public must have been government assets and also why there are not that many to be seen.

    The regular crow was by design all behind Kennedy when the action began with huge sounds of bullets coming from a place as close to the public ass possible – not from the protected areas of the grassy knoll which was further away. Looking from behind, only the security guard and Jackie were to be seen. And to make sure – the authors made up reasons to have them climb on the car to draw attention and cover JFK who ducked and stayed hidden as the car drove off.

    The shooting scene might have been done with a dummy or not – but it did not happen the day of the shooting as the live gore was instead provided by Oswald’s killing very soon after. This might have been the most crucial part as everyone thus disposed of death on film, but in the film every question was already answered (who and how Oswald was killed and the circumstances) while in the Kennedy killing not one question was effectively addressed. So, we have unquestioned imagery that confirm the reality of the drive off sound-staged killing.

    As the most difficult aspect with imagery is lighting, the Kennedy death scene was thouroghly filmed and archived to allow the manufacture of the headshot later. Only at this point did a dummy enter stage if they indeed used only a doll or rather a mixed technique of actor/dummy/actor. In any case, the Zapruder film is in my view simply a cut and paste montage of actual footage from November 22nd mixed with a studio reproduction of the car and road which was pasted in later.

    So the real trick of Kennedy’s death (‘Kenn e dy’ or rather ‘Can I Die’) was to choregraph the movement on the back of the car and blast shooting sound so loud people lost their composure in order to create the confusion necessary for Kennedy to drive off quickly in order for peoples imagination to create the lacking images helped with Oswald’s brutal murder. Only at this later point would there be any use of a doll for the ‘money’ shot – aka in the studio. When analysing the different phases in the staging of fake shooting, it is improbable there was any doll in Kennedy’s car at all – the doll was just a studio prop used much later.

    Most significantly, the strong part of the plan was to make JFK as visible as possible to as many people as possible before he made his U-turn and drove off with a bang directly into the Death Celebrity Program (DCP). Dolls and footage were only fabricated later when they could decide on the various strategies possible with the footage and witnesses they had. Foolproof and counter-intuitive.

    1. Dave J

      Oswald was a HOAX as well, Nobody died and nobody was hurt with regard to this hoax. The Oswald hoax is an easy one to see. Listen for the Horn blast to start the action, Yelling action would not have went well.

    2. UNreal

      Indeed – the Oswald live shooting was of course also a hoax, should have made that clear as well.

      The trick here is to use a much simpler, less complex hoax (the Oswald fake live TV murder) in order to deter attention and expectation of actual ‘live’ footage of the JFK murder – which gave the perpetrators the time and opportunity to develop a lot of fringe theories and wild speculation – up to the Zapruder film that was planned from the beginning and in which they probably made use of a doll as you (Dave J) well emphasize in the video.

      Moreso than the doll from the later production of the Zapruder film, i find the splicing scene indicative of how they had the storyboard ready already when they filmed and planned JFK’s parade route in ’63.

    3. UNreal

      Another advantage of choosing the Schoolbook Depository for delivering the loud resonant sound* apart from the advantage of being close to the actual crowd (contrary to the controlled crowd present at the Grassy Knoll and the lawn opposite side) was similarly to the scripted action on the hood of the car (Jackie & guard) :
      •to focus attention and eyesight away from the president.

      The weakest point in the stage craft at work in Dallas was the action after the purported shot. In order to provoke the necessary diversion the dislocated source of the shots would be the first place anyone would focus their attention, before looking elsewhere and then be attracted to the action on the hood of the limousine where they would not see the president but Jackie and the security service guard in what appears a highly unlikely scenario. When we now understand why both Jackie and the agent needed to draw attention, this part of the make-believe becomes self-evident.

      When we look at how fast Jackie let go and nearly pushed aside John F Kennedy – we have even more cues about what the action was really about : to cover JFK who was not in any way hurt by the mere sound of violence but rather needed to hide in order to let the public invent the action themselves – very soon helped along by the fake killing of the killer…

      *the real ‘magic bullet’ in Kennedy’s false murder was loud sound – one of two innate fears humans are born with : the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises

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