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6 thoughts on “FAC455-Rollo, Velocet, Fria, Tasteoffreedom

  1. xileffilex

    Good chat
    The biggest take home message from it ought to be the point how intel use social media to create and develop fake stories. First stage in any psy-op is to set up, or take over the actors’ and participants’ fb, twitter, instagram or youtube accounts. Perhaps add a few photo for the press when the actors ‘die’ or get ‘injured’ in the event. Maybe adapt the fb page to a tribute account following the ‘death’ and advise on setting up private secondary accounts for insiders to keep in touch after their death. Long rambling, intel-prepared narrative statements for the press can also be fed out through facebook, twitter having a separate soundbite role. All the MSM has to do is copy and paste and we have news for you!

      1. John le Bon

        Haven’t traveled? To where, exactly?

        No real life experiences? To which ‘real life experiences’ are you referring?

        I am always happy to take constructive criticism on board. Empty rhetoric about ‘life experiences’ is not constructive criticism; to my mind it is more akin to the venting of frustrated, middle-aged men.

        Exoteric’s comments were amusing. On the one hand he spoke of people who ‘do not have enough life experience’, ‘haven’t traveled enough’, etc etc (and even specifically called me out as an example), but then he went on to proclaim that he is certain that America has an opioid problem because — get this — he heard it from an Alan Watt podcast. Oh, and he used to drive around Australia a lot, and catch plenty of trains. In Australia.

        This was in response to an American on the call who doubted the ‘opioid epidemic’ meme. Yes, the Australian/Kiwi knows more about the ‘opioid epidemic’ in America, than an actual American, because he listens to Alan Watt and catches trains — in Australia.

        There’s always a place for comic relief. Whenever somebody tries to take a shot at me, even when I am not there to defend myself, it generally turns into an amusing fail. This was yet another classic example. I can’t have been the only one laughing along at this nonsense.

        Keep the laughs coming, lads.

        1. antipodean

          To which ‘real life experiences’ are you referring?

          Meeting people in the flesh who’ve experienced shit.
          A lot of the knowledge, opinions etc I’ve accumulated is a result of meeting such people. Many of who live in Australia.
          What’s worrying about today is people who’s only life experiences, are what they’ve experienced whilst using a key board.
          I wouldn’t know the extent of any opioid addiction in USA. But there is a huge ‘P’ problem in NZ.
          Also I agree with Exoteric’s remark about the other person he mention’s.
          I’ve met him a few times, he’s a 9/11 Plane Hugger

          PS you take your self far to seriously.

          Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2018/04/1…


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