Kicking it up a notch part 2

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Another example of how the idea of crisis actors, staged ICE capstone events, , #NDNGH is catching on and has to be confronted head on by the powers that be. Even if this case is also staged, will real laws be passed?

The parents of two children killed at elementary school in 2012 sued Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, who had derided the shooting as fake and possibly staged by the government.

Source: Sandy Hook families sue InfoWars’ Alex Jones | The Star

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2 thoughts on “Kicking it up a notch part 2

  1. xileffilex

    Update August 31
    The Alex Jones defamation puppet show is set to proceed but stopping briefly to give a further drink to the lawyers, with the necessary “appeals”…

    The story made news 2 days running on BBC radio , with on the second day several “experts” from the “explaining classes” wheeled on to tell us what we expet them to tell us… from
    2:10:00 here – Aug 30…

    and from 2:45:00 – Aug 31…

    particulary interesting was the appearance in the lower audio of Professor Madeleine de Cock Buning who headed up a report on disinformation presented by a high-level group of experts the European Union. The group, consisting of 39 members, has been investigating the measures that have to be taken at European level.…

    The EU expert group chose not to use the term ‘fake news’ because as it has been “appropriated and used misleadingly by powerful actors to dismiss coverage that is simply found disagreeable”. The report states that ‘disinformation’ goes far beyond ‘fake news’. Disinformation is defined as “all forms of false, inaccurate or misleading information designed, presented and promoted to deliberately cause public damage or gain.” Although the report places a great deal of responsibility on politicians and classical media to combat disinformation, the greatest emphasis is on the role of digital platforms, such as social media.

    who defines public damage? The experts/explaining classes of course.

    i.e disinformation = research which contradicts the fiction spewed out by the MSM as they recite intel scripts to the masses passed off as real news.

    June 2018
    Prof. Madeleine de Cock Buning joins the School of Transnational Governance as a part-time Professor. In her role at the European University Institute, Professor de Cock Buning will lead work on Digital Politics, Economy and Societies at the School of Transnational Governance….

    link to report – Amulti-dimensionalapproachtodisinformation-ReportoftheindependentHighlevelGrouponfakenewsandonlinedisinformation.pdf

    The list of 39 “experts” is here…

  2. xileffilex

    I can’t remember if it were here that Ab talked about this culture of wanting victims “dead” and not being happy that #NDNGH. Here’s a classic example on a recently resurrected DIF thread on the Hillsborough football psy-op

    I think the suggestion that Hillsborough was one big set up and that no one really died would seriously piss off a lot of people, not just people of Liverpool or families connected to the tragedy but the entire concerning general public….

    Yeah, right,

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