Sprocket lives another day!

like this

I think this is real.

Got me thinking that in our relatively peaceful life in the Western world, we’d have very little 0;news” to spread other than the odd birth, death, and weather report if not for the manufactured fear porn story.

Glad Sprocket survived.

The video shows a dog ambling around a snowy backyard. She suddenly bolts as heavy branches crash to the ground where she was standing just seconds before, a result of the ice storm and heavy winds that punished Toronto on Sunday.

Source: ‘Holy cow, that was close’: Dog narrowly escapes falling branches in East York backyard | The Star

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2 thoughts on “Sprocket lives another day!

  1. xileffilex

    Disclaimer – No animals were harmed during the above staged event
    or “No dog died no dog got hurt” as DaveJ would correctly analyse it.

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