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Another completely empty story featuring 0;live video” of the back of a plane seat. If this guy makes a career livestreaming he better find another job.

Martinez, 29, is the founder of a digital marketing company called Social Revolt in Dallas, and streaming live on Facebook comes naturally to him. “I thought that was my only avenue to get a message to the outside,” he recalled of those moments. He dialed up a Facebook connection, and only then did he put on his oxygen mask.

Source: Passenger on fatal Southwest Airlines crash live-streamed ‘sheer panic’ on flight | The Star

They could have at least dubbed in a few screams. Do these passengers look panicked? They don’t even look to have their masks on correctly.

One passenger died, U.S. regulators said Tuesday, marking the first accident-related fatality on a U.S.-registered airline in more than nine years.

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27 thoughts on “Better get a new vocation

  1. xileffilex

    Seems like the spate of these plane windows breaking is the “new van attack” page filler for the MSM…

    Pilot sucked half way out of cockpit at 32,000 feet
    Naturally we have a hero on hand…

    Well, it’s much more cost efficient than crashing a plane to fill the evening news slot.

    Meanwhile, everybody’s memory is coming back after the first ** SouthWest airlines drama also at 32,000 feet , i.e they have rehearsed their stories for the press. The “hero” pilots talks for the first time
    May 10 2018…

    nicely following on from a ** second SouthWest broken window hoax on May 3…

    I’m outta here now, but fortunately not sucked out….

  2. Dave J

    Will not spend a lot of time on this HOAX, however, those that are interested in the numbers of it I have a few easy one to see. Those that do not care or by (buy) the numbers of these stories can Just move along.

    First at for most the Temples crashing down to be rebuilt with the Lie and or Story of Death and Panic. THe Main Liar is 29, again that is your 9/11 Reference, that is easy to see. the second aspect of that is the 2 and 9 by themselves. The 2 (bet) and or the BET are you going to take it? that leads into the ring aka 3 and so on. THen you have the (9) MIND/wheel ,what input output moves you) meaning that the bet will lead to the Mind and thus CON’d cern(the colors of the rainbow aka the color commentary, the details the 8’s) and recycle aka 10-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-101-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 etc 101 it is Introduction, Induction, Infusion to become PART of, to participate in etc. WHat is the introduction level in COllege…this or that 101, It is there for a reason

    Please keep in mind that the Yod and or 10 is part of every word, meaning that each word begins and ends with a meaning and or Pourpouse a know “value” When a word does not it is called NONsince (cents) of NO value you get the point. THis is what leads into generacial Buzz words that mean nothing but to those within a Group that have been initiated into its meaning. THis can be age groups types of Music peers, Lingo, jargen, slang and or what is called New(s)speack

    Then move to the first part of the details and this is all you need as the rest again will be the colors I talked about above. “For 20 minutes, the Southwest Airlines jet was a normal flight from New York to Dallas with 149 people aboard.” 2+1+4+9 = 16 and or 7 (Zion) What is call the MIND weapon, It is the STRIKE to your head that allows the rest to flow in. DO NOT buy it Nobody died and nobody got hurt as we all know Only Liars false witnesses and Spiritual Murders will argue.

    Then you have the next level of confirmation, Next paragraph USING what we have been told already your mind will have already calculated this as real if you did not expect to be lied to.
    “The plane(1) was flying at 32,500 feet Tuesday morning as passengers(137) settled in for the three(3)-hour flight. ”
    1+3+2+5+1+3+7+3 = 25 aka 7

    And so one and so forth. TO take the time to go into the Details aka the 8’s, Once a sory is first set into motion with the 7 and or ZION code it will move into the 8’s that is where layer upon layer of lie is added.

    Ayways nobody died and nobody got hurt, SO anymore time on this is wasted and can never be recovered again. cheers

    1. Tom Dalpra

      You are funny. That was a good one, Dave.
      What should we call it? Artful NONsince ?

      Since the staged ‘drama’ of Cariongate when you turned up and JAdams fucked-off, can we expect a continued presence from you around here, a kind of trade ?
      No worries, should be a laugh. I’m sure you can find a niche in this world of disinformation. Hey, UNreal made a quite long post in the forums called egi, where he lauds Jungle Surfer’s research (ha!) and gets into all manner of absurd suggestions such as the Rolling Stones are women.
      You’ll be right at home there,I reckon.

      Now, the time is 19.44. There’s the 19, and there’s the 44 I’m outta here.

          1. Vespadouglas

            hi tom. it seems that dj has 3/4 groupies tracing his posts on a “mission to like”…….do you suppose its anyone with the balls to admit it?……(particularly his most recent contribution)

              1. Vespadouglas

                ooh thats sharp….kudos……its a shame his vintage collections of 45s got burned in the 2018 great fire of YT………..2018 Great fire of youtube… much lost lost !…….so many losers

      1. Dave J

        Rage for me you workless troll. Come on boy, you can do better. By the way Tom Dalpra spelled Sideways and reflected, reversed and re reflected spells Dickhead. Just so you know. Just some trivia you can F off with SO DIckhead you dont mind that i call you by your name i assume. You can always when you see my name F(*K off to the next post. See how easy that works troll

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Haha! I told you it would be a laugh.
          ‘Workless’ ? I’m not. I walk 14 miles per day as a postman.
          Prior to that I spent most of my working life in Mental Health where I specialised in supporting adults with challenging behaviour. This would mean I would sometimes face mad aggressive, people who spat at me and threw shit around.

          I shall sign-off with a quote of yours which is both (admittedly) amusing and at the same time a good example of your fallacious waffle – By the way Tom Dalpra spelled Sideways and reflected, reversed and re reflected spells Dickhead.

          1. Vespadouglas

            hes a “fakery lite” version of a controlled oppostion dude called tim osman……same shite patter…….btw an ex of mine was a PHG at lizzies mail back in the they still issue you free doctor martens?

            1. Tom Dalpra

              davej said – ”Workless does not mean Unemployed you silly goofball”.

              Bizarre. I didn’t say it specifically meant unemployed, but out of interest, what do you imagine the word ‘workless’ means then, Dave ?
              You use it enough.
              Merriam Webster says –
              Definition of workless
              : being without work : unemployed

        2. Vespadouglas

          ooooh thumbs down from me…..nasty , crass cunt…….really , whos liking this clown shoe shite ?…….wait a god damn minute 🙂 its not you dave… it?

          1. Dave J

            What have you done other than run your mouth via your fingers with regard to exposing Hoaxes. Nothing as far as I can see you workless troll. If you have done work then maybe post a link for review

  3. xileffilex

    So we’ve got a further 147 passenger corroborating witness stories, plus those of the stewards…..[not]

    Another media “death” in this psy-op, with a plethora of “happy family” facebook uploads for the mediai to “discover”. I suspect all was not well in the nest.……

    “Statement from the family” = statement from intel…

    Although [her husband’s] Facebook page ** still lists that as his current job, he left the position at the end of 2017, and was replaced by Lawrence Rael. It’s unknown what he currently does for work, but his LinkedIn lists him as a government administration professional.

    ** subsequently taken down….

    1. ab Post author sure is heavy on the bs. Impossible to believe anyone would be such a social media overuse. The controllers need to know this kind of memorializing is completely ridiculous and unbelievable.

      1. xileffilex

        It doesn’t end there – we have an ideal [female pilot] hero, plenty more instagram posts from alleged passengers….…
        …and the pilot’s radio messages put straight into the public domain….yeah, right
        …and it gained a lot of publicity in the popular UK press, which exists on a diet of staged events, another hoax clue.
        A pathetic baby hoax sponsored by and paid for by….us, the end user.

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