FAK194-Fakeologist 55 with Ab and Faye

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Attention! This audio is only 55 minutes – that’s 27.5 minutes for your morning commute and 27.5 for your afternoon commute! You won’t miss a thing – so download it today and listen in!

When? April 18, 2018 @ 2016h EDT

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on fakeologist.com

Listen live @ bit.ly/fakeradio2

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1 thought on “FAK194-Fakeologist 55 with Ab and Faye

  1. xileffilex

    Always interesting and a nice length.
    The absence of imagery of the removal of bus and truck from the Humboldt crash site at Armley is indeed puzzling. The big crane and sheeted cargo is a psy-op standard for removal of crashed buses, helicopters, planes and trucks.
    The first photos of the cleansed site appeared on the afternoon of the 8th. These psy-ops will be prepped and continued under cover of darkness, and I suspect the whole area was sealed off until then, with any local residents needing to be brought onside.

    the aerial image:
    which is consistent with numerous other pieces of aerial footage and still images of low and high resolution, especially the Jonathan Hayward images. Hayward only tweeted his “slap shot dvd” image not the long range images from the west with the vehicles still in situ. I suspect this 2pm local time 8th April image is his
    He was also credited with the aerial shots, obviously from the 7th. 2.28 pm uploads local time
    If someone can make a case for CGI, go ahead…..
    another insider….ready for a well earned retirement, I assume
    Brian Starkell, the chief of the Nipawin Fire Department, was one of the emergency workers on the scene. He said he had never come across such carnage in his 40-year career.

    Jackie Perez of CTV posted these images at 4.26 PM local time, April 8th, showing the cleared and cleansed “crash” site. However, the aerial views show there is ample scope nearby for storing heavy plant/vehicles/portable lighting, as one would need for any film set.

    Hayward is the obvious invited, insider photographer for this psy-op.
    long lens images from the west –

    here’s Hayward’s story to explain why this Vancouver based Newfoundlander cameraman beat all the locals to the site.
    At the time of the collision involving a tractor-trailer and the Humboldt Broncos’ bus, Hayward was finishing a busy week photographing the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry, as well as Primer Minister Justin Trudeau and two Vancouver Canucks hockey games.
    He walked into his house to spend the weekend with his family, when he saw a news alert, and at that time not much was known other than there was a bus crash and there was a hockey team on the bus.
    Hayward was back out the door within 18 minutes to catch a flight to the scene of the accident.

    yeah, right.
    Hayward hopes his photos can help bring closure and effect regulatory change.
    “The aerials of that bus with the roof of it ripped off, that could force regulation, along with the story, to put seatbelts on buses … and it could be 10 years’ time from now, but you always hope.”

    His instagram page
    johnnyofdeepcove One of the most horrific and sad stories I have ever covered.
    suuuuure, not a drop of blood to be seen

    off-topic – nice little suspicious fire at the airport of Prince Albert, Sask

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