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Bullying isn’t ok, unless you have a different view – a fakeologist type view (minus the vicsims).…

A Charlotte city councilmember is under fire after posting an article on Facebook that questions the validity of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. On her personal Facebook page, Councilmember LaWana Mayfield publicly shared a fake news article claiming a scientific journal determined the collapse of the Twin Towers was a controlled .

Source: City councilwoman won’t resign after Facebook post questioning 9/11 | WSOC-TV

I wonder if similar peer pressure bullying was present in the 60s-70s for those that questioned the hoax publicly.

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11 thoughts on “Never, ever question

    1. Vespadouglas

      how many vicsim funerals have you attended dave ? how many first ministers of national government have you proven to be complicit in the nutwork game? how many local yokel towns have you visited on vicsim funeral day and confirmed 100% thats whats occuring is a scripted play? how many times have you a been anywhere near a vicsims nearest and dearest and realised there is only cops , spooks crisis actors and YOU?…….youre not organic……youre not grassroot……youre mentored..controlled..on didnt just coincedentally pop by here …….shoo now

      1. Dave J

        Rage harder for me False witness Liar.By the way you silly little trollop, my years of work has been witnessed by some of those that use this site. SO i do not have to witness for myself as it would be worthless to a Goat like you and a waste of time to your mindless mass. However thier are those on this page that will witness to have seeing/witnessing it. SO again being you have nothing real to add. You being a Mirror of your own rage is in fact the ONE that has done Nothing and has Nothing to show for it. Left in a room with no more than a bucket, Your “Creations” as your life would look and smell of thier worth…..SO again i say RAGE harder for me…. Come on you Nincompoop

  1. Dave J

    Yes it was Harder to be against the Story Creators before the use of the Internet and sharing on information in chat groups. I have told you before People would Defriend(well before facebook or internet) you back in the late 70’s and 80’s for not buying the Moon Landing as real. If anything, it is harder today if you plan to make your life and paycheck in the Public space as that Personal viewpoint is now seen as a Job qualification and or disqualification whatever the case may be. Even within groups like this Fakeologist when one goes against the grain you are put on the defensive. AT least here the Trolls and Naysayers just so happen to be the same one that if not WOrkless completly do very little in the way of Exposing the HOAX filled CULTure we find ourselfs in today. SO in short the More things Change the more they stay the same.

    “INGSOC” and all that as you know

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