11 thoughts on “FAC457-Velocet, Exoteric64, Rollo, DaveJ

  1. due2romney

    hmm Unusual Crazy Dave hasn’t been back to attack his detractors as yet Could it be…Guess I should give it a day as he may be in Morning or Nite even…

  2. Vespadouglas

    perhaps that is why this so obviously prearranged audiochat took place……an attempt to make crass dave seem regular……rollo , theyre playing you like a fiddle dude

    1. Faye

      Vespadouglas, the audiochat was not prearranged, I know that because I participated in the first part which took place in Room 11. The interview by Velocet was of course arranged with Dave J, otherwise would also be called a chat and not an interview. You could have known at least the second if you would have taken the time to listen to interview. Therefore for my understanding the bad thoughts you attached to the topic in question belong to yourself. Take care.

      1. Vespadouglas

        call it whatever you wish…..chat , interview ,male bonding or whatever……when a media man chats with an military man on fakeologist livestream it will invariably stink of pish……..you might as well invite a couple freemasons on to discuss lodge shop……..thats also the first time ive heard anyone call crass daves insane ramblings his “philosophical views”

        1. Faye

          Media man: that is you as well, since you write on a public forum. Military man: How many military men do you know who research about war, life and death?

          To distrust others does not free you from the moral obligation to try to understand them before you judge them.

          1. Vespadouglas

            i am blissfully unaware of any military men who research war, life and death to be truthful….if you could post a link to a couple , that would be swell.

            1. Faye

              I can not post a “link”. And from your attitude I understand that you are not really interested in a discussion. If you change your mind you can find me on discord.

              1. Vespadouglas

                a pointer to google would suffice…..btw , im quite sure you initiated this discussion with you said ,at the beginning of your reply to my comment “vespadouglas “…………….as for attitude ? …….where the fuck do you think you get the right to determine my “attitude”…….where /who the fuck do you think you are?

                1. Vespadouglas

                  AB ….Surely something has gone wrong here when a “moderater” is telling me i should be questioning my morals and my ( cough ) “trust”

        2. gaia

          ……..thats also the first time ive heard anyone call crass daves insane ramblings his “philosophical views”

          Indeed. It’s like calling a barn of squealing pigs a philharmonic concert.

  3. Faye

    The audiochat was interesting as most of the time. And the interview of Dave J by Velocet was phantastic ! Especially the interjection of taped material into the discussion and the way Velocet followed and directed Dave J simultaneously allowed a good discussion, in which even the sometimes difficult to understand philosophical views of Dave J became almost tangible.

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