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7/7 crisis actress

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As I was digging through the archives of this very popular podcast, I found it very interesting 7/7 crisis actor who was speaking out against and engaging with “conspiracy theorists”. I wonder what board she was engaging in.

Jon Ronson seems to be the English equivalent of Canadian Jonathan Kay, who was also tasked with discrediting anyone in the truth movement.


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Toronto van sidewalk hoax: Bring on the fictims

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No time to question the basics of this hoax, it’s time to turn up the emotion and bring on the tears.

Details are beginning to emerge about the victims of the rampaging van down Yonge St. on Monday afternoon.

One of the 10 killed is Anne Marie D’Amico, who worked at Invesco, a U.S. investment firm with an office near Yonge and Sheppard Ave.


On the 9/11 style tribute wall, quickly erected mind you, there was a sign that use the word fictim. If anyone can find it please send it to me thank you.

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You need to make a choice

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Canadians, you have a choice:

Believe that there are radical young (MUSLIMS) out there willing to kill random strangers


that the people that rule over you are lying in a much bigger way than you could have ever imagined or are willing to accept.

There are no other choices in this matter.

You decide.

I do not wonder why option number 2 is so difficult for people to choose. The consequences are far more disturbing than accepting the less complicated option 1.

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FAC458-Toronto Van Sidewalk Hoax

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Fakeologist and Faye discuss the hoax before many details come out.

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