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As I was digging through the archives of this very popular podcast, I found it very interesting 7/7 crisis actor who was speaking out against and engaging with 0;conspiracy theorists”. I wonder what board she was engaging in.

Jon Ronson seems to be the English equivalent of Canadian Jonathan Kay, who was also tasked with discrediting anyone in the truth movement.


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11 thoughts on “7/7 crisis actress

    1. xileffilex

      I guess it was a dog and pony show involving the J7 gatekeeping operation.
      I, personally have been the both subject of conspiracy theories, and the target of conspiracy theorists, probably due to this blog, for over three years. Because of this strange experience I became interested in what these people believed, and I researched the conspiracy theories, their origins, dissemination and effects in some detail. As time has gone on I have become more and more concerned about the effects the 7/7 conspiracy theories are having; how they are no longer the preserve of eccentrics and cranks, but are spreading like a virus.

      But unlike Dunne [J7] she [“North”/McFadyen] does not think there is any mystery about what happened. “We all know what happened,” she says. “We were there. What we want to know is why it happened.”
      She says that conspiracy theorists have repeatedly twisted her words to make out there was no bomb on her train and even that she is a professional M15 disinformation agent. When she challenged these claims, she says she was subjected to vitriolic abuse. As a consequence, she refuses to have anything to do with the July 7 Truth Campaign or related sites, arguing that they risk undermining the legitimacy of survivors’ calls for a public inquiry.

      27 June 2006

      Bonus item – some transparent 7/7 crisis actors from the J7 youtube site

  1. ricky

    @Faye, you’ve touched on an idea that I’ve been thinking through for some time. Most of us live between two worlds, our “Fakeologist” associates and everybody else. It becomes difficult sometimes to re-imagine yourself in the grips of media fakery as I suggest we all were at some point. When observing friends and family still under the media spell it appears they are actually in some kind of trance, unable to discern where media fantasy ends and real life reality begins.

  2. Faye

    She was attacked by a stranger in her home and wrote an article for Marie Claire and was then reading that presice article holding the magazine in her hands when the bombs went off? How to explain that people believe such a story could be real? Is it because no real experience is possible in real life and therefore one becomes receptive for all kind of fictitious “experiences”?

    1. UNreal

      The circular argument of being a victim of aggression, reading about it in an “official source” then being aggressed again in the trainbomb attack does a good job of putting the audience in an emotional state – i do not even think credibility was ever an aim here. Psychological triggering – and quite efficient emotionally.

      Anyone who actually tries to apply calm, reasoning or logic to this story will be the victim as the setup of a well spoken, seemingly responsible woman facing wild theories and erratic behaviour from an online obscure consortium of “conspiracy theorists” actually makes both parties arguments and position appear purely emotion-based.

      It is nevertheless instructive to analyse how conspiracy theorists (aka Fakeologists) are encouraged to be loud and offensive – which is of course a trick that we also often see in behaviour encountered on this site. When a debate heats up and gets emotional – logic and insight are the victims – which makes this kind of behaviour an much used agent tactic. And the agents are not only only writing articles in Marie Claire – but also write conspiracy blogs and participate on such forums as ‘regular’ members.

      The fact Rachel North confronted conspiracy theorist David Shylar and managed to throw gender into the mix is course not haphazard either. As a remainder – David Shylar and collegue Annie Machon* earned alternative truth recognition from their 2005 book “Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers” (here) and both had extensive inside knowledge from their mutual careers at MI5 & MI6. In other words, just as there are no retired military personnel – not in the navy or anywhere else – the PsyOp scriptwriters write both the official and alternative narrative.

      Regarding the gender pun – David Shylar recently changed into Delores Kane (photo below and article here).

      *the name ‘Machon’ could be a phonetic anagram for ‘Cho Man’ and ‘Shylar’ a wordplay on ‘Lyar’

      1. ab Post author

        Fantastic post – this is why I bring up old stories. They are very instructive. The fact that this controlled opposition truther flipped to la-la land – and decided to be a public transvestite – negates his whole story for me. Appropriate that our EGI expert Unreal found this!

        1. Tom Dalpra

          The MI5 transvestite’s name Is David Shayler (not Shyler).
          He calls himself Dolores Kane these days but is a well known figure in U.K. mainstream alternative ‘conspiracy circles’ where he’s been an agent in place for years.
          Originally a ‘whistle blower’, he then expressed the Icke-like belief that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, took mind-altering drugs, ranted at music festivals and became a tranny. All as reported in the mainstream press for widespread ridicule.

          Jon Ronson is another interesting and obvious agent of the UK ‘mainstream-alternative’ who’s been around for years.
          Years ago, pre-mass internet when there were only 4 UK Tv channels, this TV programme (below) he presented regarding the ‘lunar conspiracy’ was an eye-opener to some of us and shows how rather than suppress the idea of a fake moon landing, completely, those in control looked to lead the discussion and had their agent-in-place, there.

          1. xileffilex

            It’s your lucky week, or perhaps month, or perhaps year, Tom….
            Truth Sentinel @ScotTSentinel
            Coming soon on Truth Sentinel; ex MI5 officer David Shayler gives his opinion on the Skripal poisoning and the Syria ‘chemical’ attack. Subscribe to our channel to catch the episode: www.youtube.com/channel/UC7t90…
            11:11 am – 21 Apr 2018 [7:11 PM BST]

            Be very suspicious of anything with “Truth” in the title.
            Should be a laugh. Gatekeeping at its finest, I imagine.

            Now I must watch EP 22 of TS – Shayler on Diana, David Kelly and MH370.

      2. Faye

        Yes, the circular form of narration is for sure an important element of why such stories can capture the attention and shift the level from cognition to sensation. It is a closed form, an absolute form one could say. We find it in mystical narratives of all provenience, as well as in masonic symbolism (which has occupied and instrumentalized the previous traditiona); Even EGI can – from a specific point of view – be interpreted as a circular storyline, a completion as an image of the absolut.

        My interest is also in the real conditions of human beings of our time – such as ourselfs, if you will. I am asking what are these collective conditions so that it has become so easy to invade and alter the perception with the use of such obvious and ridiculous stories?

        The desire for the absolute functions as an element that allows imaginary identification – with a collectively lost big narrative.

        But what does it mean in the world of experience? Which necessity does it meet? Is there such thing as a void of the absolute?

        I tent to think that the postmodern urban human being is being deprived of many elementary experiences, individually and socially. The most obvious the deprivation of its immanent curiosity and experimental approach to the other and the world.

        As we speak I remember, she did not only read about her own story in an “official source” – she wrote that story herself. Omnipotence – isn’t that the being in the world of childhood? And isn’t the first biographic apocalypse the comprehension that it is not true? That the grown ones also do not have the potency of all, they are not magicians?

        Is nostalgia for the state of childhood the human condition that all kind of psychological operations exploit and maintain?

    2. xileffilex

      Just for info – the 2002 attack which is described in her book, [no doubt written by the spooks] is summarised ** here by Kollerstrom who met “North” in the company of Shayler

      Kollerstrom cites a Felicity Jane Lowde as ehe abuser of “North”.

      **Rachel is living in a flat with her boyfriend in North London, it’s past midnight and he is not yet home. …
      The boyfriend would be the Cayman Islands lawyer “J” i.e. Paul J Osborne
      Paul was an assistant solicitor in the Asset Finance group of Denton Wilde Sapte, where he qualified in 2002.
      Rachel is still a director of the house in Finsbury Park 31 Somerfield Road


      31a Somerfield road was sold for £269,950 Flat, Leasehold, Residential on 25 Jun 2004 2 bedrooms Rachel McFadyen became a director, replacing the seller, Sarah Cruickshank. There has been no further sale. The 25pc shareholding in the building [4 units] was and is probably still jointly owned with Paul Osborne from 2004.

      Interestingly and coincidentally, Flat C in the same building was sold on the day after 7/7

      Before 2004, Rachel was living with the boyfriend in Wood Green N22

      While we’re here, a few links to the alleged stalking of “North” by Lowde
      another layer in the psy-op, perhaps
      blog post taken down under legal duresse

      June 28 2007 [shortly before 2nd anniversary of 7/7]
      Lowde “jailed”
      But Felicity Jane Lowde, 41, of Oxford, used her own blog and e-mail to harass Ms North, accusing her of “making a living on the backs of the dead”.
      [well, nobody died…]

      She was jailed for six months, given a restraining order and an Asbo.

      further reading matter, with comments
      and here, with comments by Kim Hoaxashian

      It’s hard to know what transpired, but probably a puppet show to deflect from #NDNGH at 7/7.


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