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Toronto van sidewalk hoax:Vicsim/fictim comedy

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Obituary comedy. How morbid.

Forsyth, the oldest identified fatality of the Toronto van attack, was a vivacious woman who was struck down as she returned from her daily walk to the shops and to feed birds and squirrels.

Friends at the North York Seniors Centre where she lived for more than 20 years described a fiery old lady whose deafness did not discourage her from taking control of conversations, and whose years of bladder cancer treatment could not keep her from her regular visits to the slots at Casino Rama.


Fakeologists don’t harrass, but we mock the creators from a distance even though harassment stories are also also phony.

Yonge Street Tragedy
-The family of one of the victims in the Yonge Street tragedy reports some media are harassing the family
-Toronto Police request that all media respect the privacy of those involved

Check out @TPSOperations’s Tweet: twitter.com/TPSOperations/stat…

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9/11 casualty story

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With the usual caveat that this story may be fiction, a very possible real tale of how 9/11 helped divide and rule America, with Muslims as enemy #1.

Serry and her husband’s love story began in a place not usually associated with romance: The West Bank.


The family described is very similar to Kham. I asked her to comment.

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Oh how they mock you

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How hard it must be for the NASA believers to defend anything they say.

All this fiction from lights in the sky.

Uranus stinks – literally: Scientists say seventh planet smells like rotten eggs torontosun.com/news/world/uran…

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Remove fear, lose control

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This is a story about how when you remove fear from any group or religion you lose control.

It’s clear that people want to live in fear, or are at least so used to it that they cannot accept any alternative, no matter how much more beneficial it may be. Our controllers know this, and play to it in their stagecraft every day. They rule by fear. This is why we call these events psyops. They play to the most powerful motivator in your mind.

This is instructional for fakeologists, because we are the equivalent of media heretics. Heretics have a very grim history.

We don’t believe in the “hell” that is laid out for us by the controllers, and for that, we are rebuked.

In the end, we will prevail. Just like in this audio. Just like in this movie.

The story of Reverend Carlton Pearson, a rising star in the evangelical movement, who cast aside the idea of hell, and with it everything he’d worked for over his entire life.


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When a van hits a living fleshy animal (or 26)

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Do you believe this set of pictures showing a van hitting a deer?

Source: Deer God. (deer gore) pics.

or this picture showing a van hitting 26 people, killing 10, driving down 2.2 km of sidewalk, hitting bus shelters, trees, hot-dog carts, etc.?

There is no need to investigate even one more aspect of the Toronto Van Sidewalk hoax. Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus.

You either trust your own common sense, or you trust those that tell you what you are seeing.

The sides have never been more clear: you either believe liars or believe logic.

You must pick a side. The middle ground is mental confusion, and being dishonest with yourself. Resolve the conflict and come back down on the side of logic.

You will live longer and breath more freely.



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