Toronto van sidewalk hoax:Vicsim/fictim comedy

like this

Obituary comedy. How morbid.

Forsyth, the oldest identified fatality of the , was a vivacious woman who was struck down as she returned from her daily walk to the shops and to feed birds and squirrels.

Friends at the North York Seniors Centre where she lived for more than 20 years described a fiery old lady whose deafness did not discourage her from taking control of conversations, and whose years of bladder cancer treatment could not keep her from her regular visits to the slots at Casino Rama.…

Fakeologists don’t harrass, but we mock the creators from a distance even though harassment stories are also also phony.

Yonge Street Tragedy
-The family of one of the victims in the Yonge Street tragedy reports some media are harassing the family
- request that all media respect the privacy of those involved

Check out @TPSOperations’s Tweet:…

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